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Ji Hyeon-woo expressed his feelings on Twitter. He posted on the 11th, "Goodness! How worried everyone is. I am well and alive so stop worrying, I'm not going anywhere" clearing away doubts about his disappearance. He continued, "I would do the same thing again if I was given the same situation. Also, there's a saying that nothing good will happen to you by nosing into other people's business so you all should stop doing that and let everyone be happy" expressing that he didn't regret what he did. Previously on the 7th, Ji Hyeon-woo confessed his love for Yoo In-na at the closing event of the tvN drama"Queen In-hyun's Man". Netizens say, "He is so brave", "Maybe he's a little less considerate", "Thank God he didn't disappeared", "Let him be" and more. cr: hancinema
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