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Dear Vingle, My name is Hannah. I was one of the first Romeo Santos fans to start using Vingle ;). I have loved how our group has been getting bigger and bigger, and I think that your site has a lot to do with it. It really is great for us fans to find a place to not only update news, and talk about Romeo but also so to see his gorgeous face and hear his beautiful music. Sorry I am rambling lol. I am writing this message to you guys because a few of us noticed a while back that some fan events were aided by Vingle. I believe that one is still going on, and they seemed to have been a pretty good hit. It has really helped those communities :) So we were wondering if Vingle can please help us, Vingle's Romeo Santos fans, to throw an event for our lovely idol. He is huge all over Latin America, and we are sure that holding an event for his birthday will be a sure fire hit! We know that you guys are probably very busy, but if we promise to manage and take care of the whole event, would it be possible for Vingle to help us? If Vingle can help us with some gifts for the winners, we know that our Romeo Santos page at Vingle will continue to grow even more! Thank you for your time, and again thanks for this great site ;) We await your kind response Hannah
feliz cumpliaños amor q se cumplan todos sus deseos le deseo lo mejor
eres hermoso dios te bendiga besoos
i want to see you one day.
feliz cumple mi moreno bellooo ... t.k.m
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