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*Hyperventilating* Let's take a moment to regain our senses and think for a moment.....what I'm kidding the ending was just BOOM! I did not see that coming....so quick recap of the episode then get to the juicy part the ending and preview that left me dying to see the next episode already! 1) MH he really knows how to put his feelings out, just straight out with no fear.....(I love him too) that's all she needs to say, but in a scene (the one near the ending) she does kind of admit her feelings to CH's (I believe that's her initials) tomb that she hopes one day she can accept the boss's heart....may love start to bloom? 2) DH is getting really annoying....man does he always need to ruin everything? Why make her go and beg? Just because she did something for you (which you don't deserve to have) doesn't mean you should stoop her so low! 3) I like how he fake his injury about his ankle hurting him at that moment and she caught him! 4) I knew that the second the dad was going to be back that trouble was going to raise! So what I was confuse on is if he was telling her to quit working with him or just disappear in general? Either way both isn't good. 5) I love how MH was saying how he was going to protect her and suddenly he became very manly looking and sexy! And how he try to fight to get to her and ended up running to her house in despair was just epic as well..... 6) Talking about EPIC is the ending....epic really can't describe the ending...like I said she sort of admit her feelings (not to him though) and then we see her waiting to get into the bus when BOOM MH comes out of nowhere and pulls her out of the bus holding her for dear life and it ends....basically leaving me with my mouth hanging up in pure shock *o* Hahaha the ending was really good. As for the preview the reason why it seems like the next episode is going to be really good is for one simple reason, I THINK THAT THEY ARE GOING TO FINALLY BE TOGETHER! Now I'm only assuming considering that they look really close together (like holding hands!) and they were happily smiling at each other! Can they finally have their happiness? No. It seems like DH is going to do something that might put more strain as always....sigh. Overall this episode was really awesome and I enjoy it a lot! So go ahead and leave your thoughts/comments on the comment box below. PEACE! :)
I love this drama
@nylamrehs positive with u me too don't like here but she is amazing at this drama
@christy... very true.. ji sung is such a great actor... i'll be looking out for his next project for sure.. and HJE.. this is i think the only great drama that she is in..i didn't like her in full house 2 and the one with kang ji hwan.. @irelis27.. yeah it is.. coz on the 20th will be the pilot episode of beautiful man/guy. good thing what follows secret love is a good one too.. well.. if JGS is there.. it will be a good drama.. ^^
next week? @nylamrehs ... Really????
oh I just finished episode 13 no it's too hard. my poor heart can't bear min hyuk tears he is so romantic really feel that he is love her like real life not a drama
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