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'More Than Friendship...' by farleythewill, Chapter 8

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Chapter Summary:
With the shock of the hacker, Unknown, appearing in the chatroom again, you and Jaehee attempt to call Seven about the matter. Emotions roll, as Zen enters the house for his cup of coffee, pulling off a stunt that made you angry...yet, ends up being the greatest thing to happen to Jaehee's life. Meanwhile, after Zen leaves the house, he breaks down, upset at himself for what he did. What happens next...changes the game completely.

More Than Friendship...

by farleythewill

Chapter 8: Never A Memory

    You stared at your phone for a few seconds, not knowing what to do next. "Unknown!? What is this guy doing back? I thought V and Seven said that things were taken care of...why did he show up again," you think to yourself, in a slight fit of anger and frustration. Before you were able to finally find a word to use to get Jaehee's attention, you feel your phone vibrate, showing a message was received:

[Unknown]: qwetADSWQt@%$q-I WIL-25@%$@$Q%q24Sd-TAKE YO-@$ASDOIH$TNSD@$%@-BACK-@%$ASDas254-PARADISE-@Q$#TAGS346344Q#$

    Shocked at the jumble of characters appearing on your phone, you were unable to move...until you remembered something. A feature that you rarely used, aside from capturing various chats with Jaehee...you quickly place your index finger onto the power button of your phone, and your thumb on the Volume Down button, and hold both buttons down for a few seconds, capturing the chat as a picture.

    "Phew..." you let out, just to notice that your phone had shut down, making you panic. "Oh, God, no," you quickly plead, "don't let me lose that picture..."

    Jaehee overhears your muttering, watching you scramble to turn your phone on hastily. "Uhm...what's wrong? Did the messenger freeze up again? I do hate it when it does..." she says, softly laughing. You look up, teary-eyed, which causes Jaehee to panic slightly, widening her eyes. "Hun, what happened?!"

    "It...it's the hacker..." you squeaked out, catching Jaehee's attention more. "He...he...," your phone powers back on, showing the main screen. You quickly go over to your pictures, and sure enough, the picture was still taken. You load it up, and face the screen to Jaehee's face, forcing her to look. "He came back into the messenger!!!"

    Jaehee quickly places her cup of coffee on the counter, quickly making her way towards you, reading the message the mysterious being sent. "What...what the hell?!" She grabs her phone, seeing that her messenger was shut off, but was still on. "I'm going to call Luciel. Do you think you can figure out what that message means?"

    You take notice of Jaehee's seriousness. It reminded you of when she was working under Jumin, at the very beginning. She was very prompt, very precise on what to do. You admired that about her...though, you couldn't deny the fact that you admire everything about her. You nod at Jaehee, and begin to read the message, figuring out what the code hides.

    "Hmm...well," you internally begin, "there's definitely a message hidden here...why else would he send something like this...let's see...I WIL-...let's assume he means, 'I will.' Now...TAKE YO-...'Take you?' Hmm...BAC-...'Back?'...Paradise...'I will take you back...paradise...'...!!!" You lift your head up to tell Jaehee the message you figured out, only to witness a frustrated woman, staring at her phone.

    "Damn it, he's not answering! We have to tell him that the messenger got hacked again! Gah...I was hoping all of this would be behind us...," she lets out, annoyed. You take her free hand, softly pulling her towards the couch, forcing her to look into your worried eyes. "Jae...sit down. I figured out what the message was...," you say, softly.

    Jaehee's expression went from anger to sorrow, noticing how worried you are as well. She nods, taking in a deep breath, then sits down on the couch, facing your soft gaze. "Okay...what did he say?"

    "Okay...it was a lot of characters, but I managed to get the phrase, 'I will take you back,' and, 'paradise.' I don't know what this paradise is...but...what...does he mean about that first one? Is...is he planning to kidnap me?" you weakly say, tearing up. Jaehee feels her heart sink to the bottom of her chest, dreading the thought of her best friend being taken away from her. Instinctively, she grabs you, and presses your body firmly against hers, her face digging into your neck.

    "Don't...don't worry, my dear...I'll do everything in my power to make sure that no one is able to take you away from me...I won't let anyone touch you..." she says, sobbing, her tears dripping from your skin, traveling down to the brim of your top. You close your eyes, feeling tears form into your own eyes, and place your hand on the base of Jaehee's head, holding her closer to you. "I...I know you won't, Jae...our friendship is so powerful...no words can describe the bond we have...I'll let you protect me, under one condition..." you say, soothingly.

    "Anything, my love...I'll do anything for you...now since I understand a bit of my feelings, I know what I'm willing to do for your safety...I want to tell you this feeling...but not yet...so, for now, I'll do anything you tell me to, as long as I get to keep you all to myself..." Jaehee thinks to herself, clinging to the back of your top, the soft fabric soothing her clutched fingers. "Yes? What is it, hun?"

    You lift her head from your neck, closing your eyes, smiling. "You can protect me, as long as you continue to make coffee for me," you yell out, happily. Jaehee brightens up a bit from the warmth of your words, then smiles a bit more, wiping the tears from her face. "Of course, love...I'll make you all of the coffee you want...and more..." she trails off, blushing.

    You blush as well, hearing the last part of her sentence. " And more," you ask, tilting your head. Jaehee blushes deeper, shaking her head. "N-nothing! Let me go ahead and make you a cup...I'll try calling Luciel in a bit." As she slowly lifts herself from the couch, you notice her phone vibrating, showing Seven's face on the screen. You quickly grab the phone, handing it to Jaehee. "It's Seven! Do you want to take the call?"

    "Go ahead and answer it. Since you know the message, you can tell him yourself. I...want to make this cup special..." Jaehee says, softly, as she walks into the kitchen, slightly turning her head to watch you answer the phone, a small smile escaping from her lips.

    "Jaehee! Why did you call me!? It's an invasion of privacy!!!" Seven lets out, loud enough to force the phone away from your head. "Seven...it's me...," you respond, trying to calm him down. "Oh, hey, you. Wait...why are you answering her phone? Where's she at?! Don't tell me that you two are...oh my god! You are! I'm so happy!!!" Seven says happily, overexcited by his own imagination.

    "...shut up and listen. It's the hacker. He got back into the messenger," you let out in a serious tone. On the other side of the line, Seven, sitting in his computer chair, the LOLOL log-in menu showing on the large screen, with hacking software appearing on the side monitors. "...what did you say," he asks you, losing his goofy nature.

    You sigh, lowering your gaze. "You heard me...he hacked in...I was even able to save the message he sent, before my phone shut off..." you say, determined to have Seven figure out what is going on. "Hmm...can you send me the picture? I'm assuming you actually took a screenshot," he asks, bouncing his knee rapidly.

    "Okay, I'll send it now," you let out, grabbing your own phone, going to Seven's text messages, sending the picture. Seven feels his phone vibrate in his hand, letting him know the message was sent. "Okay," he begins, "thank you. I'm sorry that you're having to worry about this again...I thought V said he took care of it...God...where are you now, V...I'll give you two an update when I figure things out. Oh...and, try not to go out alone. If this guy hacked in again, after the party, he might know that you're not in  Rika's apartment...so, be careful. Take care of Jaehee, okay?"

    You softly smile, always happy to hear Seven's words of worry. "Don't worry. I don't plan to ever leave her side, ever...I'll hang up now. Take care of yourself, Seven, and don't overwork," you say sweetly, hanging up. You sigh, smiling, but a sweet aroma of mint catches your attention. You look up, and see Jaehee blushing, her smile as sweet as the aroma, if not sweeter. "I'm...glad you said that. I really am. I know I want to protect you as much as I can...but knowing that you would do the same...fills me up with so much warmth," she says, handing you the cup of coffee.

    You blow the steam away from the cup, taking a small sip. "Jae," you begin, "...it's delicious. I can taste mint...a bit of chocolate...and...cherry?" Jaehee's smile grows wider, her eyes glistening with happiness. "Yes, actually. You named all three flavors. I love it when you can figure out what I make...it makes me happy..."

    "Heh...well," you begin, blushing again, "like I said before, I'll love anything you make. It's part of our agreement." Jaehee reaches her hand out to your face, lightly brushing her fingers against your soft cheeks, the sensation of your blush intensifying.

    "Love...that's an interesting word," Jaehee starts, her eyes lowering, as her smile softens to a beautiful grin, "...it's a word I would like to use a lot more."

    Your eyes widen, your breath feeling heavier, as your heart begins to race once more. Just as Jaehee places the palm of her hand completely onto your cheek, the two of you hear a knock on the door, startling you both. "O-oh, that must be Zen..." you let out, exhausted. Jaehee sighs, taking in a deep breath, returning her lips to the happy smile she had on a minute ago. "He must have smelled the coffee. I'll admit, this new blend I put together is for the two of you. I...just wanted to give it to you first. Just...don't tell him you already drank from the cup," she says, winking. You laugh nervously, as you watch the woman you love walk away towards the front door.

    "My god...this must be a dream...I had the feeling she was about to tell me she loves me...I want to hear those words, so damn much..." you think to yourself, as Jaehee opens the door to the tall, handsome man with the long, white hair.

    "Please, make yourself at home, Zen," she says, allowing him to walk into your house. "Wow...it smells delicious in here! And the beauty of the room...gah, I still can't believe how much you've changed, Jaehee...and you...wow, you look beautiful...you both look beautiful," Zen says smoothly, looking directly into your eyes. You blush, admitting to yourself that hearing Zen's words made you feel more attractive, but what really made you blush is Jaehee's narrowed brow, showing a hint of jealousy towards Zen's words.

    "Thank you for those words, Zen...please, sit down. I made that coffee for the two of you. I just poured her a cup, so let me get you a cup," Jaehee says, sharply. Zen tenses up a bit from Jaehee's sharp tongue, then sits down on the chair opposite of the couch. He turns his head to see Jaehee in the kitchen, then turns back, motioning you to lean towards him, as he leaned towards her.

    "So," he whispers, "how are things going? Did her feelings explode?"

    You start to shake your head, but you remember all of the times her emotions poured out of her during the past three days. "She...hasn't exploded, per say...but, she's really opening up. I swear...I think she feels the same thing I feel towards her...I mean, just now, she-"

    Zen holds his hand up, showing you to halt your words. "Please, don't tell me. I'm one-hundred-percent supportive of you two...but..." he blushes as he trails off. You tilt your head, wanting to hear more. "Zen," you begin, "what were you going to say?"

    Zen takes a deep breath, and looks over at Jaehee, smiling. "I'll admit...I'm really jealous of both her and you. She basically gets to have you all to herself...and she might not even know what you mean to her. And you...you were the one to get her to be like this. Even when I gave her that hand mill...even when I gave her my full support, she looked to you first. Granted, I haven't been here to see how you two act, but...I just feel like this is the kind of life I could have had if you chose me...or if I was more accepting of Jaehee, and saw her as more than a friend..."

    You widen your eyes, as Zen looks away from your eye contact. "Zen...I didn't realize..."

    Zen smiles, though you can still see the hurt emitting from his soul. "Jaehee is a good friend of mine. In fact, I was so engrossed with myself, I never even thought of the fact that she was a huge fan of my work. I don't want to do anything to damage that friendship I have with her...so I think I'll stop my words," he finishes, then looking into your eyes. "You really are special. I want to do everything in my power to protect the two of you...and even though we're in Korea, I really hope the two of you have a great life together...and who knows, you two might get married."

    You blush deeply, your lip quivering at the thought of being married to Jaehee, living a perfect life with the woman you love. Just as you were about to say something, Jaehee places a cup of the mint coffee in front of Zen, startling him. "Oh, did I interupt something," she asks, smiling.

    "N-no, you didn't. I was just telling her how happy I am right now. I mean, I have a new role, we just had a party, you two are living together..." he trailed off, placing the palm of his hand onto his forehead, laughing, "I still can't believe that you two are actually living together. It's like, the last thing I could think of that could happen. Even her being with Jumin was topping this..."

    Jaehee sits down, next to you, narrowing her eyes in displeasure. "That is not a funny joke to say, Zen. I don't want to imagine her with...Jumin. He probably wouldn't even know what to do. I, at least, am able to have good thoughts, and know what to do..." She blushes, glancing at you, who is still blushing from Zen's conversation. Zen laughs even more, taking the cup of coffee, and begins to drink, even though the liquid is still fairly hot. "Ah, this is good...thank you, Jaehee. Seriously. I'm so happy you're using my gift."

    Jaehee smiles back, bowing her head towards him, while still trying to glance at your expressions. "I'm very happy with the gift as well, Zen. Thank you so much for it. It's given me...so much to live for."

    You nervously laugh, rubbing the back of your head. "Seriously, that hand mill was a godsend. I don't think anything else would be able to make her happier than making a grand cup of coffee." After finishing that sentence, you notice Jaehee in the corner of your eye, staring at you with those soft, narrow, amber eyes, forming her lips into a soft smile.

    Zen stops drinking from his cup of coffee, noticing how Jaehee is acting towards you now. He softly smiles, hiding his smile with the cup. As soon as he finishes his cup, you snap into attention, standing up suddenly, startling Jaehee. "Jae! My suitcase! It's still in the trunk, right?!"

    Jaehee tilts her head, thinking, then raises her eyebrows in realization. "Oh...you're right! We never even used the trunk when we went shopping yesterday. Do you want me to get it for you?"

    You shake your head, smiling. "And risk the chance of you looking into my things, figuring out what I'm drawing for you? Nooo...where are you keys? I'll go get it."

    Jaehee smiles, pointing towards the front door. "I always put them on the key rack next to the door. If you need any help, though, let me know."

    You nod, taking the keys into your hand, as you walk towards the garage. Before you leave, you overhead Zen ask Jaehee, "So...you do, huh?"

    You quickly open and close the door to the garage, your eyes wide-open. "Did...did Zen ask her what I think he did? God...why does he have to be so blunt on his curiosity? I mean...I do appreciate his longing to know how I feel towards you, Jaehee...but to have him ask you...it kind of pains me. He was preaching to me about that damn soda bottle, just for him to throw a monkey wrench into the mix, and cause your emotions to go haywire..." you thought to yourself, opening the trunk of Jaehee's car.

    "Seriously...if you were going to ask her, why not just let me," you mutter to yourself, pulling your suitcase out, hearing the weight of it crash onto the cement, causing a loud bang. You look at your suitcase, feeling sad all of a sudden. "What...what if she really doesn't love me? God...I don't want to imagine a world like that...I want her to love me. Please...let me be hers, and let her be mine..." you softly say to yourself, opening the door, stepping back into the house.

    As you walk back into the living room, you notice Jaehee, her face buried in the palms of her hands, sobbing loudly, with Zen sitting next to her, his hand rubbing her back, as if he was trying to soothe her. You drop your suitcase, weak from the scene being displayed in front of your eyes. "What...what happened, you two," you ask, slowly walking towards the two.

    Zen looks up, startled by the loud bang of the suitcase, his face full of sorrow. "I...I'm sorry...I made her cry. I didn't mean to..."

    You continue to walk towards the two, crouching down, placing your forearms onto Jaheee's knees, resting your body with her stability. "Jaehee, honey, what's wrong?"

    She doesn't look at you, but instead, quickly shakes her head, her tears falling from the cracks of her fingers. You close your eyes, trying to hold in your own tears, then look up at Zen, who is avoiding eye contact again. "I...I think I need to go. Please, excuse me..."

    As he stands up, takes a quick bow towards the two of you, and moves to the front door, placing his shoes back on his feet. "Please...take good care of her," Zen says, opening the front door, letting himself out, closing it behind him.
    You quickly sit next to Jaehee, who is still crying her eyes out, pulling her head back onto your chest, again petting her hair, much like earlier. "It's okay, Jae...I'm here..."

    "I...I'm broken..." she lets out softly, catching your attention. "I don't know what to do anymore...all of my emotions...they are going haywire...I...I don't know what to do..."

    You begin to cry as well, resting your head onto hers, pulling her head closer to your chest. "Jae...open up your ears, and tell me what you hear," you let out, softly nuzzling the top of her scalp.

    Jaehee notices her ear pressed hard against your chest, hearing a rhythm of beats, feeling the pulse of the beats through her skin, soothing her. "I...I hear your heart...it's beating...so fast right now..." she lets out, weakly.

    You smile, continuing to pet her head. "That's right. Whenever you get like this, just imagine the pulses my heart makes. I want my heart to be the thing that cures you of when you're down like this. This...is how I would like to protect you."

    Jaehee opens her eyes wide, feeling her own heart beat at the same rhythm as yours, almost perfectly in-sync. "P...protect...me..." she lets out, gripping the bottom of your top, feeling her arm strain from how hard she's squeezing.

    "Jaehee...you don't need to be afraid. I'm always going to be here for you, regardless of how you feel. I will always protect you, just as you will always protect me," you softly say, feeling Jaehee loosen up her grip on you. She then slowly lifts her head away from your chest, revealing her red, broken face, though shining with a brilliant smile, tears still falling from her eyes. "Thank you...so much...for being in my life...for staying in my life..." she cries out softly.

    You smile happily, as the two of you wrap your arms around each other, nuzzling each others cheek. "We will always be together, Jae. Always..." you say, beaming with warmth. Jaehee smiles, feeling her tears drip from her cheeks onto your top. "Oh...I think I'm ruining your new outfit...I'm sorry..." she apologizes.

    You laugh softly, pulling away from your embrace, looking Jaehee in the eyes. "It's okay. Your tears are always welcome to me. Though...right now, I really want to finish that piece of art for you. I think you would like it right now, if it were finished."

    Jaehee giggles, nodding her head. "Y-yeah, I would...go ahead and finish it. I need to go clean myself up."

    You both get up from the couch, adjusting your skirts. You then walk over to your heavy suitcase, picking it up, and walk towards your bedroom, with Jaehee following. As she was walking behind you, Jaehee began to recall her conversation with Zen. One that she will never forget.

    "So...you do, huh?" Zen begins, looking her in the eyes. Jaehee tilts her head, confused. "I do...what, Zen?"

    Zen softly laughs, stroking his ponytail in a nervous manner. "I was hoping you would know what I meant...but, I guess you're still confused," he continues, blushing, "I can tell something's happening between you two. I was just wondering if you...you know..."

    Jaehee's heart began to beat faster, starting to understand what Zen was trying to do. "Oh...I think I know what you mean, now...but...it's so difficult..."

    Zen stopped laughing at the soft sound of her voice, forcing him to pay attention to her face, which is flushed with a red blush, her eyes watering. "Hey, hey," Zen says, soothingly, "Don't cry...I'm sorry if I brought up a touchy subject. I was just curious."
    Jaehee shakes her head slightly, looking down. "It...it's alright. I feel a little better being able to talk about it. It...it's just so hard, you know...to keep something in. Something you wish to scream out into the night sky, yet something you wish for no one to hear...especially her..."

    Zen's eyes open slightly wider, as in a surprised state. "Jaehee...are you having trouble coping with your feelings? If so, you know you can tell me. I told you before, and I'll tell you again: I'll be your number 1 fan, and I'll support any decision you make, regardless of how silly it sounds."

    Jaehee's eyes water up a bit more, a smile spreading from her mouth. "T-thank you, Zen...though, in my heart, I think someone is a bigger fan of mine than you are...sorry if that sounds harsh, but...that's what I feel. I admire your support, I do...but her support...I don't know...it just makes me feel...warm. Happy."

    Zen lowers his head, but smiles, knowing the truth now. "Jaehee," he begins, "you were my biggest fan for the longest time. You followed my every move, you watched all of my shows, you've defended my every choice in life...but here, in this moment, and from now on...you know in your heart that someone else has taken priority. This person...you care deeply for...and I can bet that you wish to spend the rest of your life with her. I said I will support your every decision, and this is no exception. I want you two to be happy...because deep down, in my soul...I believe that you lo-"

    Before Zen was able to finish his sentence, Jaehee began to stream tears from her eyes, her lips quivering, her hands shaking, her whole body in a nervous, fragile case. "Z...Zen...I...I do...her...I do...I..." she weakly let out, her voice cracking from her crumbling state. Soon after trailing off, Jaehee quickly lowered her head onto her palms, sobbing uncontrollably, loud cries muffled by her hands.

    Zen's face turned from shock to sorrow, reacting quickly to the change in atmosphere, sitting next to Jaehee, rubbing her back, attempting to soothe her cries. "It's okay, Jaehee...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said anything. If I knew you were this fragile on the subject...I wouldn't have brought it up...I'm truly sorry..." As Zen finishes his statement, he is startled by the sound of a heavy object striking the floor, as if someone just dropped it onto the floor.

    Jaehee softly grips her voilet blouse with her hand, admiring your figure from a distance, her heart fluttering uncontrollably.

    "Hey, Jaehee," you say, opening up the door to your room, placing the suitcase inside. Jaehee wipes the tears away from her face again, smiling. "Yes, hon?"

    "Cheer up," you say, with a soft smile, as you close the door, locking it.

    Jaehee's eyes widen, trying to hold back the urge to cry again, and places her hand onto the door, pushing onto it. "Zen...thank you. I know I didn't want her to see me cry like that, but...you're such a good friend. You helped me, much like she helped me...I knew the answer the whole time, but I didn't want to admit it to myself...but you, Zen...you helped me achieve what I wanted to feel...you helped me finally understand my feelings. My feelings...for you, my dear...my best friend..." she thinks to herself, her eyes watering up.

    After you locked the door, you stared at it for a few seconds, wondering what Jaehee is doing. All of a sudden, you see the door move slightly, as if something was pushing it, being stopped by the lock. You smile, placing your hand onto the door as well, pushing it slightly, feeling some resistance. You knew that Jaehee's hand was on the door as well, which causes tears to fall from your face again.

    "Jaehee...I really wish that what I think is true...I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling...and thanks to Zen, I'm already thinking of what our future holds for us...and...at this exact moment...I know, without a shadow of a doubt..." you smile, feeling Jaehee press her hand harder against the door.

    "...Jaehee..." you start.

    "...my angel..." Jaehee continues.

    And in an instant, at this very second, the next thought spreads warmth through both you and Jaehee.

    "...I love you."

    "Goddamn it, Zen! Why did you have to do that," Zen boldly states, slamming his fist onto the sidewalk. "It was easy to figure out that she had feelings for Jaehee...but how was I supposed to know how bottled up Jaehee's feelings were towards her?! I was the one who brought up the soda bottle metaphor...but dammit, why did I have to shake the bottle, and cause it to explode?! Gah, I'm so annoyed with myself!"

    As Zen stands up from his self rant, he sighs, turning his head. "If you're here for an autograph, it will have to wait. I'm not in the mood."

    A mysterious figure shifted from the tree next to him, a black hood hiding his hair and eyes, while a black mask shields his face. "Me? Ask for an autograph? Please, don't flatter yourself. In fact...I'm here to give you an invitation," the masked being stated, calmly.

    Zen focuses his attention to the being, turning his body to face theirs. "An invitation? For what? If it's for a new role, I have to decline."

    The hooded being tilts it's head back, showing two closed eyes. "Well, it's a wonderful place. A place where nothing bad can happen. No one can hurt another there. Everyone will live in peace. All you have to do, to gain entrance, is..." the being raised his arm, pointing towards Jaehee's front door. "...to bring her. The chosen one."

    Zen's eyes widen, his fists clenched with anger. "What...what do you plan to do with her?"

    The masked being laughed, shaking it's head. "You don't need to know why. All you need to do...is get her to join us."

    Zen shakes his head, glaring at the masked person. "No dice. I won't let you touch a single hair on her body."

    The hooded being sighed in response, shaking his head. "We won't hurt her. In fact, she's special to us. I mean, we went through all that trouble to get her into that crude excuse of an apartment in the first place."

    Zen freezes, his eyes shifting, trying to compute what was just spoken. "What...what did you say? Are you...are you the hack-"

    Before Zen was able to finish his sentence, another being grabbed hold of him, while another attacked him. As he felt the short jab of a needle pierce his neck, causing his body to fall asleep almost instantaneously, two men grab onto Zen's lifeless body, and carried him over to a nearby van, as the masked being slid it's hood off.

    "Hmph. This was easier than I thought. I never would have thought that this one and her would go to the assistant's house...it's okay, though. With the actor soon to join us," the masked being slid his mask down, opening his eyes, revealing a young male with soft, mint green eyes, light gray hair, accompanied by red highlights, his jacket sliding from his shoulder, showing a tattoo of an eye.

    "...then our maiden will return to Magenta... to Mint Eye."

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Communities that between 5000, 10,000 members There are several communities in here that are very active! The presidents of these communities and their Editors have done an amazing job in bringing content and love to these groups! To show some Appreciation and love for these communities and their amazing work and activity! In the Month of activity and new people there has been so much buzz and growth in these communities!! Thank you Presidents for Growing and lovingly looking over your communities! ♡♡ ■•■•■•■▪•▪•▪• •▪•▪•▪•■•■•■•■ ■•■•■▪•▪•▪• •▪•▪•▪•■•■•■ Over The Last Month The amount of members is amazing for these cmtys!! Jimin:         Cmty Had 5104 With @BTSMicDrop as president, It has grown to    5818 members! Whoohoo Congrats with  714 new members! ▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪ BAP:        Cmty Had 5162  With @MaeLyn as president, It has grown to     5193 members now! Congrats Girlie!! 31 new members! ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ Jungkook:    Cmty Had 5178 With @Yugykookie. as president, It has grown to 5986 members! Amazing news with growing the cmty! 808 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Taehyung:      Cmty Had 5241 With @ VeronicaArtino    as president, It has grown to  6052 members now! Whoohoo! Congrats with 811 new membes! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• TVXQ:         Cmty Had 5524 With @TaylorHill5    as president, It has grown to 5736 members now! Congrats! That is 212 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Winner:      Cmty Had 6049 With @WinkonVIP    as president, It has grown to 6382 members now. That is great! WIth 333 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Suga  :         Cmty Had 6660 With @VeronicaArtino as president, It has grown to     7605, Dam Girl! Congrats withgrowing the cmty! 945 new members!! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• FanFiction  :   Cmty Had 6937 With @LiyaBoon as president, It has grown to 7272 members now! Lots of readers out there! Congrats on growing the cmty! Thats 335 new members •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Got7 :        Cmty Had 7605 With @Luna1171 as president, It has grown to     7964  members now! Congrats girl! 359 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• ☆ •●• •●• •●• •●• Infinite  :      Cmty Had 8040 With @Just2BLoved as president, It has grown to 8146 members now! That is amazing gilr! 106 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• ◇ •●• •●• •●• •●• There will still be 1 more Appreciation/tracking card for the Top Communities which are in the Thousands! They are communities that have been around and seen so many people come and go! These groups happen to be run by people who have been on Vingle for a long time! I want to thank them for being here on Vingle, sharing a common interest of Kpop •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• fam tag! new updated list!  @SugaKookieV @StefaniTre  @SimplyAwkward @Starbell808 @SerenaArthurs @Sugasadamsapple @BabydollBre  @WinKonVIP    @Taekookimonster  @ESwee @Just2BLoved  @QueenPandaBunny   @Yugykookie97 @kpopandkimchi  @VKookie47 @MelissaGarza  @VeronicaArtino  @tinafalcon22 @tigerlily84 @Taekookimonster   @JaxomB  @divanicola05  @ynsamgwlk @rchacon19 @cns1391  @PolarStarr  @rocklvr @BTSARMYBOI @QueenyCrossGene Suga's Statgazers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella Suga's starchildren @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 Taehyung's Purplers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @Jiminsnooder Taehyung's Purplees... @MelissaGarzaMatoki Council: @MaeLyn @Halsyeon @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @SweetDuella Baby Taglist: @kpopandkimchi @MelissaGarza @ynsamgwlk @SimplyAwkward @SweetDuella   @JaxomB @MaeLyn @mitchix5 @InfinitySky @AlexisJ15 @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre @JiyongLeo @axosrain  @Starbell808 @simpsonsamantha @AkiraMarie13 @QueenyCrossGene @cns1391
Rm Friday: Texts/Snapchats while on tour
Hi all! Veronica here bringing you some snapchats I found on Pinterest... HOPE YOU ENJOY your texts to namjoon babe, are we going to get together before you leave? awe, babe I didnt mean right now jagi, i was already on my way to surprise you for a walk you and rm enjoyed the little walk knowing it may be months before you get to see him again. The world tour added stops at the ast minute and you truly did understand his busy schedule. You also enjoyed every moment you spent with him and appreciated it even more. After your walk you both headed to watch the sunset together. feeling sentimental you uploaded to your snapchat^^ you parted ways shortly after the sunset due to him needing rest before getting up way early to leave. the next morning RM sent you snapchat when you woke up and saw that you immediately smiled. babe I already miss you. good morning. have a safe flight you get about your day knowing you wont here a response back anytime soon. hours later you and rm text back and forth on his break. but It was an after he told you had to go to rehearsal that you receive a surprise text that sad thinking of you jagi and... then a moment later your snapchat notification goes off. what exactly do you want me to show you? my feet he resinds back in the way you knew he would babe that is why you love me because you always make me smile. now get back to work I need sleep. goodnight jagi. I love you too. days go by. you and Namjoon super busy but only send out simple texts of thinking of you and I miss yous texts. sprinkled in there are I loves yous. both your hearts earn to be near each other. You where having a particularly bad day and on the verge of tears when snapchat notification pops on your phone. You open it and see it's from your babe, the love of your ife, the light of your soul You start to sob even harder. you respond with I wish I was with you too a few minutes later after you pressed send your phone rings. You answer with a raspy voice "hello" immediately Namjoon can tell you where crying "baby, what's wrong?" the sound of his voice opens the dam inside you even more. He listens and his heart slowly breaks with the sound of crying and sobbing. He so desperately wants to be near you to wrap you in his embrace. he tells you this. he starts to sing to you. You begin to calm down. Once the sobs resided you begin to. tell him about your bad day. How everything seems to be going wrong how at work you keep making mistakes. How your coworkers are making a big deal out of everything and saying hurtful comments about you and your work and how you just really miss him and how you miss your family and that you feel so alone. After you unleashed on these emotions on him. you start to smile. "I didnt realize how much I needed to hear your voice babe. I really miss you and love you. I feel 70% better after unloading everything. Tell me about you." he chuckles and tells you hes glad that you feel better. Not to worry about work. That everyone has bad days even him. He had one yesterday. You asked why his day was bad yesterday. He explained he broke his phone case. He was having difficulty with a part of the choreo and that he really missed you and his family as well. You both exchange I love yous and hang up and get back to work. Before you head in you open the snapchat notification and see which made you smile brighter and filled your heart with so much warmth, love and confidence. The rest of day went better. You decided to shop a new phone case for him. Then you drop it off at BigHit and they stated they would ensure it gets in his hands. You were thinking he would get it once he came back from the tour. Though much to your pleasant surprise a week later you get a snapchat from Namjoon You smile brightly take a pic and send it back. weeks go by with phone calls,texts back and forth and you where counting down to the small break rm will have for about a two week period. on his break he sends you immediately call him. "hello jagi" "BABE! YOU ARE HERE. IM ON MY WAY!" he chuckles at your excitement. you spend two weeks with him before he leaves again. two weeks after he left you sent him a text saying you missed him and where ust having a hard day. he respond knowing that you need to see his face and then sends an additional text listening to our song and thinking of you before I head up on stage. love you you think to yourself how you deserve someone so beautiful and precious. after the tour was all finish, it was Namjoon that had to wait for you to come back from seeing your family in the states. You sent him a text message that your plane landed and that your all settled in your apartment. You where about to send another text when a Snapchat notification pops up. You chuckle of course I'll come over. Maybe we can cuddle too? of course baby cuddles can definitely fit in this night somewhere. bring clothes. I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight. your heart palpitating at this innuendos. awe. how much you love him The next morning at work you receive a text. Jagi you stole something of mine when you left here this morning. no I didnt. I made sure I didnt steal your hoodie even though I wanted to. No baby you stole something important. You though about it but didnt have to wait for long I love you too. But babe you stole my heart first. 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5 Reasons: Why You Need A Lip and Cheek Tint
​If you prefer the 'less is more' makeup routine, then the lip and cheek tint is just for you. No wonder, today, tints are soaring higher in the market and have become the most loved beauty trends this year. They do more than just acting as a lip tint. It delivers a flush of color to keep your skin hydrated, soft and plump. Moreover, lip cheek tint are cost-effective, and travel-friendly. A little dab on your cheeks and lips can level up your complete look. 1) Lightens Pigmentation and Dark Lips Having the best lip and cheek tint can elevate your look almost instantly within seconds of applying. These come in various finish from matte to shimmer. But the one that gives a natural sun-kissed look is the ultimatum. It can provide natural glow to skin and when packed with moisturising and nourishing properties like Beetroot and Tomato pulp, get ready to forget about the lip Pigmentation. It lighens dark lips while treating dry lips. This is why organic and vegan makeup products are a two-in-one; Makeup with Skincare Benefits! 2) Compatible with All Skin Types You must have heard from your favourite Instagram Influencers or renowned makeup artists who prefer to go for beetroot lip and cheek tint that are easily blendable into the skin and also lightweight without any harmful after effects. Lip tints are long-lasting ones with zero added colours or harmful chemicals/toxins. However, there are many options available online. There is a range of colour options from bold to casual ones. 3) Multi-Purposeful and Long Lasting A lip tint formula that you can use in 3 ways, isn't that great? Aegte lip and cheek tint will get you that glamorous look in no time. Also, it is multi beneficial and multi purposeful. Its smooth consistency and highly-pigmented natural ingredients makes it a must have. It easily blends on your cheeks, lips and eyelids. One swatch lasts for long hours and keep the lips nourished all day long. The good part is they are available at eye-catching prices on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, etc. Make the best use of discounts and try all 3 variants which will leave you can't help but fall in love with them. 4) Easy To Carry And Pocket-friendly Lastly, unlike other super expensive Lip tints, you don’t have to splurge to achieve that healthy and rosy glow. Aegte Lip and Cheek Tint adds a healthy flush of colour to your face without emptying your pockets. Also the compact size fits perfectly in your pocket or bag for the ease of reapplying it anywhere, anytime. 5) What are the benefits of Aegte Lip Tint? Organic and Vegan topical treatments are formulated with results-oriented ingredients. Chemicals are at no par when compared with the effectiveness and natural healing power of vegan formula. The 2-in-1 Aegte Beetroot Lip and Cheek Tint has topped the queue due to its result oriented formulation of 100% natural and vegan constituents aimed to treat dry, chapped, blistered and rough lips. Comes in three amazing colour variants to match with your lip tones - Orange, Baby Pink and Rosy Pink. Who doesn't want to flaunt an ideal smile? The best beetroot lip balm from Aegte rejuvenates your smile's sparkle. It is an essential for lip care, full of Vegan and Natural ingredients like beetroot and tomato extract that gives a natural flush to the lips. Highly pigmented lip balm with the real colour of Beetroot and essential oils to prevent pigmentation. With an extra assurance of protecting the lips from UV rays, thanks to its SPF formula, that reduces tan and discolouration of the lips.   Additionally, Aegte Organic Beetroot Lip Balm is super Pigmented with the natural colours of Beetroot and Tomato and without any artificial aroma, color or shine. Embedded with the goodness of natural constituents makes it safe to use on all skin types without causing any harm to skin. A multi-tasking lip balm you should definitely get your hands on. Loved by renowned celebrities and  makeup artists, indeed Aegte Beetroot Lip Balm is the forerunner among other lip balms or tints in India.  How can you use Lip & Cheek Tint in 3 ways? Blusher or Cheek Tint The first step is to apply a thin layer of Aegte Lip Balm on the cheeks. Dab it in gently with the help of your fingers for a rosy glow and natural effect. Eyeshadow Add another layer of Aegte lip & cheek tint on eyelids for a daily casual makeup look that will last throughout the day. Dab it as per your preferred intensity with its strong colour payoff. Lip Tint Lastly, move on to your lips. Pick a brush or use your fingertips and apply the best beetroot lip balm for dark lips from Aegte following the lip line. It will keep your lips moisturized, nourished & hydrated for hours. Reapply once in 6-8 hours for natural pink plump lips. 
BTS Family Business +19 Part 1
Yass lawrd!!! Fam I am back with a spicy fanfiction I have been working on. I'm still trying to balance work and my hobbies all at the same time. Life is wonderful and I can't complain. I finally feel complete. I have wonder children and four wonder husband's who are sexy ASF. We are wealthy powerful and healthy. How did I get four husbands? Let me explain. I was adopted by the Cheif of all Yong/Dragon clans. In our world within the human world we have our own laws and ways of life. A female is allowed to have multiple mates or husbands. As long as everyone is married at the same time. After the marriage you cannot add on any mates. Also once mated that male can only have children by that female. If caught cheating anyone can lose their power and status. Our clan has been in power since the dawn of time. We control many things like Kpop, fashion, media... anything we want. We also provide small loans and protection to small businesses. We also are known for our part in killing ppl if they cross us wrong. Anyways they call me Jasmine Kim. I'm married to Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoesek, and Jimin. Altogether we have eight children. Hunter, Ji-Yong, King, Namjin, Stormi, Ava, Princeton, and Taleah. We live in a huge home and we have a luxury condo for time alone. As for me I do have my own room, but unless I'm mad at my huabands all at the same time I sleep in whoever room whenever. Tonight was my night alone with Hobi at our luxury condo. I knew I had tons of stuff to do at the office and I knew the kids would never let me get out the door. I was wise and packed me some lingerie and my heels with me. After work I fixed my hair, reapplied my Fenty glassbomb, and slipped into my sexy lingerie. I threw in my black trench coat and headed deep in the woods to our condo. As I looked down at the clock I was already 20 minutes late. He was gonna be pissed and pacing all over the place. I was going over ways I would get his mind off me being late. As I unlocked the door. I quickly walked into the kitchen. Hobi was there with a pissed off expression. "Ah how can you hold a powerful position in our clan if you can't even be on time to see your husband? Over 20 minutes late babe?! I'm going have to request for you to step down." I walked slowly over to him and made him face me. Even though I had on heels he still was taller than me. I wrapped my arms around his waist. "I'm such a bad wife. You are right baby. Shame on me. Do you still want to see why I was so late?" I said with pouting lips. Hobi smirked and untied my trench coat allowing it to hit the ground. He stepped back to admire my curves in the lingerie hugging me. Hobi sucked on his teeth and lips. "Shit baby..." He ran his hands through his hair. "Can you forgive me baby? I will do anything my husband commands." I said while batting my eyes. "Yeah I know what you can do to be forgiven." Hobi said while putting me over his shoulders. He places me on the bed and we kiss deeply. His lips so soft felt so good. I could feel my core aching. Hobi plays with my nipples as he explores my mouth. Sucking on my lip ring and gliding across my tongue rings. "Gosh baby you taste so good. I know where you would taste even better." Hobi pushes me back while kissing down to my core. He runs his nose from bottom to top of my core. He licks his lips has he tugs away my panties. Hobi spanks my core then he begins kissing all over my inner thighs. I groan in pleasure. He inserts two fingers stretching me wide and slowly pushes in and out. I was already dripping. Suddenly he begins sucking on my nub while fingering me. I gasp as he picks up speed and goes deeper. I grab his head and scream. I could feel myself about to burst. Hobi laughs and stops. "Oh you think I'm gonna let you cum when you can't come on time." He stands up and he gives me that look. " You know the routine." I crawl over to the edge of the bed and unbuckle his pants. His tip was wet. I guess tasting me makes him so hot. I placed my hand at his base while playing with his tip. He moaned louder as my tongue ring slide across his head. I wrapped my lips around his tip. Making sucking noises and running my hand up and down. Hobi groans loudly and hisses. He grabs my head softly and pushes more of himself hitting the back of my throat. I gag and proceed to move my mouth up and down his length making loud slurping nosies. "Ah...baby stop...slow down... shit..." Hobi moaned while pulling out my mouth. He quickly turned me around bend me over. He slapped my left cheek. I groaned. He slapped my right cheek. "You think you call the shots?! You should know better by now." Hobi moaned. Hobi pushed his entire length in me from behind. I scream in pleasure and pain. He begins pounding me without mercy. The bed shook and our skin made a loud slapping noise. He pulled me up my by arms still pounding me. We moved as one. Then he placed me on my back. He pushed my leg behind my head. He grinned as he slapped my core with his beef stick. I pouted. "Ah you are so cute baby." He said while sliding into me. He began moving deep and slow. I groan and grab his butt. He kisses me deeply and continues. I could feel him touching my g spot. "Ah deeper baby. Make your wife come." I moan in his ear. Hobi grunts and pumps deeper. I could feel everything go blank and I hit Utopia as a screamed out his name and gushed everywhere. Hobi filled me to the brim with his warm goodness. He collapsed on top of me as we try to catch our breath. He grins and looks down at me. "I love you baby." "I love you too." I said allowing him to kiss me. ************** I was rushing down the hallway to present what I needed in our meeting. I know people think I have it easy because my adopted father is over the clan and our business. However I do work hard. I earned the title of 1st Lady of our generation. I can hear Yoongi and Hobi laughing has I walk speedy in front of them. Everyone slowly walks in...Namjoon, Jungkook, Jimin, Hobi, Jin, Tae, and Yoongi. We stand when the Cheif Ji-Yong walks in. "Good morning. Let's begin with our progress....Jasmine." TO BE CONTINUED...... Ride or Die Peeps Taglist @lisablinkarmy @SolYLuna @szewwy @koalabear @SweetDuella @DefSoul1994 @blessowmwago @Starbell808 @Jiminsnooder @SarahHibbs @Yugykookie97 @WinKonVIP @simpsonsamantha @lrwc12 @Gladys21 @hyunjinnie @VeronicaArtino @Shanai88 @Mochiroon @jungkookieeeee @Blackrose139 @cathysanchez157 @KittyCat1998 @Kail916 @pandaqueen7 @MelissaGarza
The Evolution of Weighing Scales - How Have They Changed Over Time?
We live in a fortunate time in history where we have access to incredibly high-tech instruments that can be used to measure things with absolute accuracy, touchscreen features, as well as WiFi connections that can keep us connected to the internet and provide us with the most accurate and reliable measurements possible. Although it hasn't always been this way, there is a long and fascinating history associated with the development of weighing scales. In the tomb of an Egyptian king who died around 2300 BC, a weight-measuring instrument was discovered that has been traced back to its discovery in the earliest records of weight-measuring instruments. Since the advent of weighing scales in the time of the ancient Greeks, they have been used for many different purposes, including measuring the size of meals and the determination of the weight of items. These days, weighing scales have taken a larger form and there are now different types of weighing systems. We as a leading Crane scale Manufacturer would like to take the opportunity to highlight some of the most significant advancements that have taken place in this sector over the years and also give an overview of how these advancements have been made possible. The ancient metric system: It has been discovered that the world's oldest weighing scales have been found in the Indus River Valley civilization, dating back to roughly 2,000 B.C., located near the area of Pakistan that we know today. The need for merchants to appraise the value of products such as harvests, textiles, and gold during these periods became apparent as commerce expanded during these periods and merchants had to exchange their goods to pay for their products. In this case, two plates were attached to an overhead beam, which was connected to a central pole, using balancing products. Afterward, an equilibrium was achieved by placing articles on one plate and weight stones on the other. Despite the fact that these early weighing scales were quite accurate, they were not without flaws: large objects were difficult to weigh, and there was always the possibility that the object being measured might move. The firm also makes Load cells. There are various types of load cells used in industrial environments in order to measure weight. It is common for industrial processes to need these devices to control the weight capacity of hoppers, reactors, etc. We are a top Load Cells Manufacturer in the area. Beam Scale History: In ancient Greece, it is thought that the beam scale was created sometime between the years 600 and 300 BC. There were simply two beams that were laid horizontally across each other in order to construct this weighing scale, which was centered by a pivot point, or fulcrum, which was situated in the middle. Weights were added to one end of the beam until the balance was established. It was then used to calculate the weight of the item being measured by using the positions of the weights along the beam. This type of scale can be of great use for weighing large items such as grain sacks or even large people, which is one of the primary advantages of using this type of scale. In the nineteenth century, the beam scale lasted for decades before it was replaced by more precise equipment that was more accurate in its measurements. Digital Scales: These are the scales that use digital technology. A digital weighing scale displays the weight of an item on a digital display, making it an electronic weighing scale.
안녕하세요! 모찌룬 입니다! Hey! Mochiroon here!! It's been so long since I last posted anything here!!! I'm a bit disappointed in myself, but that's okay because I'm here now~ So, the BTS community has decided to dedicate each BTS members for each day of the week. And today's highlighted member is: Namjoon So, what I'm planning on doing is a series of stories for each member. The stories will not relate to each other but they will be placed in an AU with high school as a theme. Cliche, I know but it's common and easy write. I have a different set of stories that's gonna be on Wattpad. Anyway!! Let's get this story started~ === === Next chapter... https://vin.gl/p/2870438?wsrc=link === DON'T ROAST ME!! This is literally my first time actually posting these texting stories, so they'll be pretty lame. But I do like the fact that these messages have timestamps next to them. It has that slight realistic feel to them haha Any numbers used in these stories are all fake and were made randomly. So, please do not attmept to call the number. Anyway, I hope you like them and I will see you next time~ ❤BANGTAN ARMY TEAM❤: @Yugykookie97 @Mochiroon @QueenPandaBunny @MelissaGarza @kpopfan88 ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤: @amandamuska  @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul  @gabstar143  @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG  @ifitnessvn @Ilovephases @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @JJiBin @jiminiebae @jkenshayla @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929  @kaylenne956 @krissynormam @kpopfan88 @Kyla05 @MelissaGarza @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rebeccariley52 @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @soobak @Starbell808 @szewwy @Taekookimonster  @Tiffiedannie @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokie    *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist*
{MCM} Glasses Edition!
Sorry I been a little MIA lately! Things have been a little hectic! Just general real life junk. Anyway, I caught this week's MCM, so without further ado, here goes! Katsuki Yuri - Yuri!!! on Ice Yup, I've officially joined the craze! Not caught up yet; I've only seen 7 episodes so far, but I'm loving it! I know, I know, he belongs to Viktor, but that doesn't mean I can't crush! He's just so sweet and awkward and adorable, and he really is beautiful when he skates his heart out! Honorable Mentions Maybe it's partially because I wear glasses myself, but I always love characters with glasses! As such, as usual, I couldn't possibly pick just one! So here's this week's slew of loveable honorable mentions! Loke/ Leo - Fairy Tail I've shared my love for Loke before! More than boys with glasses, I have a bit of a weak spot for gingers! I've never been much for the playboy type, but he's one that I can't help but love! 707 - Mystic Messenger Music Messenger is technically a game, but u couldn't resist including this guy! I haven't gotten to his route yet, so I don't have many pics yet (Jumin's route is getting super hot though; I'm a little concerned he may have some Christian Grey tendencies, but that soap-opera-style-strawberry-pancake kiss.. ♡). Anyway, I've expected from the start that 707 will be my favorite! Goofball genius hacker who's addicted to my favorite soda? Sign me up! Sub-honorable mention: Kim Yoosung (last 2 images) I don't like to double dip for these things, but I had to sneak in my first love from this game! Super adorable innocent Yoosung☆ was the first to capture my heart, so I had to give my puppy a shout-out! Kazuma - Noragami Bishamon's ever faithful exemplar and mentor to my baby, Yukine, Kazuma is one of the many characters that males this anime one of my favorites! Kyoya Ootori - OHSHC Kyoya was always one of my favorite hosts, aside from the Hitachiin twins! Daddy Tamaki may be the host club's fearless leader, but it couldn't survive without Mommy Kyoya! Gowther - Nanatsu no Taizai Last but certainly not least, Gowther, the Goat's Sin of Lust! Gowther and Ban are always in close running for my favorite Sin! I just love how matter of fact he is and all! He's rather peculiar, just the way I like 'em! Tagging le nakama! @AimeBolanos @Tylor619 @trustfundkid @alexcattura @BlackoutZJ @AdamDean @AimeBolanos @alliepetey @assasingod @biancadanica98 @BlackDragon88 @CandyApple22 @choppabelle @DemonAngel522 @fairydemon15 @hanetama @hikaymm @HiwaRasul @HunnaBallue @JasmynAnchondo @JessicaFerrier @JessSenpai @jevonlowery @KageTsuki040910 @kazam98 @KennyMcCormick @KiNg4LiFe @kouvarisb @KurosakiJess @LuffyNewman @midnitestar421 @MissStrawberry @msfancysunshine @NathanBryden @NikkoNikole @NikolasSatterwh @nimm14 @otakukpoper @ovvhr @PASCUASIO @RazChaosRender @RogueLeigh @SAMURXAI @SimplyAwkward @SuperWolverBat @TakamiRen @Taylor18920 @Tylor619 @YessicaCardenas As always, if you'd like to be added or removed, you need only ask!
A New Suga Fanfic coming soon..
would anyone be Interested in a reader/yoongi fanfic? It is going to based of an old country song that I adore... Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter... The story is an AU fic but a coming of age story. You spend the summers at your grandparents farm with your best friend Taehyung. You aren't a stranger to the college boys that your grandpa hires in the summer to help out with the harvesting and the running of his farm. You grandpa has animals, and produce on his farm but you and Taehyung usually spend it in the Strawberry fields. Your grandpa also makes wine from the strawberries. What you didn't expect was two college boys helping with the strawberries and the wine making. The college kids your grandfather usually hires help with the animals and other functions on the farm. You spend your summer falling in love and not hoping for heartache come September? You naively fall hard but as you get older it becomes a fleeting thought across your mind... If interested in the story comment below. I'm looking forward to writing a story of summer love and first love... but also a story about growing up Suga's Genius' @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @jeonraeyoo Suga's starchildren @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 if you would like to be added to the official Suga cmty taglist comment below. Taglist is only for the Suga council and will be used on the content we create for the community... My vingle fam @WinKonVIP @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @BTSMicDrop @twistedPDnim @YulaGyeom @MelissaGarza @jjrockstar @yehetmyohorat97 @CrookedShadow @ESwee @Lexxcisco @awkwardjazzy @sukkyongwanser @QueenLeLe @QueenPandaBunny @SweetDuella @BabydollBre @SugaKookieV @InfiniteKiss @QueenyCrossGene @Halsyeon RMs Fearless Leaders @VeronicaArtino @BTSMicDrop @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @SugaKookieV @DefSoul1994 Taehyung's Purplers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @jiminsnooder Suga's Genius @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV JIMIN Squad @BTSMicDrop @Queenpandabunny @Just2BLoved @jiminsnooder @SugaKookieV @VeronicaArtino Golden Maknae Crew @SugaKookieV @LiyahBoon @MelissaGarza @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @VeronicaArtino Sunshine Hope @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @VeronicaArtino Winner Council @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @VeronicaArtino Fantastic Losers @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @Starbell808 @VeronicaArtino BTS @DeyaniraEstrada @lilbr0wneyes @KokoroNoTakara  @cbellea @Helixx @sarahdarwish @Hurdkpop @biancadanica98 @xMangaLover @KellyOriane @wordlesseyes @jojojordy2324 @TleahEdwards @MissyKim @EmilyPeacock @Journ505 @ShadowAngel87 @Kyokeo @GenesisZiporrah @FelicianaRomero @ScarletMermaid @SeoInHan @IMNII @jcl4rks0n @heidichiesa @humairaa @torchix @sarahpjane @SugaKookieV @Bangtanss @ReynadeKpop @PrincessUnicorn @SimplyAwkward  @OneOfAKind @MadAndrea @musicmofo @nicolejb @jcl4rks0n @ashleyemmert @Katherina2078 @unnieArmkeY @AlloBaber  @EvilGenius @Dabaesaplayer @CloverShadows @Mandubum @PassTheSuga @SugalessJams @danidee @ButterflyBlu @B1A4BTS5ever  @btsgotshinee @EasternShell @ShadowAngel87 @EmilyPeacock @Journ505 @MissyKim @TleahEdwards @jojojordy2324 @KellyOriane @xMangaLover @Hurdkpop @peahyr @biancadanica98 @sarahdarwish @cbellea @johnevans @terenailyn @gabbycalzada @taetaebaozi @lilbr0wneyes @xxMollxx @Xionheart @Defy24601 @TanyaGautam @ZionPerezFlower @NickySerban @KwonOfAKind @krin @Emealia @FelicianaRomero @DestinaByrd @ScarletMermaid @ashleyemmert  @Katherina2078 @TaehyungV @Starbell808 @SweetDuella @MelissaGarza @Lexxcisco @resavalencia@sukkyongwanser @KarenGuerra93
Harvest Full Moon (18+)
Plot: Once upon a night the stars shined so bright, that even on a camp night, you were fooled to believe beautiful amber eyes were that of your best friend. Little did you know he was so much more… in more ways than one. Cast: You & Jackson Wang 18+ : Language, sensual content ______________________________________________ “Jiejie!~” I was hiking through the forest with my friends, and absentmindedly was becoming lost in the beauty of nature, until my best friend grabbed my arm. “Jiejie, didn’t you hear me calling you?” I blinked at him as he just crocked an eyebrow and gave me his sweet smile. I swear it only lets me see his true self. His smile was always so genuine when it was directed to me. Others only got a percentage of it, but I got the full thing. “Yah! Come on guys, we need to pick a campsite soon, it’s a full moon. Who knows what crazy shit will happen?” One of our friends said as they call out to us. I rested my hand on his shoulder, before breaking my arm free from his soft grasp. “Sorry for spacing, it's just so beautiful out here, but they are right, let’s help find a good campground.” Jackson nodded his head, before taking my hand from his shoulder and interlocking his fingers with mine. “Alright, but I’m holding this hand to make sure you don’t wander off like that again.” I giggled at his comment before we rejoin the group. Soon enough, around Dusk, we found out campgrounds, and set up our tents, and started a fire. I was setting up my tent best when Jackson barged inside with his sleeping bag. “Mind if I crash in your tent tonight?” I just sighed and shook my head, before snatching his sleeping bag away and setting it up. “You know I won’t say no to you. You’re like my guard puppy.” I smirked, before turning towards him and petting his head. He playfully pretended to the nipple at me, but I swore his eyes turn from their beautiful chocolate drops to a golden amber for a moment. “You know how I feel about you calling me a puppy.” I just stuck my tongue at him, before rejoining the group once again. We all had fun, roasting marshmallows, eating food we prep in a cooler, and drinking. We even started to telling ghost stories. When it was Jackson's turn, we were all pretty much wasted. So we would most likely believe anything at that moment. He told us a tail about how during a harvest moon, a wolf would roam the forest, in search of his pack, only after finding his mate. So that he would be able to return to them as a true Alpha. If he doesn’t, the pack would slater all those that he came within the forest. It sounded more like a fairy tale than a ghost story to me. Everyone started to talk about something else, as I got distracted once again by the beauty of nature. My site landed the massive orange full moon that dominated over the night sky, hiding behind the trees. I felt someone touch my hand and saw that it was one of the guys that I didn’t know because he was a friend of a friend. “The moon is very beautiful, but I think it’s nothing compared to you.” Chills ran down my spine when he gave me a creepy smile. Didn’t help that he smelt like booze either. I was about to pull away when someone yanked my free hand and pulled me up onto my feet. They then spun me around so smoothly that I landed softly into their chest. “Sorry man, but this sunshine is actually with me.” I realized the person that saves me from the creep was Jackson, making me smile to myself. I closed my eyes and relaxed while taking in his scent. He always smelt like cinnamon, apples, and amber wood. It was always so damn calming for me. I swear I was developing a crush on him, but I didn’t want to lose him, so I would never confess. I was snapped out of my trance though when I felt Jackson’s chest rumble a bit. “It’s all cool man, didn’t know you two were a thing. I heard you call her ‘Jeijei’, and since that’s mandarin for older sister, I thought you were family.” I turned to look at the creep, backing away with his hands held up in defense, yet his beer still in hand. “I call her that, because we’re childhood friends, didn’t think that would be a crime.” His body shook a bit as he chuckled. I looked up in time to see his eyes flash amber again. Jackson looked down at me, and smiled so warmly, before petting my head. “How about we go for a walk to sober up, y/n.” I was a bit stun to hear him say my name so informal for once, that all I could be nod my head. He removed his arm from around me and interlocked our fingers again. He led the way, as we walked into the dark forest. To my surprised, it wasn’t as dark as I expected, but that was thanks to the full moon. “I honestly thought I was going to have to punch that asshole.” I looked from the moon, to see Jackson being serious. He seems different and very angry, which was rare. He was always so happy around me, came to me when sad for comfort, but hide when anger. “He knew I was always by your side, yet he dares try to hit on you. So glad I’m staying in your tent. He creeps me out.” Jackson sighed heavily and ran his fingers through his hair after taking his cap off. “I’m glad too, for the same reason.” He instantly looked my way when I spoke up. He seems surprised I agreed so heavily with him. “My instincts told me something was wrong when he touches my hand.” I held up our laced fingers and smiled sweetly towards him. “This is the only hand that allows to touch me because you’re the only one I feel safe to be around right now.” Jackson’s eyes flashed away as his smile lite up his face. “Hey Jackson, can I asked you something?” His smile faded as his eyebrow raised, showing a confused expression. “Yeah, you can ask me anything always.” I pointed towards his eyes but then shook my head and looked away. “Never mind, I think the alcohol is playing with my vision.” I pulled my hand free and walked a little farther until I made it to a riverbank. “No, it’s not. There is something I actually need to tell you, Jeijei.” I turned around to see him hanging his head and his hand balled into a fist. “That story I told you is actually true.” He looked up and his eyes were glowing amber and staying like that. “Werewolves are real, and I am an Alpha’s son. I’m not allowed to return to my pack until I find my mate. The full moon actually does affect us because it makes the wolf side stronger. Resulting in being harder to hide that side.” He pushed his hair back, as he slowly took a step closer. I was lost in those amazing amber eyes to even take a step away from him. I was drunk enough to believe he was telling the truth. “I would rather be sober for me to say this, but this is the last chance I will have to rejoin my pack. Since I’m 26 now, and my father would have to pick a new hire if I fail again.” Jackson reached out to brush a loose strain of my hair behind my ear. “At first, I just wanted to be free, and grow my career, but I can’t deny it anymore. I found my soul mate a long time ago, just hid it from the world.” I closed my eyes and rested my cheek into his hand. “Are you even listening to my confession?” He chuckled, making me look up at him to see that wonderful smile. “Yes, you’re telling me you’re a werewolf, and I’m your soulmate. This has to be that dream I’ve been having on repeat though. Cause it’s the only time you confess to me, and know I love you like a woman loves a man.” I whimpered in pain when Jackson moved his hand to pinch my cheek. When I stop wincing, he lean in forward and smirked. “You love me? Why didn’t you say so sooner? I would of show you this side sooner and made you mine permanently.” I went into shock as sober from realizing this was real. His smirk show his teeth had become sharper too. “Give me permission to make you mine, you already know how loyal I am. Plus, my mother raised me to treat my mate as the queen that she is.” I finally took a step back as I looked around us. Jackson started to strip in front me, shocking me back into frozen mode. “I’ll even prove it, since I’m already unconditionally loyal to you.” His body heat radiated off his skin in smoke before hair rapidly grew out and bones cracked. Soon enough a giant wolf on two free stood before me. I stumble backwards, and nearly fell into the river, until a paw caught me, and rested on my back. His eyes were back to chocolate drops, and his breath was so warm against my skin. He started to sniff at me, making me giggle at how much it tickled. Jackson’s jet-black wolf form pulled in close to his soft fur covered body, after licking my cheek. He felt so warm and soft that I couldn’t help being relax into his embrace. Which I did until I felt something hard and warm pressing against my stomach. I squeaked and jump out of his arms when I noticed it was his hard member. My hands cover my mouth as I stared at him in awe. It was huge which made me wonder how he worked it. Jackson seem to have become shy and try to turn around, but I grabbed his arm lightly and stopped him. “So are you hard like that, because of me?” I pointed down towards his shaft, as he licked my cheek and nuzzled my cheek, making it his way of saying yes. I reached out to glaze my fingers over the tip, earning a soft growl from him. That one single noise along as me feeling weak in the knees. Jackson turned human, and was not standing in front me, naked, whilst holding me close to him. “Don’t touch unless you want to be mine, missy.” I just gawked at the naked and well-built young man before me, that I call my best friend. My shock finally faded as I realized something. All of this was LEGIT. Jackson was standing naked in front of me, after becoming a wolf man. Not only that he was confessing to me. So if the story he told was true… I looked down at me feet as I process all of this finally. A howl from near by caught both our attention. I wonder if that was from his pack he mention, and when I glanced at him, I could see his sad facial expression. I turned to face him and tilt my head to the side. “Words Jackson. I can read your emotions yes, but not your mind.” I crossed my arms, as he looked up at me with sadden eyes. “Wolves call their soulmates just simply mate, and my pack just heard me say that I found you.” Jackson rubbed the back of his head and looked away as he explain the situation. “They just reported it to the Alpha, and my father is going to make me force you into being mine in front of the pack. That’s something I’m not comfort doing since you’re someone dear to me.” He looked back at me, as I just blinked at him. “Force me? How?” Jackson moved to at least put his boxers back on, before coming to stand closer. “Unless you agree to be my girlfriend right now and allow me to leave my wolf mark on you. Which is more painless” Jackson looked around before speaking, again. “Alpha, aka Dad, will come here with the rest of the pack, and use his Alpha word to make me force my self on you. Since I haven’t taken power, that will work on me, and I don’t want to force you into having sex with me to distract you from my mark.” My jaw dropped from what he just said. I wasn’t a virgin, since well I accidently already head my first time with Jackson on a heavily drunk night. Yet, they would go to that extreme. “So what really happens if I say yes?” A spark seem to have appear before he smile as bright as the moon light. “If you say yes, I will how say in how we go about the marking.” He brushed my hair off my shoulder, exposing the nape of my neck that he was eyeing. “I will slowly leave my mark on you until my fangs each the bonding pressure point, right about here.” His fingers traced up the nape of my neck, before resting behind my head. Our eyes were lock and I swear I could see the passion and love he had in them. “Then when you were ready at a later date, we can complete the bond at our own pace and alone.” My body moved on its own, as my arms wrapped around his neck. “Jackson? When did you really know I was your ‘mate'. ” I did quotation finger gesture behind his head when a spoke. I hick though, when his warm and soft hands rested on my hips. “Since the day I met you at that house party. Its why I was secretly fighting off guys, and resulted in our hot and heavy first night.” Jackson winked at me before pressing our foreheads together. “I’m really glad you’re not freaking out over this.” He had closed his eyes as a soft smile remain on his relaxed expression. “It makes more sense this way.” Jackson’s eyes shot open and raised an eyebrow. I just giggled at his reaction and ran my fingers through is hair. “You love it when I play with your hair. You eyes always seem to change color and now I know its not me losing it or being exhausted. Plus you’re always over heating body wise.” It was Jackson’s turn to laugh before he peck my nose. “Okay all of that did give it away it seems but playing with someone’s hair shouldn’t count. You love it when I return the favor too.” I couldn’t deny that because I really did love when he play with my hair. Heck he even volunteer to brush and braid it once. I place my hands on his face and pulled him into a soft kiss. He growl, shaking his entire being, when I kissed him. His grip on my hips tighten and pushed me away. Jackson shook his head before leaving it to hang. Howling from a far was closing in, making him sigh heavily. “Jackson, I don’t want to lose you, that’s why I didn’t tell you, my feelings for you are mutual.” I grabbed his forearms and moved in closer, as his eyes got bigger. “Please, mark me. I can’t see my world without you. I don’t want to lose you ever.” It felt like I release Jackson’s collar, before his eyes instantly became right amber, and he smoothly knocked me down onto the ground. Making sure my head didn’t hit the ground at all as he tower me. “I will give you only one last chance to back out…” I cut him off by crushing my lips on his own. He growl again, making his body tremble, but this time he didn’t hold back. Jackson finally return the kiss, slipping his tongue into my mouth to deepen the kiss and start a tongue war. My fingers interlaced themselves in Jackson’s hair, as his hands explored all my curves and edges. I gasped through when one hand found its way under my bra, and the other in my panties. A whimper escape my lips when his fingers started to play with my sensitive nubs. He broke the kiss to have his lips travel towards my neck, leaving me in a mental cloud of ecstasy. I ended up holding my breath for a moment when I felt something sharp gliding along my skin on my shoulder. I just took a deep breath to relax once I felt his tongue glide around my shoulder. When I was able to look down at us, I had no idea he already practically stripped me from my clothes. The fog of pleasure was still in charge, but it was a bit sober to see I was in only my underwear. My shorts around my ankles and my shirt over my breast. I used my other hand to press my fingers into his back, earning a growl-like groan from him. Feel the animalic vibrates from him against my body just made me want him even more. I moved my hips against him and was greeted by his rock-hard member, that broke free from his boxers. My anxiety triggered from the thought of us making love out in the open, and I swear he felt it too. Cause he stop kissing my body, pulled back, and petted my head softly. “Shhh, this is why I have you still somewhat cloth. To give you some kind of comfort.” I started to calm down, as he glided two fingers along my womanhood. “I was gentle last time, right? I’ll be gentle this time too.” I couldn’t help but smile, before he kissed me again to distract me from him and I becoming one once again, but more sober. I closed my eyes and enjoy the sensation of him deep inside of me. It felt so damn right that I didn’t care if it was wrong. Something sharp glided along my shoulder once again, but for some reason, I didn’t feel panic from the idea of pain. Jackson really was doing his best to be gentle with me. I just play with his hair, as he started to move his hip, sending small waves of pleasure through my body, before he pierced my skin with his teeth. His hand moved fast and covered my mouth, as the wave of burning pain instantly replaced the pleasure. I scream into his hand in agony, confused as to why my entire body was on fire. Once his tongue rolled over where he sank his teeth, turning the pain into pleasure in a matter of seconds. My body was on fire for a whole different reason now. We looked into each other’s eyes before Jackson pecked my lips and started to move in and out a bit harder. It was as if he could read what my body wanted. He even found my soft spot, and kept working it, until my back was arch, and my screams were moans of pure pleasure. Jackson never stop kissing me all over, even after we hit both our climaxes. He held me close in his arms as he kissed me all over my face. “I’m sorry.” He whisper softly before pulling out and covering me in more kisses. Once he was done, he pulled back to look at my shoulder. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted to please you, and make you mine completely.” I looked over at my shoulder and saw my faint marks that looked like teeth. “It’s how an Alpha’s mark their mate. It’s like a wolf marriage.” I blinked at him a for a bit before I realized he said marriage. “Wait… So we’re married now?” Jackson nodded and kissed my head, before helping me fix my bra and shirt. “In a way, yes. To my pack, we are married, but to the world, we’re just boyfriend and girlfriend.” He smiled softly making me melt underneath him. When I looked into his eyes this time, the amber was gone and was replaced with a rich red. “My sweet Alpha.” I brushed my fingers along his cheek and peck his nose. “I am proud to be your wolfy wife.” We both chuckle at my comment before we got fully dressed. I froze when I noticed we were surrounded by massive wolves. They all howl to the full moon, then seem to bow towards us. “Y/N noona, meet my pack.” He wrapped his arms around me from behind, to give me a back hug. “Everyone I will bring her by after we are done camping without friends. For now, thank you for the welcome.” They all nodded before heading back towards the deep woods. I looked up at him and peck his cheek. “Can we go back to the others now?” Jackson nodded his head before we took each other’s hands and went back to the campground to get some sleep. 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Clipping path service
1. What is clipping path? Clipping path is a service where we take your images and make them look professional. We do this by removing unwanted objects and people from your image. Clipping paths are often used in graphic design, web design, photography, and illustration. lipping Path, Background Removal, and Other Techniques to Make Your Pictures Unique In the digital age, photographers have more tools than ever before to create unique and interesting images. Whether you’re shooting with a DSLR or your smartphone, there are plenty of different photography techniques that can help you stand out among so much visual noise. Any picture can be made more interesting by adding an unexpected twist—like a double exposure, split-frame image, or perhaps even some clipping path and background removal. These techniques will take your photo game to the next level and give your photos a new look that others won’t have access to. Read on for everything you need to know about these techniques and how to use them in your own photography workflow. Clipping path is the process of removing unwanted background or objects from an image. It is commonly used in photos and videos to remove unwanted people, cars, and other objects from the background. Other uses include cleaning up mountains in satellite images, removing vegetation from maps, and remapping relief lines on topographic maps. It’s also commonly used in geology to remove rock debris and debris caused by earthquakes. Clipping path is one of the most common services that a photo editing service like PhotoCrop can provide. Photos are generally cropped using a clipping path service to remove any unwanted objects from the image. Clipping path removes anything that may be seen in the background that could interfere with the subject of the photo or its clarity. Clipping path services are also used to make sure that there are no holes in your images that you need to crop out. Holes such as trees growing through buildings, cracks in the sidewalk or road, or even excessive white space around your subject can cause problems when it comes time to publish your photographs online. Masking allows you to distort or hide parts of an image. You can use it for a variety of purposes, but it’s most commonly used as a security feature. For example, you could mask someone’s face on a photo or video to protect against unauthorized identification. Or you could use masking to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers. Some services, like Mask-Me, allow you to upload an image and then automatically apply a series of effects, including blur and distortion. Other services allow you to manually apply masks by drawing them yourself. Masking can be tricky to get right, so be sure to take your time and pay attention to the results. And if you do make a mistake, don’t panic — just start over. Clipping path is the process of removing unwanted background or objects from an image. It is commonly used in photos and videos to remove unwanted people, cars, and other objects from the background. Other uses include cleaning up mountains in satellite images, removing vegetation from maps, and remapping relief lines on topographic maps. It’s also commonly used in geology to remove rock debris and debris caused by earthquakes. Background removal is also known as “background cleaning” or “background clean-up.” Clipping path is one of the most common services that a photo editing service like PhotoCrop can provide. Photos are generally cropped using a clipping path service to remove any unwanted objects from the image. Clipping path removes anything that may be seen in the background that could interfere with the subject of the photo or its clarity. Clipping path services are also used to make sure that there are no holes in your images that you need to crop out. Holes such as trees growing through buildings, cracks in the sidewalk or road, or even excessive white space around your subject can cause problems when it comes time to publish your photographs online. ExpertClipping Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/us.clippingpathservice Website: https://www.clippingpathservice.us/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/imagerepair Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/?show_error=true Instragram : https://www.instagram.com/clippingpathservice.us/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn4k9fkIsJzI6bxkcCMUn8Q Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/clippingpathserviceus/ Office address: 147/7, Meradia Moddho Para, Khilgaon, Dhaka- 1219 Bangladesh. Mobile: +880 1765436390 Email:info@clippingpathservice.us Website: https://www.clippingpath.eu/