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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.
Y/n's POV

You had quickly left Mintaek at the Society; he warned you to be careful and you could feel that he was worried about you. You moved fast just to make sure that you were there on time. The potion had boosted your power and Mintaek had made enough for you to take it again. You weren't sure what Janera was going to show him but you knew you had to trust her just as much as Digit trusted her. He had already brought you so far. Things with Mintaek were mended and the pain you felt from losing your first child was eased away by having Digit with you. He smiled brightly and was so happy to see you when you showed up in his room. You weren't surprised they put him in a room you were suprised that he wasn't guarded on the inside though. It was odd because even when you tried to focus on him and get your mind to think about him and you being together you didn't expect your conjured version to be solid and you hadn't told Digit, mainly because it was irrelevant but you were also concious when you were with Mintaek. Like two halves of you were working at the same time but dividing like that probably worked better for distraction for now. You could tell your power was broken up between the two halves when you went to Digit.

You stood at the entrance to Janera waiting for them to arrive. You knew Digit could do it, you didn't know how but you just felt it. You could depend on him. He knew what would happen if you two didn't find a peaceful way to resolve all of this. You waited for a while and the second sun seemed to be setting. The third sun was next and night would come soon. Chimera were your only concern. You could handle them and so could Myung Joon if he was as big and bad as Mintaek was warning you about but Digit had to run away from them when his parents were killed and you had no idea the trauma he would have because of the death of his parents. It took a few more minutes but Digit and Myung Joon actually arrived.

Digit ran over to you and you picked him up and gave him a big hug.

"You've done a very good job. I'm so proud of you." you told him.

He smiled big and scrunched his nose at the praise. He held onto your hand as Myung Joon walked over to you and looked at both you and Digit.

"Momma this is My King. King of the Wolves Kim Myung Joon." Digit introduced you two.

You bowed to him politely and stood up straight again.

"You've actually come alone, I don't know if that's because you trust him or you're amazingly cocky. That's off putting." you said.

He chuckled,

"I'd say the same for you considering you held up your end as well."

"I came here for my son-"

"He is a wolf not Fae or what ever you are mixed with. Remember that."

"Remember that I am here to unify the sides not to break them further apart. How many of your Wolves have you already lost in a war with Vampires? Though it's true you won the last one it wasn't without its toll in numbers. The same thing will happen again with the eclipse but worse. Your kingdom as well as mine and Mintaek's will fall." you said.

"You believe that because of some mystical fortune teller?"

"You may not believe it but me and Digit do. You're here, where we've seen the truth. I will take you to her." you said.

He rolled his eyes and walked into the temple. You looked at Digit, you would've sighed with relief but it wasn't over just yet. Digit held your hand tighter and you both walked in behind Myung Joon. You had to let go of Digit's hand and you knelt down.

"I'd say wait about a good twenty minutes before you come to get us okay?" you told him.

You conjured a timer and set it for twenty minutes.

"Push start once we walk through and when it rings open the door." you said.

Myung Joon looked back at you two and said,

"Wait the kid's not coming with us? What is this?"

"Anyone who goes behind the wall without another person on this side will become trapped. That's why Digit was behind the wall for so long. It wasn't for escape or therapy it was because he couldn't get out." you said like it should've been common knowledge to him.

He did grow up in this world after all. You led Myung Joon across the stone bridge passing by the beauitful crystal clear blue water. Janera's flowers hung on the wall and you walked up behind the statue, there was no longer a fear in you , the fear of the truth looking you in the face but when you saw Myung Joon you knew that he had a fear of the truth looking in his face, even if he was trying to make it seem like he didn't believe. You opened the door and looked at him. He looked back at you like he wasn't going in first so you could trap him behind the wall and you honestly weren't going to give him the chance to do it either. However, part of making an alliance was being able to trust each other. You sighed,

"If we're even going to slightly make this work I have to show you some trust. If you would like me to go in first I will. Mainly because I can get out on my own if you decided to trap me in here. Understand something though Myung Joon, I've asked you here to see the truth and you will if you're not scared to face it."

You smirked at the end of that comment and walked through. You saw the all white room and looked behind you. He hadn't walked in. You looked back to see Janera; she raised her hand and moved her finger like she was beckoning you forward. You heard Myung Joon yelp in surprise and he was behind you. Janera chuckled,

"I have many powers my friend." she said.

Myung Joon looked at her absolutely astonished. He knelt before her, she looked as regal as a queen and she was as powerful as a goddess. He recognized true royalty when he saw it. It was actually impressive to see a King bow. You turned to Janera,

"Should I bow too?" you asked her.

She smiled at you,

"No. That's enough Myung Joon." she said.

Myung Joon stood up and walked over to your side. He looked up at her amazed by her prescence. Janera smiled kinder at him,

"Digit is the binding between your two worlds. Vampire and Wolf, as Y/n will be the binding of all three."

"Why?" he asked.

"Be more specific." she smiled.

"Why is she the binding for the three? Why was she chosen?"

"I think he really wants to know why a halfling that knows nothing about this world is the one you've called to be a queen?" you said.

"Simple because she has the power to restore the life that both Vampire and Wolves drowned out of this world. Fae were needed to keep the land beautiful, lush and living. The nymphs, the Faery's with dust. The Fae that were warriors, the Fae in charge of the water. They kept the world clean and both sides found fear in the power of their Queen so they went into hiding to save themselves. The world they have is far more beautiful than the desolation that you've been living in for thousands of years. Y/n's mother was a first guard warrior for the Fae Queen but she also shares the same power as Genevieve. She was Marked by the Vampire Prince and her son is a Wolf. Do you not see how these connect? She has the power to restore your world but your pride and the stupid feud between you Wolves and Vampires will be there very end of it and if you don't believe me. Let me show you the end of it all." she said.

She turned the entire room into the future that you had seen. Myung Joon looked around horrified at the darkness that his world was pulnged into. The smoke and black clouds in the sky were so think it could fool you into believing it was night. He looked at the devestation and the soot that came floating down like black snow. Wolves everywhere mixed into the ash and wounded bodies of dying Vampires and Fae. Fae were here too rotting and dying away. You remembered the sight of Digit hopping with one paw up. You turned and saw him coming, you touched Myung Joon and pointed to Digit. He turned back into his human form with blood and ash on him and his hurt hand.

"No." he breathed.

He looked at you,

"Why aren't you with him? You claimed him as your son; how could let him die like that!"

He grabbed you and yelled at you.

"Because I'm already dead." you whispered.

He looked at you and shook his head. You took his hand and led him through the war path. You could see the flames and you could already hear the crying. The pain in Mintaek's voice, this time you felt your Mark burn at the pain he was feeling, you wondered if that were real or if was from the vision of the future. You two stood on top of the hill farther back from the chaos of Mintaek's break down but he could see it. He could see you dead in his arms and the fire growing. Mintaek was losing more control, crying over your body, screaming out in anguish so much so that your heart hurt and broke hearing the sound of it. You cried silently hearing it, it was like when you watched saving private ryan with Johnny once and you had cried with him because the acting was just amazing. It felt so real you couldn't help but feel it too. It was the same feeling, even if this future wasn't real yet this display was real enough to hurt and you felt it. The fire spread wide, it grew and everything began to burn, the buildings, the bodies. Everything must go. He screamed in anguish and Myung Joon screamed,

"Enough! Stop this!"

He saw the world he knew and loved erupt in flames. The room turned all white again, you turned to see Janera. He turned to look back at her, you had seen his eyes wet.

"You are telling me that my friends, my brothers, all of my men are to die because of her?" he growled.

Somehow Janera became bigger and gained far more authority than you were used to her showing. She came over him and spoke in a booming voice,

"No they will die because of you!"

Myung Joon's head went down and Janera settled,

"They die, they all die including her, including Mintaek. Everyone! They all die because of the simple ignornant choice to give into your hate of another race rather than just letting go of your pride. I am giving you the chance, I am offering it to you and both Y/n and Mintaek are extending their hands to you to save the world from that kind of destruction. The war you're about to try and start I promise you, no side will win. It will only end in the destruction you witnessed." she said.

You looked to Myung Joon and he sighed,

"So what happens if I agree to let bygones be bygones. What then?" he said.

She smiled,

"Well with the help of the Fae, this could be the future you see instead." Janera answered.

She turned the room to the future that she had shown you first but it was more than just the picture of you, Mintaek, Digit and your daughter. She showed him the outside world, how beautiful and green it was. The sky clear and pinkish looking like it was sunset everyday. The Faeries flying about, the Wolves roaming amongst the Vampires lands without anyone causing a fight. There was no hate. It wasn't as if there world were without conflict but there was peace. A mutal coexistence between the three main races. You turned your head and walked to another side of the vision. You looked up seeing your young daughter looking down from where the Grand Elders normally sat to watch your champion battles. She still had Mintaek's icy blue eyes and your curly hair, her's was beautiful and golden. Digit stood next to her, a young man and he was looking at her happily but with soft tender eyes. You new that look though, you had no idea that was his destiny as well. Mintaek and you were standing while the watchers came in, Wolves, Vampire and Fae came to see some amazing duel. Something like a Gladiator fight but you were sure with the new world no killing could be done. You smiled at the sight and thought of such a world to create.

"This is the world she will make for everyone. I'm not saying that she will rule with Mintaek over three races. Each Race's Kingdom still stands but she will be the head of it all. That means her head will need to be on straight and every decision she makes will need to be wise and made with the intent to benefit every race involved. That means the council she puts together will be working together and have to resolve issues for the sake of everyone not just their own. This is the path to the peaceful future that you see. Putting your hatred for the Vampire's aside and seeing this future as reality. I can not have every Wolf and Vampire come in here to see the Future, it is up to their leaders, the ones that rule over them, they follow you faithfully. You are their guiding hand. So guide them Myung Joon... or sentence them to death." Janera said.

You looked back behind you to see the door opening, Digit was letting you two out. You headed for the door, Janera called after you and you turned. She smiled,

"Be ready to meet the Fae."

You looked at her feeling electricity go through your body. You were finally going to see the people that you were apart of. You were excited. Myung Joon walked out first and then you followed. You saw Digit standing there looking at Myung Joon, who was staring at the ground. He hadn't said a word for several minutes and he walked out of the temple. You picked up Digit and walked out with him. You saw him leaning against the side of the temple and looking up at the sky. You placed Digit on the bike that you borrowed from Mintaek and had him stay there. You walked up to Myung Joon.

"You should be getting back to your home before night falls if you wish to avoid the hunting Chimera." you said.

He looked up at you.

"Your home is closer." he said.

"You're welcome to follow." you offered.

"Like the Grand Elders of the Society would let the Wolf King in."

"My Mate is the prince and he has seen what you have seen. The Society and the Vampire Kingdom is his birth right. I am your invitaion Myung Joon, Mintaek is the reason they let you in." You said.

He looked you up and down,

"What about the Vampire that sent Chimera after my wolves?"

"He's dead because he was also the Vampire that had the Wolves take back Digit. I will be damned before I let anyone or anything touch my son again. You have my word if you enter the Society not one Vampire will lay a hand on you. Make your decision quick, night is coming." you said.

You headed for the bike and too your spot infront of Digit. Digit held onto you and you watched Myung Joon walk back to his hover chariot as you liked to call it. You thought that meant he was leaving but he rode it next to you,

"Lead the way." he said.

You smiled and nodded you took off and Digit howled happily.

"We did it!" he said.

"Yes we did." you said smiling.

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