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find the rest of the story here "Oh Y/N you're here today!" You nodded at Namjoon as you sat down on the chair, "So where is Yoongi anyways?" He then pointed to a tv. You squinted your eyes to find a small figure situated in the recording room next door. "You're right on time actually he's about to go and record his part in the song. You smiled as you looked around bowing at the boys who made their way into he studio and straight to the food you brought. "Hey don't forget to leave some for Yoongi!" The boys nodded laughing while stuffing their cheeks like a bunch of kids with your homemade kimbap. Shaking your head you turned to the small screen once again. "What a visual." You smiled unknowingly as you looked away from the screen and onto Namjoon. "What is?" You then took your index finger and flailed it around aimlessly. "All of this." You then looked at the rest of the boys,"I remember when these three all recorded their music in our apartment. Now they have all these fancy equipment." Namjoon laughed a little as he pushed a button,"Yoongi you ready?" You looked at the screen as he gave a thumbs up with a cute combination of a nod and a smile. "Cute." You whispered as you took a seat next to Hoseok. "So I heard from ARMYs that you and Yoongi have a relationship going on. Sorry but I won't back down." Hoseok burst out laughing, "Why're so cute! Yoongi and I aren't actually dating." You laughed,"Of course I know that. Just making sure." After a long while Yoongi had finally finished all his parts. "Hey Hoseok why're you so loud when I was recording. I already told you not to be lou--" He froze in his spot as he finally realized that you were sitting with the boys as they stuffed their cheeks with food,"Hey babe you should eat before the boys finish it all." He then gave you the softest gummy smile you had ever seen as he walked up to you. Holding out his hand as he helped you up from your seat pulling you into a hug as he kisses your forehead. "Why didn't you call before coming here?" You looked down,"Because you surprised me at work it's my turn now." He laughed as he gave you a light peck on the lips. "Alright Hoseok it's your turn so we can finish with rapline and get vocal line going." Hoseok nodded as he went into the recording room and Yoongi sat down on the chair next to Namjoon's. You quietly took your spot next to Jimin,"Okay Hoseok ready when you are." Hoseok then started rapping but was suddenly interrupted by Yoongi,"Let's try that verse again but a little more brighter." Hoseok nodded as he started to rap again. Your eyes were glued to Yoongi. Watching his every move. From the way he scrunches his nose when not satisfied or the way he nods with a small smirk when he is satisfied. It had reminded you of the days when they did music at your living room. But instead of standing in th kitchen you were now sitting at a recording studio. You then stood up and placed your chin on Yoongi's head as you placed your arms around his neck. Without looking up he held your hands while pressing the button with the other. "Okay Hoseok that was good." ------------- You woke up to Yoongi shaking you,"Y/N...wake up. Recording is done." You hazily stood up as you rubbed your eyes blinded by the studio light. "Oh sorry I fell asleep." He smiled as he placed his hands on your face as he used his thumb to rub your cheeks. "It's fine baby girl but it's kind of late. Why don't I drive you home?" You smiled and nodded,"Alright sounds like a plan." When you had finally arrived home before getting off Yoongi grabbed your hand. You stopped as you turned to him and smiled,"What?" He shook his head"Nothing just I've always imagined dropping you off after a long day at the studio." You laughed,"Shut up no you didn't." "I did. I imagined you bringing food and playing with the boys. And this," He smiled as he placed a gentle kiss on you knuckles."I was thinking. Let's tell the ARMYs already." You smiled rolling your eyes,"I think after what you pulled they already know. But okay we'll make an official statement." He smiled as he finally let you go. Before walking into your empty apartment you hear him scream from his car,"Tomorrow Y/N! Come to the music show after work!" You smiled nodding as you waved him goodbye,"Be careful okay." When you had walked into your apartment you had suddenly got a call,"Hello?" "Hey Y/N! Help me! It's Nana! She said she's in pain but the baby isn't due for another 5 weeks! I-I..."You immediately put your shoes on,"You guys have your hospital bag ready right?" You can hear Jongdae's shuffling through the phone as he abruptly stops,"Yes I found it." "Okay go take her to the hospital and for the love of god calm down okay? This could just be fake contractions." You heard him sharply inhale and exhale. "Okay good. I'll meet you there." "Okay I'll send you the address bye." Before leaving your apartment you grabbed a bag and dialed Yoongi's number on your phone. With your phone in your ear waiting for Yoongi to answer you put some stuff that couple had most likely forgotten to put in their bag. "Hey Yoongi can you by any chance come back and drive me to the hospital." "No No. I'm fine it's just. I'll explain to you in the car." You then took one last look just incase you had forgotten something. After double checking you heard a honking coming from outside. You ran to his car as you threw the bag in the back seat as you put your seat belt on. "Okay take me to Seoul Hospital." "Okay but mind explaining? What's the bag for?" You looked at him with a bright smile spreading across your face," I think Nana is ready to give birth tonight." He looked at you then back at the road then back at you,"Seriously?!" You nodded excitedly,"Yes! Min Yoongi I'm going to be an aunt!" ------------ "Jongdae! Hey! How is she?" You watched a panicked Jongdae make his way to you. "They had to do an emergency cesarian. She's in the OR right now." You nodded as you motioned for Jongdae and Yoongi to take a seat. "Okay relax Jongdae she'll be fine." "Where is she?" You turned around to find Irene,"Yeol is here but he's looking for a parking space," She then bowed to you and Yoongi. You both bowed back,"Nana called us." You felt a stinging in your chest. This was the biggest moment in your lives and the first person she had called and thought of had not been you. "Wow Nana had been telling me how much she thinks the baby is in a hurry who knew this much in a hurry." Irene laughed Jongdae laughing along the tense atmosphere suddenly disappearing into thin air. You never knew how close Nana had gotten with Irene until today. Yoongi must've noticed the sudden change in your attitude as he squeezed your hands," You okay?" You nodded,"I'm fine. You can go home and rest. You had a long day." He shook his head,"I want to be here when you turn into an aunt."He said while laughing,"Shut up." "Hey Y/N I've always wanted to talk to you." You looked up at Irene,"Uh okay. We can talk right now if you want." She nodded as you got up from you seat. You looked back at Yoongi nervous of the talk to come. He looked at you with a reassuring smile as he motioned for you to continue.
A/N: Hello guys i've been thinking that after I post the last of ONCE i will be deleting my Vingle. I'll be sure to put a link for my WATTPAD but please keep in mind this is NOT a final decison. I just feel like I meglect my readers here too much 😔😔😔
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Some people don't post in months take your time. We still love your work. And there's so much more we do on vingle to wait.
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Please do. I know a lot of Vinglers who are in the same mess you are but we do support you all the way.
Don't delete your Vingle! You're the most active author I follow. Your genius will just get lost on wattpad. DONT LEAVE! 🙀🙀😿
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oh thank you ill definitely keep this in mind when i make my decision!