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Its been a couple weeks since I did smut and omg dived into the deep end here lol.
I'm hoping this does you in lol.

Scrolling through online since I was bored I randomly clicked a picture except instead I accidently clicked on an ad. Cursing I tried to make it go away but before I could my boyfriend sat next to me on the couch with popcorn in his hands.
"Ready for the movie-what are you looking at?" His voice pitched halfway through that sentenced as he looked at the screen.
"I don't know stupid sex ad showed up" I narrowed my eyes " Have you been using my computer recently?" I asked. He stared at me, such a straight look on his handsome face.
"Yes" he said
"Namjoon!" I called out but ended up laughing "that's why I have ads for sex toys my gosh" I said.
"Well we could always add a few more to the bedroom" he winked making me chuckle. Switching he handed me the popcorn and took the computer from me.
"What about The movie?" I asked. "Horror night come on I'm looking forward to 30 days of night" I said.
"Hmm not right now. Look they have double ended dildo's" namjoon clicked on the picture and I leaned closer into him to see.
"Its blue" I commented.
"Ha, you favorite color" Namjoon chuckled. "We should get it" he said.
"What? One end in me the other in you?" I said randomly then pictured that in my head making me have to start breathing after stopping.
"I'm thinking how much you can take" he said. "Look at what some of these people wrote, this one the girl took all of it in and loved it" he said then read the comment out loud. I scanned the page and saw a comment that was probably someone's fantasy.
"Okay that's the way I kinda see it being used. Here, that guy had his wife and girlfriend us it together while he watched" I summed up.
"One of my fantasies" Namjoon mumbled. "If I buy it will my fantasy come true?" He gave me doe like eyes.
"Maybe so, for a 5th anniversary maybeee" I said.
"Yes! 2 years! ... Wait" he narrowed his eyes. "I'm gonna need that in writing" he said making me laugh.
"Hey click on fifty shades of gray. I'm curious" I went back to the screen. The page displayed an arsenal of blindfolds, nipple clamps and teasers, vibrators and flogs.
"I'm seeing a few things you have in the bedroom already" Namjoon said.
"One can never have too many nipple rings" I said. "Or cock rings that one has a vibrator" I pointed out.
"I'm not wearing one of those things again" Namjoon growled making me laugh.
"It wasn't so bad, you got to cum at the very end" I smiled sweetly after him and he snorted
"I would have cum multiple times before that" he said clicking on something else.
"Butt plugs?" I questioned.
"I'm a curious boy" Namjoon gave me a look.
"Oh for yourself okay I'm okay with that" I laughed as his finger click on one of them, it was blue.
"no, for you" he stopped and stared at me.
"Oh no not for me" I shook my head.
"Come on babe, new experience" he said egging me on.
"Nope I drew the line when you got the flog" I said.
"Which I'm itching to use right " he said,
"Oh boy" I said.

the more reviews we went through the more horny I was getting. There was so many reviews on the butt plugs, some from guys some from girls and it was sounding more and more pleasurable. My clit was twitching by the time we switched to look at vibrators, there weren't as many good sexual exploits with them, just descriptive of the toy.
Namjoon stood up all of a sudden. "What about the movie?" I asked seeing he was making eyes as the bedroom.
"It'll be there when we are done" he said pulling me up off the couch and pressing my body right up against his. "But this won't be" he said rotating his hips so I could feel him. His bulge was rubbing right up against my clit making me wet
"Fuck the movie" I said wrapping my legs around his waist, he adjusted me so that I was secure and he could walk to the next room. Setting me on the bed he turned to open to top draw. With him distracted I slid out of my pajama bottoms and took my top off leaving me in just me wet undies. He turned back around with a few things in his hands.
"Oh you have a beautiful body" Namjoon groaned "I just want to mark this skin of yours up" he Said dropping down to his knees.
"Just don't hurt me to much" I said as he set the things next to me, his hands coming up to cup my breasts pinching my nipples which had me twitching and responding to his talented hands.
"Dying to taste" his breath against my chest and when his mouth closed on one tight nipple my eyes closed and my head fell back slightly pushing my breasts into his mouth my other one I felt something cold slid against my skin and opened my eyes a crack to see him placing a clip on the puckered nipple. The feeling if the metal clip sent shivers through my body. His mouth left my nipple with a pop and in a split second there was a squeeze on it as he placed the other nipple clamp on.
"So sexy" he mumbled against my skin. My arms went around his shoulders and Namjoon leaned up to kiss me. He came away from the kiss on a gasp as I undid his belt. He stood up moving away from me and took his shirt off.
"Lay back babe. We're going to have some fun with that body of yours" he said making me flop on my back, but then propped up on my elbows.
" only my body? What about yours" I said making him chuckle. "There's a few things here to use on you too" I said pulling out the other pair of nipple clips, these were a bit larger than the one I wore.
"You want me to wear those?" He asked stepping forward until he brushed against my legs.
"Come here big boy" I said looping my feet behind his knees so he fell on me. At the last second he shifted and glided against me instead of falling right on top. The action sent the clamps moving and the chain tugged a little sending sparks down my body, chasing that I moved on top of him brushing my nipples over his chest, he grabbed the chain that connected the two clips and he pulled making me moan. While he watched me I slid fingers over his chest loving the feel of his broad muscular chest.
"Do it" Namjoon groaned making me smile against his skin. I placed the nipple clamps on his and watched in awe as he grew accustomed to them.
"I need to be in you" he groaned.
"Easy now" I said sliding down his body I took his cock out of his pants and stroked him, his velvety skin. I sucked on his cock and listened to him panting and groaning when I heard that telltale call I stopped gripping his cock to stop him, bringing him to the edge then back down, I did this several times before he came against my tongue.
"Baby you're going to get it now" Namjoon said switching our positions. His fingers went to my clot feeling that I was already soaked.
"Where's the jack rabbit?" He asked making me chuckle. "Right here" I handed it to him since it was closer to my hand then his. He turned it on and was about to put it to my clit.
"Wait!" I sat up, the chain on me getting tugged. "Let me take something out" I said removing the undies I still had on and pulled the string of metallic beads. Namjoon’s eyes darkened even more.
"Naughty girl" he growled.
"So what are you going to do to this naughty girl?" I cocker an eyebrow.
"Maybe I'll just use the flog instead" he said.
"Later!" I said but as he finished getting undressed he grabbed it and lightly used it on me making me yelp in surprise
"Fuck the planning, just fuck me Joonie" I groaned not caring that I wanted that vibration on my clit first. I had a craving to be filled
"On all four" Namjoon said. Flipping over I got on my hands and knees with my as in the air. I felt him pull my knees back and then his cock was wedged against my back I felt something soft graze my back and then harder, Namjoon as using the flog and rubbing his cock between my legs, teasing my body.
When he finally had me begging for release he slammed in from behind and rammed into my clit over and over.
He came hard and when he did my release came just as swift as I reached back and pulled on the chain of his nipple clamps. A strangled noise came out of him as he shifted and fell on the bed next to me. I laid down and spooned into him, pressing my ass into his crotch. His arms went around me to hold me closer. He Nuzzled my neck as I felt his cock rubbing between my cheeks.

"No go there babe stop" I said
"You got horny reading about it, your curious" he whispered huskily next to my ear.

The more he spoke of naughty things people said about anal as he ground against my asshole. I bridged and pushed back allowing him to enter, he took quick advantage and rammed all the way in taking my breath away. I was panting and digging my nails into his arm.
"So tight so fucking tight baby and soft. You feel so fucking good" he groaned as he did his best to stay still so my body got accustomed, when my fingers eased up he started to move, the friction was amazing. My hand went to my clit but he was putting something there instead, the vibration was a shock and had my clit spasming and Namjoon ramming into my ass.
My orgasm lasted from the time he put the vibration on all the way until he pulled out and came against my back.

"How was it babe?" Namjoon asked
"So much pleasurable than I imagined" I answered.
"So that means I can do it any time now?" He questioned like a kid who got a new toy. It made me chuckle.
"Yea, sure" I sighed. "Just not right now" I added.
After several minutes of laying down I sat upright making Namjoon look at me lazily.
"I still wanna watch that movie" I said as he laughed. Pulling off the clamps that were forgotten I started getting dressed but Namjoon stopped me.
"One last thing babe" Namjoon grinned.
"While we watch, I want you feeling good" he said.
"Oo I'll wear the balls if you wear the ring"  I said making him chuckle
"Let's see  how much you can take" he said.
4 the answer was 4. We both sat through the movie feeling hot and bothered by the end we were back in the bedroom starting the night all over again.


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reading this and then seeing the last gif was too much! lol I died!
lol I found those gifs and was fanning myself, it felt approps to use them with the story 😜
Oh hunny....b-b-but the movie..we were gonna watch the movie..you can't just take a girl away from her horror movie...honestly I've never laughed so much at a smut, I was laughing and hitting the bed (that sounds weird) and my cats just looked at me like, 'tf are you doing?' Oh god that was great, honestly Namjoon and..that...during the nipple clips I lost it because I imagined the reader and Namjoon hitting each other with the nipple clamps, like you know when people hit each other but they flail their hands? It was like that. I loved it tho it was great. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
😂😂😀😀 Omg I love your reaction! I can't believe how entertaining it was. lol your imagination with the clamps, that was funny, I can so imagine that happening once you said it lol.