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안녕하세요 Vingle Fam, It's 스카이(Sky) Here~

This Weeks Theme Is BTS M/V Concepts & I Decided To Go With Blood, Sweat, & Tears~


❤Blood, Sweat, & Tears M/V❤


❤Taehyung's Outfit Spotlight❤

prepare to be slayed... again
I'm gonna count this just because this was the literal era of Taehyung's back, feel blessed (His back is a concept on its own)


I'm not surprised this choreo was amazing​, yet they still managed to snatch my soul with it... They slayed so much <3

I loved the dance so much, I decided to learn it. It's that hard, but I did pretend I was Jungkook for a few seconds & faceplant the floor.

❤M/V Theory❤

Yeah, I'm One Of Those Detective A.R.M.Y... I Love Making Theories, Judge Me

I could write an entire book about the many theories I have about this M/V (all of them tbh) But we'll be here forever.

From what I got, long story short: Seokjin is the boy who meets evil because of Taehyung. In the last part of the M/V, that "kiss" Jin gave the statue(also the way to make a deal with the devil... which in this case is Taehyung). After he does so, the last few minutes of the M/V goes insane after what he has done. Then at the last second, Seokjin looks at himself in the mirror, watching as his sanity slowly crumble. (like a house of cards?)

I'm Not Even Sorry :-D


❤What I Love About The M/V❤

I Loved Everything ❤ (Not trying to sound biased, but I did)

The visuals are out of this world, it's sexy, The lyrics are beautiful (peaches & cream. mp3), I really love the story. This was my first BTS comeback I got to experience, & this made me love these boys even more ❤.(They became my Ultimate Bias group in the process ❤).

I Hope You Enjoyed~❤

Hope I gave y'all trust issues & raising questions about all of their M/Vs, especially this one (don't even get me started on the Japanese version... I already know everything happening in it xD)


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