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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

You made it to the Society with Myung Joon and Digit. You used your Mark to have Mintaek come meet you at the door. He stood their waiting with Hyun Jung. Myung Joon saw her and bowed his head slightly. He walked up to Mintaek and extended his hand. Mintaek looked him in the face for a moment. The tension between the two was intense but even Mintaek knew what was at stake he couldn't back down now. Mintaek let out a low exhale and took Myung Joon's hand and shook it.

"Come inside quickly, the Chimera are hunting." He said.

You rushed Digit inside and Myung Joon and Mintaek followed behind you. Mintaek closed the door and Myung Joon turned around,

"Tell me that I haven't fallen into some trap. That I haven't seen illusions created by your Fae and that this was a ploy to get me into a house full of Vampires to die." Myung Joon said.

"I assure you Myung Joon no Vampire here will touch you." Mintaek said.

"Speak for yourself." Hyun Jung said eyeing him like a piece of candy.

She teasingly bit her lip and you rolled your eyes and looked at Myung Joon.

"We had arrangements made on the chance that you might come to discuss the actions of unifying our cities." You said.

He looked at you for a moment and then at Hyun Jung. There was a slight hunger in his eyes that you recognized and you choked back the smile that was trying to appear. Well, it looks like Myung Joon was already starting to enjoy the Vampire line. You looked at Mintaek who was looking at the two of them oddly.

"Hyun Jung, take it some where else." he said.

"Mintaek." you butted in.

He looked at you and you shook your head.

"I feel as though I've been up all day and Digit has been through a lot. We should go sleep. Hyun Jung, show Myung Joon to his room. Keep him all the company he wants. We will discuss everything when we wake up tomorrow okay?" you said.

"With pleasure." Hyun Jung said reaching out for his arm.

"I will see you tomorrow." Myung Joon nodded.

You could only think of how he might come back in the morning with a big smile on his face. You took Digit with you while Hyun Jung led Myung Joon to his room. Mintaek followed behind you and you felt him in your Mark.

"I thought you wanted this." you whispered.

"I do he just doesn't seem as open to it as I thought he might be." Mintaek answered.

"Don't have your expectations so high, Myung Joon will come to it in his own time."

"Will it be in time?"

"Janera said that we could work towards that future, she never said we'd lose it. He's seen the distruction not just of this world but of his family, his commrads. No matter how much hate he harbors for the Vampires I don't believe he'd risk family for hate. It will take him time to trust, that will not happen immediately. You know that better than anyone else." You said looking back at him.

He gave you a small smile and sighed. You two entered your bedroom and you sent Digit into the bathroom and told him to get the water running and get ready to shower. Mintaek grabbed you by the shoulders to turn you around and he gave you a soft kiss.

"Don't you think he's old enough to bathe on his own?"

"When he's ten you can say that but right now it's what he's used to." you said.

"Ten. How much reading did you do in the library?" he laughed.

"Well considering that this world has like fourty eight hours in a day and you left me alone for a little more than half of that I'd say a shit ton. Still, it doesn't take a book to give bath time a timeline. It takes a mother." you said before flicking his nose.

Honestly, Mintaek was probably right he didn't need to bathe with you but that was what you two had down when he left you on Earth. You two took baths and he'd play in the water. He sat between your legs and you washed his back while he played with some old toys that Johnny and Mintaek had given him. You felt closer to him because of it. You would do the same with your little girl. It was a natural feeling to want to be closer to your child. You headed to the bathroom and you and Digit took a bath together and then you got him clothes to wear that looked a little more like the traditional wolf. Black and jet blue pajamas. He jumped into the bed and Mintaek kissed you before he went to go take a shower. You laid in bed next to Digit and he wrapped his arms around you and laid his head on your stomach. You fell asleep shortly after. The Fae were on your mind while you slept. You thought about meeting Geneieve and your mother and then it seemed like a part of you was floating. Your dream was weird and oddly familiar. Like something you dreamt before, when you were a child, the world that you were running through was lush and green with flowers and creatures flying and that's where you were now. A butterfly, or something like it flew past you with glowing antenna. You let it land on your finger and observed it. It was beautiful. You smiled looking at the light little creature.

"Who are you?"

A voice startled you and you turned around bringing your hand to you and making the creature fly away. You looked back at a woman dressed up in brown leather, her stomach was out flat but a little chubby it was cute. Her skirt reminded you of Valkaryie warriors and her hair was braided with beads in them, like Vikings might wear it. You stared at her thinking she looked beautiful, you 'd compare her to an amazon.

"I'm Y/n." you said.

It's just a dream right, you couldn't be hurt or anything. You walked over to her cautiously and she held her arrow up to you. You continued forward and she let go of the arrow. You moved and caught the arrow quickly and walked over to her. You handed her the arrow back.

"What is this place?" you asked.

"You move quickly. How?" she asked.

You looked around as you continued walking down a dirt and slight gravel like road. She was wearing sandals; you had no idea how her feet were comfortable walking down the road like that. You looked up at the large lush trees with some odd kind of fruit in it. There were pink and blue trees in the distance, very beautiful. You smiled,

"I had this dream before. I was running in the field chasing things. It all looks the same."

"You were here before?" she asked confused.

You turned and looked at her,

"Yeah I was like eight." you said.

She reached out for your hand and pulled you with her but you gasped when you felt her hand actually touch you. She was real, wait you were real, wait this wasn't a dream!

"Where am I?" you said suddenly aware of yourself not being asleep.

How did you get here? You were asleep. No this was a dream, this wasn't real. Was it?

"You're in the City of the Fae. I am taking you to the Queen." she said.

She pulled you along and you felt youself shaking from a pure adrenaline rush. She took you past the trees and you saw a large city that reminded you of both Rome and Eygpt had they combined their architecture. There were pyrimads, a few places with fantastic gold on them, others of white wood, beauitul. You saw a water fall and heard it loud and clear. She pulled you down steps that led to the forest like area. She pulled you into a large square with different battle arenas set up in different areas. Women were fighting each other women, men were fighting women without weapons, men were wrestling with each other. Were they practicing for some event? Something like a deformed mystical bird flew over your head. It was amazing and beautiful, it had multiple colors on it's body that made it absolutley majestic but you had a feeling it could kill you if you pissed it off enough.

"My name is Dust, the woman we're going to see she is very powerful and I believe you're the one she's been waiting for." she said.

"Wah me? She's been waiting for me, why didn't she just come find me?"

"People come to the truth in their own time not before. You were a child when you were last here, innocent and inclined to believe anything anyone told you. You weren't ready then. Perhaps you are now." Dust said.

"Okay but hold on. Dust. I got here by accident I should be at home with my son and my mate. In bed. Asleep."

"You must train first." she said.

"What for war?" you asked.

"Not war, train to be able to create. This world is under protection, the Wolves and Vampires can't find us, they can't smell us, they can't disturb us. That's why I was startled to see you. For a moment I believed that you were one of them, that we were found out but it's really that we've been waiting for you and you've returned. Y/n you're the child to free us from this bubble and revive our world. We've lived here for far too long. We've waited for you I beg of you please do not flee now." she said.

You weren't thinking about fleeing but when Janera said be ready to meet the Fae this wasn't exactly what you had in mind. It was sunny here too, how was that even possible the sun went down hours ago, shouldn't it have been night by now? Was their world even apart of Mintaek's world? Dust turned to large light brown wooden doors that had intricate designs and swirls on them. The sight of it alone showed royalty. You watched her open the door and she looked back at you and nodded. You followed her in and the bright sunlight was dulled in the room only spraying lightly through their high windows in brilliant rays. You walked past stone pilliars that reminded you of how Samson died in the bible. You shuddered a little, if this place fell you were sure to die. The hall seemed endless perhaps because it was empty.

"The Fae have many offspring, our bubble is becoming crowded we need more room. We train our warriors to fight, they police the Fae and make sure order is maintained. The Fae that lose their marbles are often sentenced to Daggar."

"You can send them to Daggar from here?" you asked.

She nodded,

"It has connection points but it's not like if Fae did reveal our location that any of the Wolves or Vampires could get through, at least that is our greatest hope. None have found us so far."

She pushed another door open and turned to the left.

"For the Fae to have so many people it's very quiet in here."

"It is Genieve's wish. All Fae must be outside today, even those that guard her. The only ones that come in are her messengers when she calls for them." Dust said.

"Will we be disturbing her for the unannounced arrival?" you asked.

"Not at all, she will want to see you immediately."

She came to one last door and you swore if she took you down another hall you were going to lose your marbles. You saw a large royal hall open up before you. A platform large and wide was at the end of it. It took three small steps to get up to it and there was a table in the center. A woman with golden hair and a long white dress that had wide straps but no sleeves was looking over it. Her golden hair was lushious and full in heavy curls and set up very neatly. She had sheer like cloth that was a bit see through like a veil on her arms. She reminded you of greek mythology goddesses, especially Athena at this point. Dust came over to her and knelt before her.

"My Queen there is someone you must see." she said.

She looked up at Dust and then looked over at you, she straightend and you felt almost the same need to bow. You came a little closer and went down on a knee and bowed your head.

"Stand." she said softly.

You did as she said and stood up and looked at her. She looked at you with soft eyes and then looked to Dust.

"You are certain this is her?" she asked.

"She said she was here once when she was a child, she believes this is a dream. Though I can touch her I know that she is just projection." Dust responded.

"Whoa, projection. Wait I can project in my dreams too? What!" you said shocked.

She chuckled and stepped down and placed her hands on your shoulders,

"I am Genieve." she smiled.

"I am Y/n." you responded.

She sighed softly,

"She will be so happy to see you. Herme." she called.

A little bulb of light popped up next to her and she looked to it.

"Tell her she's here." Genieve said.

The light ball rushed out the window and left. Genieve wrapped her arm around yours and walked with you,

"Come, we have much to discuss." she said.

"So did Janera tell you that I was coming?" you asked.

"Janera? No I haven't spoken with her for years, her temple is closed off to us because it's in the other world. Still, she left us knowledge of a coming child that might lead to our return. However, it seems you have no idea what your power can truly do." she said.

You shook your head,

"I've only recently started to discover it." you said.

"Well it's good that you've come now. What Vampire's don't know is that Fae gain strength in the triple eclipse too."

"We do?" you asked.

"Yes and when the triple eclipse arrives you will have to create a world that will stay. The way it amplifies our ability, we can extend the beauty of this world wider than just a few deserts. That's why you need to be training it. It's not as hard as you may think, relaxing your mind is a key thing though. When you're using your minds eye, you have to shut everything else out. No noise, no emotions, no distraction simply what you see and then you make it come to life." She said.

She smiled and held out her hand and a rose appeared.

"Okay but I know how to make things appear." you said.

You held out a hand and you copied the rose she had formed.

"That's become easier to me, Tetra taught me."

"Tetra? She's in the Society?" she asked confused.

"No she's on Earth." you said.

She nodded impressed,

"She'll have to come back once we've brought down the shield. Anyway, using your mind to create things isn't even the half of it. Creating it is one thing but how long does it stay? Clothes, and weapons I'm sure you've latched onto but creating an entire world. That's something much bigger than conjuring a few toys for combat." she said.

She waved her hand before you and there was an exit made into the wall. You walked out of it and into an open garden that was even more beautiful and filled with both exotic flowers and the flowers you knew from Earth. You looked at her and understand now where she was coming from but she was right you didn't know the full extent of your powers. You had no idea that you could have two of you awake at the same time but why were you awake here and asleep there? Was it just that your conciousness had focused so much on meeting the Fae that you brought yourself here by accident? Even if it was an accident you needed to be here. You didn't want to leave, it was beautiful but you could help bring it to the world and make it beautiful. There was a russle of grass coming from behind you two and you both turned. A woman stopped and looked at you in surprise. She had run here and was slightly of breath.

"Y/n." she breathed.

You looked at her and felt a connection that you didn't need a mark to feel.


She hurried to you and wrapped her arms around your neck; she hugged you and her hand began to pet the back of your head.

"My baby." she cried happily.

You hugged her back and felt yourself becoming a bit over whelmed yourself. You were hugging your mother right now. She pulled back to see you and she smoothed your curly golden hair down to look you in the face,

"I can see the Korean in you, you look like your father." she laughed.

"Mom." you said in disblief that any of this was real.

You didn't want to wake up and find it was all a dream.

"Oh sweetie I've waited so long to see you again. I'm so sorry I had to send you away. I know that your father gave you up. He probably did the best thing for you in that world. I can't believe you're here. You're so beautiful and all grown up. You're twenty four now, right?"

You nodded. Genieve chuckled,

"I know that you're excited Maryeen but she's still a bit shook she's actually meeting you. Give her a moment to soak it in." she said.

Your mother looked up at her and nodded and she looked down at you. Her hands cupped your face and you started to cry. You were overwhelmingly happy. She pulled you into another hug and you cried on her chest.

"Mom." you said again.

She was your mother, your real birth mother....

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