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I was memorized by the emotion
which soon turned to admiration.

The high notes, the low notes and sultry seduction
of each Vocalist had my ears attention

The rhythm, the flow, the tone of each rap,
garnered my appreciation.

your music sparked something
deep inside my soul

but your goofy and dorky behavior,
your style and fondness for each other
what had me swooning

the wait I endured with so many others had me listening to each song once more

group songs and solo songs alike
each bringing me a swirl of emotions

then a sadness was unleashed upon yourselves,
one felt by us many fans as well

we did not forsee a future with one less voice
and my bias war was now short once less choice

I cried for days not going to lying
and all the emotions, admiration, and appreciation swirled around inside

still I hit play on my list
heard all five voices

I pondered and wondered countless times
if you were all okay

still I patiently waited
and was not disappointed

though a little sad you seemed
you still shine and smiled so brightly

once when five voices brought my admiration
now the four remaining kept all my devotion

for your emotions where never truer
the melding, the harmonizing and flow

Sang a different picture yet same uniqueness
that brought Winner to my attention

I felt more in tuned and part of the inner circle
you four are all strong and handsome

still caring, goofy, and debonair
you always manage to portray your emotions and stay true to who you are

that makes me love you 100 times over
now and tomorrow

especially when song after song
makes me act like a fool and really, really want to dance.

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you just made me tear up... 😢