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Hello Royal Family! It's Suki, with Boys Republic Saturday! So our theme for this week are scenarios on how we met. Let's see what I can come up with for this weeks theme. Shall we begin.
Your friend steals you from work to take you to a concert. You ask her what kind of concert. She said you will love it, it's your favorite band. You shout Boys Republic! You are so excited. The music begins, you hear the song begin, it sounds like Boys Republic, but it does not look like them. After the concert, your friend tells you she has a special surprise, you go back stage and meet the girls you saw earlier and they are Boys Republic.
Now let's see what shall be your meeting this next time.
Your best friend gave you tickets to a fashion show. You walk in and think this is not a normal fashion show. She waves you over to come sit with her. You take you seat. You see them coming on the stage. It seems pretty different, but you stay to watch. As the they closer to you and the music begins, you realize this is not a fashion show. It is Boys Republic giving a mini concert as girls. You are front row and VIP, so thye bring you on stage to dance with them.
Wow that would be pretty interesting. Now for our final meet.
You won a contest! You could not believe you actually won. You wonder what K-Pop group you will get to spend the day with. You are getting nervous as you get close to the venue. You get to the door and they ask for your ticket. You walk in and take a seat. You waiting anxiously to see who it would be. Then you see five handsome guys walk toward you and it is Boys Republic. You are excited that you get to spend the day with them. Your dream has come true.
Well this is all I have today. I hope you enjoyed! Until next time stay Royal!

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Awesome scenarios!
Thank you!