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Yeo One Thursday
Hello Universe! It's Melissa with Yeo One Thursday! It's a free week, so I'm sharing some fan art of Yeo One. I'll be sharing some fan art I've found, and some I've made with an app.
First is the ones I've found. Let's get started...

Credited to the talented artists.
Now the ones I made with an app because I can't draw or paint. But this app makes it look like I do. ; )

Well that's all for this week's Yeo One Thursday! I hope you all enjoyed it. What is your favorite Yeo One Fan Art?

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Oh, they all look super nice!! Great job! Yours look really goodddddd!!!
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@awkwardjazzy Thank you!
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I like these.
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@sukkyongwanser Thank you! 馃槉
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