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There's a new Kdrama called Unemployed Romance coming soon to DramaFever, and watching it will really improve your health and character. Here's why... 1. It's very educational... With Nam Goong Min as your teacher, you'll learn so many things about Korea. I can think of at lease 6.... 2. It will make you really contemplate the important things in life... You might need to stare good and hard to figure them out. 3. It's good for your health... It encourages a level of healthy activity that will definitely get your heart rate into the cardio-zone. 4. It's will help you unwind... Go ahead and just let your worries slip away. 5. The characters are good examples. They're so kind and sweet. Kind of like chocolate. Chocolate abs... 6. You'll sleep better at night. This drama is guaranteed to give you good dreams. To get the full benefits, make sure to tune in to Unemployed Romance, staring Nam Goong Min's abs.
lol! this is funny
very very educational!!
nam goong min's oppa happy to watch ur drama every week
yeap..im able to learn anatomy , with this guy, oh lord ..omo, omo...
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