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BTS "No More Dreams" Concept

안녕하세요 친구

Yas! Welcome my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.


It's your BTS mod supporter here 이솔다 bringing you some strange pictures of our Hobi, boys and BTS official debut MV for No More Dreams. [lol]

So many or few were actually not into BTS because they were initially going to be a hip hop group (hence No More Dream, N.O. & We Are Bulletproof Pt.2) all from the beginning of times. But even then their unity, work ethics, lyrics, choreography, vocals/rap, and production was well put.

**P.S. may be a lengthy card...fair warning**
**credit to respectful social media owners**


The OG mv I saw
The 2nd OG mv I saw
And you can watch for yourself.


side note: some may miss Hobi but he's in there just crouching and V's arm bracelets are nice!!

Jin Oppa
Suga oppa
Hobi Oppa

RM Oppa
Jimin Oppa
Taehyung Oppa
Jungkook Baby
I truly enjoyed their debut phase!!!

■Now, I'm not much of a theories person HOWEVER I did find it curious and interesting to see a few 'future' song titles within the 1st MV■

Did yall notice this? It's very curious to see it and I appreciate reading theories but I'm not one to come up or expand on the idea. What do you think?

Hobi Clothing "Concept"

-Honestly, to me, it made (Hobi's fashion) made sense simply because they did debut as a hip hop genre group and the style was indeed fitting. I know reading through a few social media pages, that a large number of the fans, they didn't like the mask he wore but I thought he rocked it & looked extremely good with it in the mv.

<Fun Fact: when J-Hope was an underground dancer, he used to wear masks likeso then.>

Let's have a look in Hobi's overall mv appearance featuring the mask:

○Some point dances○


If you can, take a time and reflect on their lyrics. A few of those phrases still out to do any call your attention?

○Let's check out some live videos○

Yasss 100 veces!!!

●Hobi Focus Cam●

How does he look soo bad yet so good??!! Teach me these ways oppa!!

□The Making of MV□

●Honestly to end this card...let's go with the No More Dreams sexy dance break●

Yas this exact moment!! featuring a few of the members being dangerous.


*Extra!!: these cute little boys doing a cover to 'No More Dreams'*

-->How adorable<--

♤Le Japanese Version♤

The looked great!! My heart!!

Welp that's all I had for you lovelies. And give "No More Dreams" a chance!
And this was the start of a complicated relationship with Bangtan Soyeondan!

I'm sure I drifted from my original card plan lol.

Still hope you enjoyed!

안녕!! See you lovely Hobi lovers next Friday and on special occasions!!

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