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find the rest of the story here "I hate you. You know that?" You choked on the water you had been drinking surprised by the sudden confession. "Okay...great start." She looked down at her drink,"I hate you because I know Chanyeol can't truly be mine because he has lingering feelings for you. I hate you because I know Nana will never treat me as her bestfriend because whenever we talk anything that comes out of her mouth is when Y/N and I. This one time Y/N and I. It's irritating." There was a long silent pause,"But I know I was the one who squeezed myself into their lives so I learned that I hate myself not you. I hate how I ended up being the villain in your life." She looked up at you,"I'm sorry I never meant to take Chanyeol from you or steal your bestfriend from you." You shook your head,"I never really blamed you. Just hurt that I was so easily replaced in their lives. But without all this would've never realized that I was just hurting Chanyeol. I would never have realized that I still love Yoongi. So in a way you helped me." Tears fell from her eyes so suddenly you were flustered,"Uh I...um." "Why're you making my girlfriend cry Y/N." You turned you head to find Chanyeol and Yoongi,"No I.She..." He then interrupted you in your flustered state with a sudden laugh. "I'm just kidding. Irene already told me that she was going to tell you beforehand."He then looked at Yoongi,"And we had a talk too." You tilted your head,"About what?" Yoongi and Chanyeol gave each other a look and laughed shrugging their shoulders as Yoongi replied,"Who knows." "What you two are bestfriends now?" They gave you another shrug as Irene held your hand as she looked into your eyes. Rather than being awkward it was mostly comforting,"Hopefully we can be friends too." You nodded,"Of course. The least I can do after you took care of my bestfriend after all these months. ------------------ After hours of being in the operating room their baby had finally been born. Jongdae was the only one allowed to be inside the nursery with the baby so the rest of you were just outside behind a glass window watching the baby. Before you knew it tears made there way out of your eyes. "Y/N are you okay?" You nodded,"It's just he is so beautiful. I'm glad they decided to keep him." Yoongi then hugged you from behind placing a gentle kiss on your cheek."Make sure you come to the show tonight." You nodded,"Of course." "Yoongi!" You both turned to see Namjoon,"Just use my car to get home I'm too tired to even drive myself back to the dorms so I called Namjoon." He said letting out a tired but gentle laugh. "I'll see you tonight okay?" You nodded,"Goodnight and thank you." He smiled waving good bye walking towards Namjoon,"Thanks Joon drive safely," --------------- Thirty minutes or so passed when we were finally allowed to see Nana. When you walked in she had her baby in her arms. "Hey Nana." She looked up at you than her baby and through some tears she managed to say," He's healthy and very beautiful." You nodded. "A very beautiful baby boy." She cried harder placing a kiss on his little forehead. She then motioned for you to come closer,"I want you to hold him." You nodded as you carried him. You were so careful scared to accidentally hurt the fragile child in your hands. You treated him like he was made of glass. "Look Jin Soo thats Aunt Y/N. She's always been my conscience so hopefully she'll be yours too." You laughed and cried as you placed a finger in between his chubby tiny fingers. For so long you finally thought that maybe there are people who need you after all. That people are not better off without you. You determined to fix yourself first so you can help these people. Because to some people you are irreplaceable. "Thank you Y/N. For talking her into talking to me." You shook your head,"I know Nana. She would've regretted her choice so I wanted her to be sure. I wanted her to know what she wanted. Not what she thought she was supposed to do." You smiled down at the baby who's loud cry suddenly drowned the whole hospital room. "Well he has Jongdae's unnecessarily loud voice." Everybody laughed at Irene's remark as you bounced softly trying to calm the baby. "So what now? What happens to EXO?" Jongdae and Chanyeol gave each other a look before answering your question. "I want to keep it a secret until Nana gets better and until Jin Soo is a little older." You slowly nodded,"That's a great plan and all but what if it doesn't work because if I learned anything and that's nothing ever works just as you plan it." Jongdae shrugged as he squeezed Nana's hands,"Then we'll go from there if anything does happen." A slight knocking was heard before a nurse had walked in,"I'm sorry but Mrs. Kim and the baby will need to rest so if you guys can comeback later today during normal visiting hours? Oh but the father can stay." You slightly nodded as you placed the baby in Jongdae's arms. "Alright that's our cue. Take care of my bestfriend okay?" You bowed to the nurse and just before you were about to walk out the door you hear Nana say,"Thank you YN." You turned your head to smile as you walked out closing the door behind you. "Need us to take you home?" You shook your head holding up the keys to the car Yoongi left behind,"Yoongi gave me his keys. But I'll see you guys later." They both nodded as they turned around Chanyeol snaking his arm around Irene as they walked the opposite direction of the parking lot. You looked up at the sky in awe as you watched the orange hues rise from the horizon carefully providing light for the dark sky. It was beautiful. Its been so long since you can last remember when you just looked up at the sky in admiration. --------------------- You groaned as your sleep was cut short by the sound of your phone."Hello?" With a panicked voice Baekhyung practically screamed in your ear,"Oh thank god you answered. Since Nana is out our styling department is a mess. They can't find anyone who is a available. Please save EXO?" You sighed as you got up from your bed,"You're lucky I was going to the music show anyways. I'll be there in an hour." Baekhyun let out shriek of excitement as you rolled your eyes,"I'll see you. Bye." Luckily for them you had called the day off since you figured it would be unprofessional to show up at work distracted and tired. You groaned as you took out your suitcase full of makeup, hairproducts, and pins for adjusting their stage wear. "We'll this seems like it has everything." You then looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked different. You looked refreshed almost like something inside you changed. After an hour or so you found yourself standing inside of the broadasting station again. "Y/N you're here!" You nodded as Baekhyun dragged you into the room where the boys were,'Okay they're all in costume just some minor changes in size and the makeup and hair are still not done." You nodded as you opened your black suitcase,"Okay who's first?" Chanyeol smiled as he raised his hands,"I'll go first." -------------------------- After an hour so you had finally finished EXO's make up. After putting your things together your phone had rung,"Hello?" "I'm performing in a little bit can you come watch." You smiled as you mouth the words 'I'm leaving' to your brother as you slowly made your way out of the dressing room heading to the recording studio. When you walked in you were shocked at the number of people there holding up banners that read Bangtan Sonyeondan. All their fans holding up their lightsticks screaming at the top of their lungs as the boys made their way on stage. After performing Not Today you watched as the boys all scrambled in a straight line and bowed. "Thank you for coming here today." Namjoon said as he waved and smiled at the ARMYs. They all screamed,"Today..." More screaming filled the studio as Yoongi spoke causing him to pause a little before finally continuing. "My girlfriend is here. Y/N come up here." Stunned by the casual announcement you laughed as you made your way up the stage. Your anxiousness made the stairs seem longer than they actually were. Some of the ARMYs screamed as the others stayed silent. "I wanted ARMYs to be here for this moment becuase you are all just as important. Y/N and I have been through alot. I hurt her many times." You looked at Yoongi adoringly as you noticed the members of EXO casually walking in. "But learning from my past mistakes within these last three years I knew that I can't live my life without you but I also can't live my life without music. So that's why today I ask ARMY's permission." The ARMYs screamed in approval especially as Yoongi got down on one knee Hoseok coming from behind him handing him a black velvety box that their manager had handed them. You started to cry as you realized what was to come next. As he opened the box you felt that it was just the two of you in the room. Just like magic it was just now the two of you,"Y/N. When we broke up three years ago I have never regretted anything more in my life. I realized that the reason I loved doing music was because I always loved your reactions when listening to my music. But now that we're finally back together. I want you to be mine forever. Y/N will you marry me?" You vigorously nodded,"Yes. But once you're in you can't get out just know that." He gave you the biggest smile as he got up and put the ring on you. "And there is nothing more than I can ask for." He smiled as he pulled you into the softest and most passionate kiss of your life. Along with that kiss everything started floodingΒ  back in your mind. The first time you met Yoongi, to the day you asked him out, to the day you found out he cheated, to the day you both met again all leading up to now. You cried because in such a long time you finally felt that you belonged. You knew you belonged in Yoongi's arms and no where else. You had your demons and he knew that. You looked around the room to find Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Jongdae. They all knew. You knew. But you also knew that they will help you get better. That this time they will never make you feel alone ever again. You looked out at the ARMYs who were happy for the both of you. You realized that no matter how many people are against the two of you there is always a lot more people there for support.
A/N: And that end this series! Thank you for reading and tuning in!
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It was beautiful
HOLY SHITUEEE!!! I HAD TO LEAVE MY ROOM WITH MY FAMILY TO GO CRY BECAUSE OF THIS FANFIC!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🀧🀧🀧🀧🀧🀧It is sooooo goooodddddd. I love this fanifc sooo much!!β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€§β€οΈ