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Guess Who Are On Their Way To The U.S ? 😻
(Info on where to watch the BBMAs)

Yep !! You guessed it!!! It's our boys !!! ♡ They are on their way to attend this years BBMAs ! Even though they aren't performing im beyond excited ! Everyone has done an amazing job voting for our boys ! I know they must be SO proud of us!! ♡


*The BBMAs is Sunday May 21st at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m *

You can find all the info on how to watch the BBMAs HERE !!

How to watch the redcarpet live stream:

You can find all the info on how to watch the red carpet livestream HERE !

And that brings me to the end of this card! I just wanted to share this information for those who may not have known.♡ Oh and our boys are gonna slay the red carpet !!! ♡


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Bangtan's Army Mod Taglist:

Official Army Taglist:

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I'll be there!!
6 months ago·Reply
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I'm trying too at least. But I'm not missing out~ lol
6 months ago
I really want to see them at the red carpet!!!!
6 months ago·Reply
Same!!! Im so excited !!!!
6 months ago
can i just say that Joonie's hair, along with the rest of him, is doing things to my nether regions? Yowsa!! Love my bias!!
6 months ago·Reply
Is the red carpet gonna be televised or only live streamed
6 months ago·Reply
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6 months ago
I proud of them. They worked so hard and they deserve it.❤ The picture the put for BTS,omg.Its whatever as long they are being recognized.😄
6 months ago·Reply