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Production of Heirs continues to release stills that have already been spoiled by the previews! However, episode 10′s back hug between Kim Tan and Eun Sang is surely an anticipated event, as bursts of intimacy like this one are a welcomed temporary rest from their struggles. As we’ve seen on the preview, Eun Sang goes up to Tan’s room, where they have another emotional conversation, and as she turns to leave, he pulls her towards him in a back hug. If this were on American cable, this could translate into something more ;) While the gesture is moving, Eun Sang clearly battles with herself, but will this finally be the moment that she accepts Tan’s heart? Filmed on October 30th, the hot embrace is said to last a minute and was repeated during rehearsals, with the leads and director sharing their opinions. All these were done to show accurately the rush of emotions running deep between the characters. In total, shooting the scene was conducted for over three hours! Ahhh … to be Park Shin Hye!
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chee...if every 'closeness' scene seems to take at least over 3 hours; what with the rooftop scene, how abot the hiding in the closet? Guess by end of the hour/day, both stars be truly 'feel so close' never before as like 'never enter my room' or 'making me crazy cos' to want to hug u' or ' u die in my hand' or so....sigh...that what in 'Hollywood' do...