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Hello Bouncers! It's Melissa with JJP Free Friday! For this week, I'm sharing some fan art of JJP. I'll sharing some I've found and some I made with an phone app. I am not that talented. Let's get started...
First the ones I've found. They are pretty cute like JJP. Credited to the talented artists.

Now for the ones I've made with the phone app. They came out pretty good, if I say so. What you think of them?

Well that's all this week's JJP Free Friday! I hope you all enjoyed it. Do you have a favorite JJP Fan Art?

Side note: Please Remember the deadline to the Spring Event is approaching, May 21st. You still have time to enter the multi-communities Spring themed event! You can enter a fan fiction with no smut, fan art or a poem. We can't wait to see your JJP entry ; )

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I wish I could draw like this.