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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Y/n's POV

About three weeks, this world's time, had passed with you going between the Fae and the Society to make rules and regulations that would be set between all three parties. Genieve refused to meet Mintaek and Myung Joon until you were fully prepared to create the world for the triple eclipse. The deadline was closer.

Three days.

You felt more pressure than you did before. You were trained on how to fight and create at the same time. It was always easier for you to conjur weapons which was why she had you create parts to the Fae world while combating your mother, Dust and another Fae named Luna. It was the most intense training you had to go under because it was testing your physical and mental stamina. Genieve was a tough trainer and your mother was a bad ass warrior. You understood why she was Genieve's top guard and her right hand. You spent so much time with Mintaek and Digit during the day that when you slept your mind projected you into the Fae's realm. You weren't getting any real sleep you were always tired and at some point you were getting cranky with the people of the council. If you fell asleep you were with the Fae if you were awake you were with Digit and Mintaek. Myung Joon came by once each week. The Wolves were restless and believed the union was a trap. They didn't want the Wolves to intertwine with the Vampires and the Vampires of the Society were the same. It would take some time before anyone was actually okay with this unity but you only had three days left. Three days was not a lot of time. The Wolves and Vampires and Fae would all be in the same feild witnessing yours and Mintaek's marriage. It wasn't a normal wedding like you would do on Earth which would've been more disheartening if you weren't so ready to just get the marriage over with. You were so tired that at this point you wondered if you'd be alive to make it to the wedding. They had chosen a dress for you, Hyukwoo and Mintaek. It was in the style of the Society and a Queen's dress, it looked Victorian had they lived on Earth. It was all red with a gold stitching around the neckline that was very elegant and beautiful. It gave you a regal look. You had practiced what would happen with Mintaek a few times. You two were to meet at the edge of the terrace. It over looked the outer layer of the Socitey, three Kingdoms would stand below you two. The vast field of desert dirt and hot sun beating down on the poor creatures. Digit would stand behind you. You took Digit as your responsiblity first meaning even once you two were married and mated for life, Digit was your responsibility. If Digit was to be pushined or did anything wrong that was meant for punishment you were the first one they would look to over Mintaek. Mintaek would be annoucned his birth right, the King of Vampires, sworn to protect, honor and defend the Vampire society. Then he would take you as his wife. Hyukwoo would bring Genieve in to announce you as the overseer of Fae kind, you would be the bridge between Vampire and Fae. While Genieve still ruled as the Queen of Fae, it was like she was announcing you as her second, a princess to the Fae and a Queen to the Vampires but with no shift in authority. A Queen was a Queen forever and always, at least that's how she put it. Maryeen, your mother, would stay the first guard of Genieve; you would see her as often as you wished but she was staying with the Fae, they were her family as well. After the announcing and crowning of both you and Mintaek as husband and wife, King and Queen, Myung Joon would step in and announce Digit his title as a second hand to the King. He would be staying with you and Mintaek but he was the bridge between Vampire and Wolves. Myung Joon had already said that he had told his first hand of Digit's new role and he wasn't happy with it since Digit was so young. Myung Joon had him either accept it or he could cease to be his First hand. Instead you asked him to send his first hand to meet Digit and that way he could help him understand his job as the bridge between both Wolves and Vampires. You weren't stupid though, you stayed close to them when he came to see Digit. You knew Digit was smart enough to know what was at stake but you didn't want him whispering things in Digit's ear. No doubt, no fuel to an already touchy subject. This wasn't about division of the races it was about bringing them together.

The council was set up and the rules were in place. You had no idea what you were going to do after the wedding but sleeping for the next twenty four hours sounded like a pretty good plan. You were in the Fae Realm now with your mother. She had been training with you and Genieve had seemed to give her approval of your rapid accension into your powers. Your mental stamina had grown far more than it had before. Your focus was better and you were actually surprised to hear that especially because you were so dog tired. You just finished the training and you were walking with your mother in the garden.

"I haven't been able to talk to you much about it but how was the family that he gave you to?" your mother asked.

You looked at her and gave her a smile,

"They're the best. I have two brother's, Johnny and Taekwon. My father is a computer programmer and my mother runs a museum it's very nice. She encouraged me to go into archeology." you said.

She looked at you confused.

"What is this Archeology?" she asked.

You chuckled a little,

"Right, I guess you guys don't really do that here. Well in lamens terms I'd say grave robbers with a pay check."

She looked at you even more confused,

"You rob graves? That's not good."

You laughed a little more.

"We're not robbing them for money really. It's just we go to sites and we dig and when we find something that's apart of history we take it to a lab or to an expert and have them tell us what it is. Whether it's jewlery or a skeleton, it's honestly research and a way for us to learn about those before us. Humans have a saying, learn from history don't repeat it. Unfortunately, it is humans who often go against that saying. It's like a curse, we'd rather run in a circle than progress down a line." you said.

She nodded,

"So what have you learned during this archeology?" she asked.

"I've learned that... Humans suck."

She chuckled and you smiled,

"We repeat our past mistakes expecting different results. The clear definition of insanity. Still we have admirable qualities like the ability to love, forgive, empathize and sympathize. Our best quality is to care: care for the unfortunate, care for the shamed, care for the ones that are different. We may repeat mistakes but we also reach a moment where repetition gets tiring and we decide to grow instead. To become so much more tham what we are now and that growth makes us stronger, we adapt."

She looked at you,

"Fae find Humans interesting. While the Vampires find a food source in them we see both mischief and goodness. A balance in both. Fae are not all good nor are all Wolves or Vampires. Fae that think with a clear mind and an open heart, that is the kind of leader we want and need. The kind this world needs."

She gave you this magnificent deep look that made you feel loved by her despite not knowing her your entire life. You didn't love her over the mother you grew up with, your foster mother was your everything but you had room in your heart for both. You smiled at her and she gave you a hug, she was so much taller than you, like that of an amazon. You looked up at her.

"For now daughter, you need sleep. Go, rest now." she said.

She touched your forehead with a glowing finger and you were in darkness....

When you woke up, you finally felt refreshed, you remembered what your mother did to you, like she had nulified your ability to project so that you could sleep and you did. You woke up with energy and felt great! You got out of bed, Mintaek was probably still in the court with the council trying to finalize rules and regulations. He was actually giving the Vampire Society a run down and a preview look of the rules set in place. They weren't happy about being hand in hand with the Wolves but punishment on all three sides was being sentenced to Daggar if at any time either race threatend or tired to come against the other. It wasn't a rule you two were going to keep in place for long but it was one that was kind of forcing them to behave themselves both now and up until you two were married, maybe even a little after. Now that you both would be taking responsibilites for the Vampire Society but you also had the weight of two other Kingdom's on your shoulders and Genieve would want you to visit a little more often, the real you not just a projection. You wondered if you would even have time for a baby. You took a walk down the halls of the Society, this place was still kind of depressing for you. It just held a lot more memories of irritation than happiness. You loved Mintaek and you were willing to make this place your home but you just weren't sure it would ever feel like your real home. You leaned against the wall as you sat back and thought how you and Mintaek might raise your daughter. You always imagined being home, letting your parents see and get to know your children, being able to get in contact with them at a moment's notice. You had a future and a life on earth but you also had one here too. The worlds were bridged, together. You looked in the direction of the Library and walked into the huge room. This was your favorite room. He basically gave this room to you so that you had something to do all day. You at the very least knew that he was trying to make up for what he had done. Give you something to look forward to and sometime to yourself, he knew you liked to read and he knew you were interested in learning the history. You made it to the top floor and looked out of the window to the Library. You looked at the vast distance and closed your eyes. You opened them for a moment and began to think and create and you looked out into the horizion seeing the very thing your mind was building. A tower, a reciever with a connection to Earth. The tower had a core that connected like the whirlpool in the Society but it was open and working as a transmitter, it was picking up on the wave lengths from earth, the core was always open. It connected both worlds and because of the open bridge your phone started to go off. You heard the ring and you felt yourself shaking with excitement. You went and grabbed your phone and saw it was Taekwon calling you. You answered the call.

"Taekwon?" you said happy.

"Y/n, where have you been Mom and Dad didn't even get to say goodbye and we've been trying to call you forever. What happened with you and Digit's father?" he asked.

"Oh my God Taekwon I can't believe I'm hearing your voice."

You started crying out of pure happiness.

"Are you okay?" he asked worried.

You sniffed and wiped your eyes trying to contain yourself.

"I'm okay, I'm okay. I just- I'm really happy to hear from you. It's been a while you know." you said.

"Well not that long but yeah it's been a bit. Will you just try and make an effort to stop by every once in a while or call us and make sure to tell us you're alright? I know you go out to places that don't have reception all the time but I mean, you could at least let us know you're okay." he said.

"Yeah definitely I'll call more often. I'll text you guys every day if I can. I may text you in the middle of the night but I'll call more. I'll come home more. I promise." You said.

"Alright, now when I tell mom and dad this you better stick to your word kid. Johnny will be thrilled to hear from you." he said.

"Yeah I know. Send them my love, I've got to go." you said.

"Alright love you, bye." Taekwon hung up.

You squealed and jumped around feeling on cloud nine. You were hopping and turned to see Digit and Mintaek standing behind you watching you. Digit was smiling and Mintaek was looking at you oddly. You stopped and stared at them. Digit came over to the window and climbed in to see the tower in the distance where you set it up. Mintaek looked at it and then came to you.

"We were doing some training out in the courtyard when out of no where some giant metal thing started to form. All the humans here, their cellphones are going off." he said.

You were surprised they had kept the charge but they did have elctricty here. You remembered back when you first came here some of them were playing games on their phone that didn't require internet. You looked up at him.

"I made the tower. I connected the two worlds. The humans here can contact their relatives, I can text my brothers and talk to my parents."

"You know I can just take you to Earth or you can go when ever you want since you can open the Whirlpool."

"I know but I like this, it's security that I can check on them everyday and I won't be the last to know when something happens. This way makes me feel more relaxed about living here. It's your home Mintaek and I want it to be mine but I'm becoming a Queen of one world when my life was back in another. I felt like I was being split into two and now... Now I'm not and there's no guilt for wanting one over the other or being in one and denying the other. I have both."

He looked at you for a long while and then sighed. He smiled and came over to hug you.

"Alright. I want this to be your home too and I don't want you to feel like you have to take one over the other. If this makes you feel better about this decision I can live with that." he said.

Digit walked over to you to hand you something and then walked out of the Library. You looked at him and you saw the sneaky little smile he had on his face you looked down and saw the potion you made that Janera gave you the flower for. You looked up at Mintaek and he looked at you wondering what was going on. You smiled and opened the bottle and drank it. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

"Let's go make a baby." You said in a playfully seductive tone.

He looked you in the eyes and lifted you up in his arms and kissed you hard, hot and heavy before he flitted to your bedroom....

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