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Twice's new album is getting some bad feed back due to plagiarism charges on one song and recent choreo.

Here's the song that is causing issues. Listen to the guitar riff throughout the song and compare it to Hailee's.

Twice - Someone Like You

Hailee Steinfield - Starving

But here's the thing to remember about this issue: Twice didn't do anything wrong.

The members themselves had no control over this song, they were given this song to record and they did their job. PLEASE don't take this out on the girls themselves.

The person who needs to answer to this is the producer, songwriter, and at the end of the day, JYP Ent itself.

The girls just did their job, and shouldn't be punished for it :) Twice Fighting!

there were probably a lot of people that were just doing their jobs. I mean not every person has heard every song. I feel like it would be relatively easy for just one or two people to slip something like that by as long as the song was never wildly popular
I'll support and defend those girls Til my last dying breath
It's like the striking resemblance between FT. Island's - I Wish and Train's - 50 Ways to Say Goodbye... I don't understand why this specific case of "plagiarism" (which by these standards is basically songs sounding similar) is different from every other case of "plagiarism". People need to take a deep breath, take a step back, and sit down for just a few minutes, every now and then.