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for the times I was crying,
and the times I was laughing,
for the pain I feel,
there was a song...

a life line,
it fades away my reality,
and brings me joy,
the harmony, the melody, the notes...

my day incomplete without hearing it,
breathing to the beat,
synchronizing my heart to the tune,

a song...
one you wrote,
pouring your feelings,
your emotions,
hoping to connect with your fans,

little do you know,
just how right your song
connected my soul
and countless others

your voices carry your message
my ears hear it
and my body feels it
my brain recognizes
heart overwhelmed with emotions

your song just right
for everyone of my playlists
connecting and tethering me
to the here and now
but at the same time allowing
my soul to soar and fly

your every note,
every harmony,
every tune,
beat and tone,
just right for me to fly
to hard carry,
and to see the light

where once all i saw,
all I heard,
all I felt,
was nothingness.

I pick up my headphones,
place one in each ear,
my finger hovers over your playlist,
As I look once more in the mirror,
I hit play and get lost in your groove.

thanks for being just right.

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House of Exctessy
This is beautiful
Aaaaww..😍 beautiful thanks Vero..
I like your poem