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I would like to apologize for my long absense. School has been really tough and I havent had any time to really do much here on Vingle, please forgive me (T_T)

Anyway, for today I have come up with what I think meeting Minsu would be like~

I think we would encounter at a coffee shop. Coffee shops would be the place to really just chill while having something to drink. Now you walk into the coffee shop and pay just as Minsu orders his drink. After realizing its him, you quickly pay for his drink to. He looks at you strangely, wondering as to why you did so. You then tell him that you are a fan of Boys Republic and that as a thank you for working hard and being such a dedicated idol to his fans and career, you paid for his drink.

If things go pretty well (meaning he has time to chat a little), he would then chat with you for a little thanking you for being a fan and supporting Boys Republic. He would then bid you goodbye as he has work to go to saying a last thank you for buying him his drink and being a fan~

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed~~

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