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[SBS E! Entertainment News l sonjaeeun News] 'heirs' to the river forehead kiss the sky showed imjueun. located in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, the last four days on the set progressed outdoor SBS Drama Special "crown who want to write, to withstand the weight of La-heir s' (a play gimeunsuk, directing the river sinhyo, heirs or less) taken from the pink romance directed imjueun river sky was standing in front of the house the day before shooting minutes Hyun Ju (imjueun minutes) towards the yihyosin (Sky River) came two seongkeum is a kiss on the forehead look. Yihyosin tough and delicate handing romantic kiss, the whole county in a startled look came over the stiffened sweet spicy love line between student and tutor to trigger notice was taken at the time of the sky and the river imjueun conditioned the romance of the love line To prepare for the scene consistent with sincere pre-rehearsal was in progress. Imjueun is actually two years older than the sky and the river, with a student tutor and talk about character and emotion, and that sold out in practice for the real thing smoke. Been undertaken rehearsal each character completely from ice flow to form pink 'heirs' of the composition marked the beginning of another love. heaven and imjueun particularly strong at the start of the recording heart beats fast just by watching a romantic atmosphere did complete. The soft river sky sad heart explosion of emotion that digest the forehead kiss scene, and is imjueun tried grabbing the breasts look surprised by the feeling of a kiss scene maximized. Student identity, especially because the feelings that temperance river then exploded in the sky at once affectionate and absorbing the scene was offensive. imjueun the "harder than anyone to live deep in the chest with the appearance of Hyun Ju arrives. Endure the aching heart, and do not properly represent the current price, even chest pain. Hyun Ju won and continue to expand in the future, please stay tuned hyosin also want the triangle romance, "he said testimony. Publisher Tues aendam Pictures said that "the sky and the river imjueun digest the character acting and effort that is unmatched. Naturally dissolve in charge naemyeo passion pouring station appearance great, "said" to accelerate 'heirs' of the hanchuk also dont expect the romance to lead, "he said. river sky kisses the forehead imjueun played by God 'heirs' 10 minutes will be broadcast seven days a week. Photo: Tues aendam Pictures sonjaeeun reporter credit to :
I am not remember the name of this guy but I like him so much. he is talented but he deserve more him and Kim tan elder brother
Then what oppa Jin hyuk??!! shirooooooooo...OPPAAAAAAAAA!!!! ;(
I like this couple, won don't deserve her, he's such a asshole..but his mom , poor him is a monster. .