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Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung
What: Fluff and Smut
Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it.

Y/n's POV

Some girls are pretty without knowing it, whether it's physical beauty, or inner beauty or both. Then there are girls that are pretty either physically or inside or both and they're well aware of their prettiness but that doesn't change who they are. They're still by all standards human and loveable. Then there are the pretty girls that know they're pretty and to everyone else, they see the beauty that only goes skin deep. There's no inner beauty in those kind of girls, they're they type you smile in their face or bow down at their feet but the moment they turn their back on you, you're making ugly faces and talking bad about them. Honestly, it's never good to be two faced but sometimes people just bring it on themselves. I'd be more inclined to be nicer to these girls if they were nicer to me first. You see the girls walking past me all bunched up with their skirts properly pressed, their hair in long big curls or well trimed and flowing past their face as they walked as if they were on the Korean Vogue magazines were the worst kind of girls. I always called them meteor girls. Why? Well, when you see a meteor fall to earth it's absolutely beautiful in appearance but if it's big enough and you're close enough to it when it lands you get sucked into the complete destruction that it causes. The metero girls were all about complete distruction. I'm talking about destruction of your life, your reputation, you personal property. They were pretty in appearance alright but if I had it in me I'd trip them in the hallway just as they walked past me.

Sadly, I'm just the geeky girl. Byun Y/n, related to the ever so flawless Byun Baekhyun. I often can't believe he's actually my brother and even more everyone at school won't let me forget that they're utterly shocked that we're related. I hide behind thick sweaters and glasses during the winter and school appropriate skirts with longs socks and tennis shoes in the spring and summer. I tried being different when I entered high school. I tried sports, I wasn't very good at it though and then I tried drama club. I liked it for a little but when I was given a small role where I just had two lines in the play I froze up in front of everyone and was laughed off the stage. Most humiliating thing I'd ever put myself through. No, I knew what my calling was, it was the very thing I spent days, weeks, months and years studying. Astrology. I lost my head and heart in the stars and I never expected to get it back nor did I want to. Of course, since I was so heavy into science I hung out with alot of like minded science "nerds" as well. At least I wasn't going through high school completely friendless. Still it kind of sucked being reminded almost all the time that I was this nerdy science girl that was obessed with the sky. Which is a completely inaccutrate statement because I'm not obessed; I'm infatuated and I'm not obessed with sky it's what lies beyond it. The stars, the galaxy, gaseous formations, the infinite worlds. There's more beauty in space than people realize. I've always wanted to be apart of furthering the advancement in science. Studying the stars and discovering new places and ways to travel through space. Moon colonization, except it would probably suck living on the moon because the dust is so sharp up there it would be like breathing in glass. Astronauts actually have to be cleaned off when they come back into their ship just to make sure that they cleaned of the dust because it could kill them. Image having a house on the moon and forgetting to take your space bath, plus everytime you walked outside it would be dark, cold and you'd have to wear a huge suit like you were under quarinte. I wouldn't be able to walk my dog or let my hamster run around in his ball...

Okay, look I've obviously thought alot about the ups and downs of moon colonization, in fact I once did a paper on it that earned me an A plus. I think that's when I started realizing my brother didn't like me alot. I think in his eyes I seemed like an over achiever because our parents were proud of my academics and shamed him for his. He had a beautiful voice and he was looking to be a singer but of course mom and dad didn't see that as a practical job, once again making me the favorite in their eyes. Honestly, it's probably a terrible thing to think this but I was glad that I was their favorite and he wasn't. I mean for once I got favored over Byun Baekhyun. He's a nice guy and he's talented, very cute for a boy but everyone liked him and then there was me...

Lonely old Y/n....

I don't know, I'm just so sick of feeling like the black sheep, the odd person, the unfavored. I like that mom and dad give me attention and praise me because it seems like it's the only time I'm ever liked by anyone. That actually makes me sound sad and I don't know how I feel about that.

I glance up from my book for a second, I've been standing at my locker for a good ten minutes now. School's already over and Baekhyun won't be home anytime soon. I think I missed him when he walked out. I could call him and ask him for the key to the house, I left mine at home when I ran out this morning. I know his answer already though.


He's too busy.

Right, busy chatting up his third girlfriend of the month and partying with friends. My only other option was just to sit and wait for my parents to get home and if I was sitting at the door waiting for them to come home then they'd jump on Baekhyun for not making sure I was home safely and then Baekhyun would jump on me because they jumped on him. A situtation in which the only outcome is me feeling more worthless than I did before. So no, I won't call Baekhyun, not even a little text. Instead, I'm going to the science lab because I can get more studying done there. I start heading for the lab when I see seven of the most beautiful creatures to ever walk the earth. All bunched up, hugging each other, walking down the hall laughing loud and being rowdy. In the center of them was Kim Namjoon, he was an intellectual by every meaning of the word. He was in high honors, he had a bright furture ahead of himself and he had great insight especially in literature but he was a bit destructive. For someone so handsome and so chraismatic, he was just very clumsy. On his left was Min Yoongi, he had his hyper moments but he was the quietest of the group. I often saw him sleeping in class and then he'd wake up moments later silently cursing because one of the guys nudged him. He'd sit there back tracking and rewriting notes, I was amazed that he was even passing the class, they must let him copy. He was kind of moody sometimes but I would catch him making faces at the guys and I'd giggle lowly to myself because he looked cute doing it. Next down the line hugging Yoongi was Park Jimin, he was such a sweetheart, he was the type to talk to any and everyone no matter the reputation or status. He didn't hold converstations with me but he held the door open once for me and when I thanked him his gave me this huge eye smile and said,

"Your Welcome."

I didn't know that hearts skipping a beat was an actual thing but when I saw that I found out it was. Him and Yoongi are close I think, they hang out alot and when he's not with Yoongi he's with Jungkook. Jungkook was the yongest of the group and he was on the end of the other side of Namjoon. Jungkook was shy but very nice, he was in line in front of me at the library once when he saw a manga I had picked up, it was a Gundam series manga and he asked to look at it while we were waiting to check out the books. I only checked it out for my friend Minseok, he was in the science club as well and he loved manga. He was also just, the most beautiful sunbae I'd ever had the pleasure of working next to. Anyway, I think that was pretty much the only time me and Jungkook ever spoke. On Namjoon's right was Jung Hoseok, I've heard girls call him Prince Hoseok, Prince Hobi and most often times Sunshine. All of those nicknames fit Hoseok, he loved to dance and he was very good at it. He was so bright and was always laughing and he was currently the loudest one of the group laughing his heart out. He was very handsome but I really loved his dimples. Every time Hoseok ate his dimples popped out and I thought Namjoon's dimples were to die for. Imagine being excited to watch a guy eat because you wanted to see his dimples. I've never been so excited for such a thing in my life. I've never actually talked to Hoseok but I've observed him often. Next to Jungkook, with his arm slung around Jungkook's neck was Kim Taehyung. He has this box smile I find so unique but it often reminds me of my brother's smile. They both have a rectangle smile which I think adds to their charm and why girls are so allured by them. I've found myself staring at his smile a few times too. Hey, come on I'm human to you know. I like a good smile and plus he's really cute I'm allowed to be a science nerd and like guys. Taehyung was kind of a trouble maker though, he slacked off and he skipped classes sometimes to go smoke off campus. He was a wild child but he was true to his friends. He had his good points and his bad ones but it wasn't like I was going to date him so I never really had to evaluate those points in depth to see if it was worth it. Last but not least, kind of shadowing the group of boys was Kim Seokjin other wise known as Jin. He was probably the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on. I swear this man could have a bad hair day and still look absolutely dropped beautiful. He could come into school tomorrow wearing pin stripe pants a plaid shirt with a polka dot tie in multi colors and still be the most beautiful person in school... or the world.

I know I'm talking up Jin like he's the most amazing thing in the world but honestly he's a gift to this Earth. If we're ever visited by aliens they would worship Jin as a god because he was just so amazingly beautiful. Angel's are jealous of his good looks...

Okay, okay I'm over doing it. So what I've got a little, slightly, massive crush on the hottest guy in school and you know what else? So does every other female in this damn school. Including, the metero girls and oh boy they've set their sights on him. He asked me for a pencil once in class, I guess he knew I kept extras or perhaps it was just because I was the closet person to him, when I gave him the pencil, the ring leader of the Metero girls, Chanlee, gave me an evil eye so dark I would've found more comfort getting sucked into a black hole than sitting in that room for the remaining fourty seven minute of class. I mean what was I suppoed to do? Not give him a pencil when I so obviously had like thirty of them rattleing around in my pencil pouch? I only had so many because I lost them or I let people barrow them and never got them back. I don't know, girls just get psycho when beauty is involved and I guess I can't really blame her too much. I know they're not dating, hell we're not dating but I still feel a bit jealous when I see a woman on his arm.

Me and the guys passed each other not even acknowledging the others existence. Come to think of it I think Yoongi and Chanyeol, Baekhyun's best friend, are friends and I've seen Taehyung stop by just outside the house after dark. Baekhyun would sneak out to hang with him. If he wasn't my brother I would think it was some Romeo and Juliet love affair. Either way, I made it to the science lab and walked in to see Park Jinyoung Senior erasing his board. I considered him a Senior because we had another Park Jinyoung in my class and sometimes we'd get confused on who was being talked to but he didn't really like being called Junior so we just stuck with calling seongsangnim Senior. He turned around to see me walking in and I gave a little bow,

"Annyeong, Park-sshi." I said.

He turned and smiled at me,

"Ah Y/n, you're here again I see. I always like seeing you in the lab."

"I'm not an annoyance?" I asked.

He shook his head while motioning me to set my stuff down,

"No not at all. It's nice hearing you talk to yourself when you're investigating stuff. It makes sitting in here grading papers much more entertaining."

"I talk to myself?" I asked completely unaware that, that was even a habit of mine.

He laughed at my expression of embarrasment and said,

"Yes you do but don't worry it's actually kind of a cute, in a non- inappropriate matter. I had a friend when I was younger do the same thing when she was studying, she'd start asking questions about her notes, wondering why she wrote something down a certain way. I guess when she talked out what was in her mind she was able to figure things out better. It made test taking a lot harder for her though."

I bet.

I wondered if I did that during testing too but no one, not even my teachers, have ever said anything about me talking or even mumbling during tests. Now it was kind of annoying that I knew that. It was like having the glass break, now that I knew I did it I would be trying to stop myself. A few other students from the science club stumbled in later so I wasn't completely alone with Mr. Park. The sun was going down and the school was closing up by the time I left. Mr. Park walked me outside and then to the bus stop and waited for my bus to arrive before we parted ways. He said he'd feel obligated to at least see me off to the bus safely but I think we were both kind of concerned how it might look if he gave me a ride home. Besides I liked the bus ride and the little walk to my place it was nice and relaxing. It was pitch black by the time I got to the house, I had to ring the doorbell to get my parents to answer. They first thought that Baekhyun had let me wander outside but I told them I had been at school all day and that I just realized that I lost my keys. Baekhyun may not have thought a lot about me but I wasn't always trying to get him in trouble, in fact, I wasn't purposely going out of my way to get my parents to like me over him, or to get them to yell at him. I was just honestly being myself but anytime I knew I might cause a problem for Baekhyun I tried to divert it away from him. He didn't know this and I wasn't going to tell him. In a perfect world, I'd be closer to Baekhyun but the world was imperfect and within its imperfections I found some happiness in certain spaces and unhappiness in others. Likewise I'm sure Baekhyun felt the same, so yeah, I wanted to stick up for him a little.

I think it was past ten o' clock when I heard the screen door to the front open up. I have no idea why Baekhyun tries to sneak into the house he knows mom and dad sleep hard, they can't hear him. What am I going to do? Wake them up and announce that their eldest child is coming home at ungodly hours of the night to disappoint and frustrate them once?

And yes, ten o'clock at night is considered an ungodly hour to my parents, what can I say, I didn't pick the people that made me.

My light was still on and my door was a little more than cracked, enough so, that the light leaked into the hallway and provided him enough vision to go straight to his room without having to turn on any lights, while he uselessly tried to sneak into his room. I should've been asleep but because I spent all day in the lab working on extra stuff I was still awake finishing a writing assignment that was due in the morning.

"Spell check, don't forget spell check." I whispered to myself.

I cursed in my head, damn it I did talk to myself. Why did he have to go and tell me that? I was going through my paper again when my door was pushed open a little more. Baekhyun made the little 'psst' sound to get my attention and I looked up at him. I thought he was going to say something rude or ask me why I was up but he walked in and closed my door so that there was just a crack and he laid down on my bed. I turned back and looked at him. He sat up and looked at me.

"Can you please get your shoes off my bed? Why didn't you take them off at the door?" I asked.

Baekhyun looked at me and sighed. He sat up straight so that his feet now hung off my bed and his shoes were no longer on it. I looked at him wondering why he was lingering in here. What was he trying to do? Create an alibi? Make it seem like he was innocent? Annoy me? He didn't say anything he just was staring up at my wall but I couldn't waste time trying to argue with him or play detective I had to finish this paper so I could get some much needed sleep. As long as he was out of my bed when it was time for me to sleep, I didn't care if he stayed. I turned back to my computer and continued going through spell check. I started whispering again when I noticed spelling errors and bad grammar. I couldn't stop the habit I just surrendered to it. It was just going to keep pissing me off otherwise.

"We used to sleep together." Baekhyun finally spoke.

"Who you and an old girlfriend? What happened did she dump you or did you dump her?" I said while still looking at my computer.

"Not a girlfriend dummy, me and you."

I turned around and looked back at him. What kind of weird shit is he talking about?

"When we were kids idiot, you used to sneak into my room and sleep in my bed. You said there were monsters in your closet whispering to you." He clarified.

That made so much sense now because I was thinking he was on some "no no" level freaky shit. I looked at him like he was weird though, only because that was just a useless fact about our childhood I really didn't care about and I'm sure neither did he. Why was he even bringing it up?

"We were close then. Even back then I was messing with you, our rooms were connected and so were our closets so every so often just to mess with you I'd go to my closet and start making noises and saying stupid stuff. You'd end up coming into my room just when I decided to get into bed. You didn't even know."

"I knew." I said turning back to my computer.

I did know because there was a hole in the closet and I could see a little into his room. The walls were thin at our old house.

"You knew?"

"I mean I didn't know immediately but I figured it out."

"And you still kept coming to sleep in my bed?" he asked.

I turned back to look at him. Why did he look so weirded out? I rolled my eyes,

"You were my big brother Baekhyun I liked sleeping in the same room as your for a while plus I knew if I was in the room with you you'd shut up and let me get some sleep." I said and turned back around.

He sighed like he was frustrated,

"If only this was back when we got along I wouldn't have a problem inviting you."

"Okay first off, I didn't start this whole sibling war that was you when you got all popular with leader of the Malibu Barbie clan and second invite me to what even though I'm sure I'll turn it down anyway." I responded still spell checking my paper.

"Look I want to go to Chanyeol's party but mom and dad are making me take you." he said.

"So tell them I don't want to go or I could tell them if you don't want to."

"It's not like that, if you don't go I can't go at all." he said.

"Then just sneak out, you do it anyway. I'm not going. I have school work and studies to worry about. I don't have a lot of free time to just play around."

"Why do you have to be the perfect one? They adore you so much and they want you to actually go out and party as if you being the ultimate academic wasn't enough for them." He spit quite bitterly.

I turned around to face him again,

"Good lord if I say I'll go to the damn party will you get the hell out of my room because you're really starting to piss me off." I seethed.

He thought I was the perfect one? He was upset that they liked me? Oh boo freaking hoo Baekhyun, you've got the entire damn school at your beck and call. No one, expect maybe me, when I feel like it, can hate him. All the girls want him, he's friends with all the cool guys and everyday at school I'm shunned and over looked by him and talked down to. I'm bullied and trampled over and he's fucking crying about not being the golden child? I should just stay home and make him suffer, he'll end up sneaking out anyway. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew how petty he was and that I knew he wouldn't let me get any sleep until I said I'd come I would've stuck to my guns and said no.

"You're not going to wear those glasses and wear a nice dress, will you? Popular people are going to be there. The party is Friday night at seven we'll leave at eight." Baekhyun said.

He stood up and walked out of my room closing it behind him. This was one of the biggest reasons I hated high school and as I rested my head in my hand I just thought about what happened...

Did i just get peer pressured by my own brother?

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