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Hello B2UTY! It's Melissa with my feature called Beastly Dramas Saturday! It's where I share all about Beast/Highlight members' dramas and films. For this week, I'm featuring one of Yoseob's musical called 'The Days' Let's get started...

Yoseob made his musical debut with 'Gwanghwamun Yeonga' and continued to expand his musical career through 'Full House', 'Robin Hood', 'Cinderella', and more.

Yoseob cast to play protagonist in musical 'Those Days' between Feb 7 to Mar 5 at Seoul Art Center.
Here are some clips of his performance from the musical 'The Days'
Curtain Call clip

Well that's all for this week's Beastly Dramas Saturday! I hope you all enjoyed it. Don't you agree that Yoseob has serious talent in musicals?

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I will have to watch these!
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