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Im REALLY proud with how he turned out! getting the hair right was definatly the hardest part coz the shapes are more thin than im used to
Like i said in my last post, I only finished watchin bleach for the first time a few weeks ago! And i thought it was a really fun and enjoyable anime...despite all the filler and voice actor changes

My favourite charature was Kinske with Kenpachi in second! :)
Anyways I hope you like my drawing and please give me surgestions on who i should draw next :)
@cassidymag00 This is it all done :)
This looks great!! Keep up the good work! 😊
@Jazmyne214 thank you❤ill try :')
Awesome sauce!! Its great! 😀 You should draw Seven. 😏
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and thank you very much! :3
I've only made it to episode 3 so far but wow this looks really good! Good Job!
thank you!! :)
Fantastic art yo :D wish I had that kinda skill can't wait to see what else you make in the future 😺