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Jaejoong keeps it real. Sometimes too real.

In an interview looking back on their past 3 years as a group, he started talking about original concepts for the members (yes, each member had a concept) but was cut off by a manager who thought he might go too far.

Watch it here:

Jaejoong was very open about how he was told by SM not to speak in the beginning of TVXQ so that he gave off the cold, mysterious concept.

That actually backfired, and he wasn't as popular as they thought he would be - because people didn't think he was alluring, they thought he was creepy or just uninteresting.

When they finally let him be the ABSOLUTE DORK THAT HE IS he gained popularity, and the group as a whole gained popularity!

I still believe members are given roles to fill so that the group can be appealing to as many people as possible, but I think the industry as gotten a lot more lenient when it comes to letting their true personalities shine.

I'm so glad TVXQ was given the shot to be normal goofballs, thats what most people love them for!

I actually feel like the older groups did that. SHINee is an example of that, although I think theirs were honestly pretty true to character. But still. I feel like it's not necessarily bad to to do that but it's just something that honestly doesn't work for everyone. True natures come out at some point. Lol
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@kpopandkimchi Agreed! ^^
I love cool bad boy concepts as much as anyone but it's the normal person real them dorky side of idols that really bring me in most of the time
exactly :)