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Episode 10 of Heirs dials up the love line between Hyo Shin and his tutor Hyun Joo. When they meet up at night, Hyo Shin cups Hyun Joo’s face and lays a delicate kiss on her forehead. This startles Hyun Joo, her body tensing up and her eyes opening wide. Feeling ignored by her boyfriend Kim Won, will Hyo Shin’s romantic attention touch her or will she rebuke him? Will she start having feelings for her student? Will it really take a love triangle for Kim Won to begin noticing the problems in his relationship? Why can’t Hyun Joo just communicate her feelings to Won?
hehehe this is cute... but a student - tutor relationship is a little... icky... for me lol
really touch it, this scene. can I found someone like him, pure & real feelings. .
my manly oppa Saranghae ♥♥♥:-) i love himmm he is sooo manly
park shin hye**
It's crazy to see her because she has some facial features of park hye shin.. I thought It was her in another love triangle! :o