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馃槀 Kpop Memes 馃槀: Part 152
I dont find this app fun anymore, I might stop posting here, so if I end up not posting as much its because I deleted this app. I'll make a post if I do end up deleting this app though so it wont be so sudden to those of you that actually wait for me to post. :)
aww man you're going to stop posting that sucks I always look forward to your cards...oh well 馃槩馃槩
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Yeah, I've also thought about deleting this app. Your posts are pretty much the only reason that I haven't. I just don't relate to all these posts by kids, and *every single new quarter*, I have mod support pinging me for groups I didn't ask to follow cuz they use all the lists for all their groups on every post they make. The alerts get overwhelming and I just really can't.
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@Roxy1903 i tend to ignore those cards but ive been thinking about leaving vingle because of the ongoing posts of mainstream anime
6 months ago
the fact that Tao's sticker says Marijuana
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your posts are one of the few reasons I haven't deleted this app
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Nice to know haha
6 months ago
What happened with the little kids? ;;
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@Juliag13 why were they receiving death threats?And, @SimplyAwkward No, it's definitely not okay! ><
6 months ago
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