Keep Refreshing to read update of the LIVE recap ===== We are back at the rooftop. KT kisses ES. ES drops her phone as kiss proceeds. YD keeps on calling ES. KT and ES are still kissing. KT slowly pulls himself away. ES walks away, leaving the phone on the ground. KT picks up the phone. “Where are you” YD: “Why are you picking up this phone”? “You are at rooftop right, what were you two doing there?” KT “ You stay where you are” ES tries to walk from YD, YD tries to hold her hand, but she just walks on. Myungsoo appears, talks to YD about why she is harassing Es. YD: “I’m just curious, I wonder how Tan would react if I knock her down” MS: “If you are interested in her, then ask her out, don’t annoy some new girl at school.” ES is washing her clothes in the bathroom. Bona appears and gives her replacement clothing, saying it was from CY. KT and YD runs into each other at school entrance. The two gets into a fight. ( <33333 they look HAWT) Rachel goes to the restoom, grabs onto ES' hair, saying that because of her, the whole is in chaos. The students restrain YD and KT. KT's stepmother scolds them "its you two again, follow." KT's step mother scolds the two, inquiring that responsibility will be placed on the one that starts the fight through CCTV. KT and YD walks through the hallway after coming out of the principal's office, basically warning each other. MS looks at the childhood photo of KT and YD at gym, remarks why they get in fight now, talking about it with Bona and another fellow student. CY tells ES that he's more worried about KT liking ES than kids finding out that ES is a poor student because there are so many opportunists that just wants to see the heir of Empire group fall. KT and ES meet infront of their house. KT tries to talk with ES, starting off by giving her a hankerchief, tells her that he got in deep trouble with principal, and that he's been waiting for her. KW suddenly shows up. Telling KT to step out of the way. KT tries to convince KW to return home, saying he has no intentions of taking things from KW. KW states that even without intentions, if the Empire group decides to have KT inherit everything, it's his decision in the end. KT texts ES to avoid going to the wine cellar so that she doesnt run into KW. Too late, KW meets ES. KW "You're not his girlfriend". "You goto Empire School? Live in this house? Nice to meet you" ES then excuses her self. KW goes on to pack few of the wines. KW returns to the hotel, runs into Rachel and offer to have tea with her. Turns out KW's love interest was waiting for him, but was unhappy to see what could easily be seen as KW dating Rachel. KT comes out of the home at wee hours of the morning. Tells the driver to drive him and her to the school next morning. KT waits anxiously for hours, but ES never came out. At class, ES is not in class (where CY, YD, Rachel, and KT are all present). Turns out ES is at city hall, skipping class. After bell rang, KT spurts out of the class. ES mom receive call from the school. But because she is mute, she couldn't respond, but hears the school admin. person remark "what the... why didn't they call when she's absent from school". KT calls CY, asking him where she could have possibly gone. CY instruct KT to goto a local movie theatre that she visits from time to time. KT arrives at the theatre, sees ES watching the movie. KT sat two rows behind ES. Just looks at ES, who is visibly menbong-ing (lol I don't know better way of putting it). Otuside, KT just shadows ES, who looks at the shop selling dream catcher again, reminding her of the first encounter with KT when she first showed him the dreamcatcher. ES suddenly noticed KT behind her. ES "Why are you here?" KT "How was the movie?" ES "Aren't you in trouble witht he school?" KT "Just come, I was worried sick" KT walks with ES, holding on to her hand, but she let go of the hand, the two says they like each other, but ES says their entire school lives are in complete mess. ES "I can't protect you, you should protect yourself" KT walks away Yongdo arrives at ES' old home. Learns she moved out. Hyoshin arrives home, but finds out she has a new tutor. He is basically ignoring her. At cafe, ES is harassed by two guys that ask for her number. YD appears and kicks one of the guy down. YD recognize one guy from middle school. YD: "If you are getting harassed, you should be harassed by me" "Can you at least thank me?" ES: "Why are you harassing me" YD says that he learned that ES is a social assistance class. And because of that, he likes her. (YD CONFESSION!!!). KT watches ES sitting infront of the house through CCTV. ES mother sits next to her, comforting her. ES promises to goto school tomorrow. Next day, KT and ES runs into each other, but they walk past each other. ES mother receives a call from school, basically told that she must attend parent-teacher conference. Rachel comes up to Rachel "I thought you left school, why are low class like you doing here?" ES "That's childish" Rachel "KT and I are engaged. It doesnt mean that we are dating , but it means that it's a business agreement between the two companies to raise our asset value for our companies! Say it's childish one more time" ES "I have nothing to say, but YD already know about what class I am" Rachel "YD knows?" ES walks away. KT's mother shows up to the parent conference, tells everyone shes the mother of ES. KT's mother promises to cover all expenses. KT's step mother appears. The two share awkward exchange. KT and Kt's stepmother argue in the restroom. Basically revealing that KT got in fight with Youngdo. Yesul and her friends interrogate ES in class. Before KT can say anything, YD warns Yesul. Myungsoo comes in, tells everyone that KT's mother offered to pay for all expenses. ES, YD, Rachel, and KT visibly stuned and confused. Rachel meets her mother at work. Mother tells her that she did meet Eunsang's mother at work. MS, Bona, and Yesul basically talk about how embarrased they are for showing that behavior to ES (who everyone assumes to be one of the most powerful corporate descendant). YD and KT are forced to serve detention, doing cleaning duty. YD and KT throws argument, with the two leaving. KT basically scolding his mother for deceiving everyone. Youngdo suddenly appears at KT's home. YD: Hello KT "I came to greet your mother, where is she"? KT's mother walks away, YD: "Maddam, please get me water" KT holds his mother's hand, "Mom, greet my friend: YD: "Oh, I didn't know this person, must be step mother". KT: "Come out, before I murder you" The two step out to the front yard. KT "Sorry, I didn't know you were such an jerk" YD "So do you kneel before me now?" YD notices ES walking nearby, YD: "Oho? You planned this through quite well. She came to hang out? doesn't seem like it. Jackpot." -----------Episode 9 END!!!!--------
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hmmmm dis is what keeps me coming back every ep i love them both love the rivalry btwn them even more and i knw they will be good friends again i just can't wait 4 dat moment :-)♥♥