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Namjoon laid his head on my lap as I cleaned his healing wound on his head. He made hissing noises as I applied the antiseptic. I laughed and spoke to him like he was a baby.

"Oh little Namjoon does it hurt to get your little boo boo cleaned?" I said.

"Ah is that how you will tease our children?" He said.

Shocked by the words our children I patted his wound roughly. He hissed and grabbed my hand.

"That's what happen when you dick around." I said while snatching my hand back.

"Speaking of dick you won't get any if you keep bullying me Jessamine." He narrowed his eyes.

"Imm not worry about that you love this tight pu.."

He kissed me before allowing me to finish my sentence. I grabbed him and made him place his head on my lap so I could finish tending his wound.

"You never told me how you got this Namjoon."

"Well that night when Yoongi called me there was some issues going on on 5th Ave. One of our people who owed his money wouldn't pay up. They were giving Yoongi and Jimin some issues. Long story short a fight broke out and they needed back up. The rest of the crew was 3 cities away handling business so I had to step in." Namjoon sat up and ran his finger over the fresh bandage.

"Namjoon please be mpre careful baby."

"You think this is bad? You should see the fucker who tired to get away with that shit. Let's just say the family is planning a funeral."

"Namjoon you killed them?"

Namjoon gave me this weird look and grinned. "Yeah him and his men were begging for forgiveness. But the last sound I heard was 7 shots to the back of 7 men's head." Namjoon formed a gun with his fingers. "Bang Bang Bang."

I know in this cold world killing has to be done to get work done, to send a message, and or to demand respect. But the look on Namjoon's face was wild yet it turned me on.

I kissed his lips and licked his ear. "Papi would you murder my pussy?"

His eyes got wide and he slammed me on my back while rippinh my leggings. "Murdering session beginning."

After being slained by Namjoon I walked into the kitchen with my robe on. Namjoon was knocked the fuck out. I did a little dance in the kitchen and dived into some peanut butter cookie icecream as a celebration. Yes Namjoon slayed me but I too claimed that dragon.

I look up and see Jungkook and Hobi walking out Kardi's bedroom. Hobi in a robe and Jungkook in his boxers. I hid by the island near the dinning table.

"Shit that Kardi is something else. I wounder if Jessamine is as good as her." Hobi said while rubbing his six pack.

"Yeah Kardi will be a keeper. I seen Jessamine going to town on Namjoon today so Imma say it runs in the family."

What the fuck is going on here? I stuff my face as sat still as Kardi ran down with her robe on and open.

"So yeah round 3?" Kardi said while pulling Hobi towards her and standing in front of Jungkook.

"Yeah bend over and shake that ass." Jungkook said while pulling up her robe and smacking her butt.

She pulled opened up Hobi's robe and began deep throating him. Jungkook pulled down his boxers and began nailing her. I keep stuffing my face. I couldn't believe Jungkook and Hobi were freaks like this. I woukd expect this from Jimin and Yoongi and probably Namjoon.

Suddenly Namjoon walked in the dinning room. "Baby what the hell?"

I choked on my icecream and my deep skin was flushed a deep red.
"Jessamine!" He screamed.

"Oh shit Jungkook said while withdrawing from Kardi.

Hobi closed up his robe. Everyone face was red.

"You were watching the whole time Jessamine? You sick..."

"Kardi boo don't sick me! You out here fucking both baby Jungkook and Hobi. Raw! You nasty freak!"

"It ain't my first time." Kardi said while grinning.

"At least use a condom." Namjoon said while flinging one at Hobi.

"Jessamine um...I'm sorry?" Jungkook said.

"Jungkook is that an apology? Nevermind I mean I knew you were a freak low key. You thought I didn't see you wacking off when I was sucking the life out of Namjoon." I stood up a grinned.

"Well excuse us." Namjoon said.


I'm nervous as fuck. I habe to attend this meeting for the Yong gang. This is a women's empowerment meeting. I really don't have anything to say, but Namjoon begged me to go.

We are meeting at the leader's house and his wife is running thr meeting. She is a very nice woman. She is like the grandmother I never had and always wanted.

As the meeting ran along some of the women were interested in learning more about me. I was super nervous and tired to keep my answers short. Then this bitch who was about my age named Sunny had to get slick.

"So do you plan on having a business one day. I mean you can't be a stripper for your whole life!" She smirked.

"Well I do plan on opening my own salon and spa one day." I smiled and nodded.

"A real spa for a happy ending spa. I know your friends would be used to something like that since all are strippers and prostitutes. Isn't your sister the ring leader?" Sunny blurted.

"It will be an all natural spa. As for my sister maybe you can ask your father about her status since he is a long time satisfied client of Kardi." I smirked and sipped my tea.

She rolled her eyes. "Well don't think you will be here long. You don't even have a real family. As the Lady Yong you must have a family. Everyone is acting all like you are the one we need but I cant wait to see you fall."

"Sunny that is enough and you should be ashamed!" Lady Yong said.

"Yes Sunny your later mother would be upset with howbyou ate conducting yourself." A elder lady added.

"However, she does make a valid point. Jessamine would need to belong to a family and that is why my husband and I will adopt her....with her and Namjoon's approval." She smiled.

I had to hold back my tears. I was happy. "I accept but I will speak to him about it over dinner tonight. Thank you so much."

I walked to my car and found 2 dozen roses in it and a pair of earrings. It was from my papi. He left a note

Thank you for going baby. I love you.

I began crying. This was too much and my life was slowly turning into my dreams. I spent all my life fighting and never heard I love you from anyone. I was looking forward to hearing from Namjoon tonight.

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*Singing*There's some hoes in this hoes in this house, if you see 'em, point em out!! *Points at J-Hope and Jungkook
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@FromBlue2U @BabydollBre πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm hollering!!!!
what the hell is with these gifs got me church fainting at work because of Nam Nam. why are you tying to kill me?
Heffa, you think you slick huh? and yes I spelled heifer incorrectly, for effect. lmao
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@FromBlue2U thanks
Good style