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Shadows running behind me, wrapping my stars, Walking between the raindrops, I drowned in my scars, Enduring my heartbeat, I swallowed my naive heart, Building home away from home, this warmth imparts, Swimming into the black waters, my eyes filled with darkness, Shadows flourished, danced, bestowing happiness, I smiled at the wicked death, hugged it, stabbed, Home, the place where my love goes, my strings unwrapped​, Parted death with smirk, bowed in my betrayal, I broke the vow, my friend, death, died in vain, Cause I have to carry my home, in my heart, As it's only I, who keep it alive, setting my foot forth, Lost could be the skies, empty could be the hopes, Shaken could be the grounds, but my heart would still glow, Feeling the warmth trembling down the spine, My blood roar colours inside my bones, shines, Cause it's never dark enough to kill the star, As one reside inside my own, my home, my own part, Seeing through black eyes, I walk, I run, I fall, I get up, I climb, I crawl, Let your heart blend with mine, Your colours paints my spine, I shall carry my home, with you inside, A place warmer, a feeling of love reside.