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So as you all know VIXX and Twice had comeback at the same time and in yesterday's live broadcast their thumbnail was...
Also VIXX???


OK full offense taken VIXX did not work their butts off to be put below a fairly new group...I understand that Twice is really popular but that doesn't mean you put them higher than their sunbaes...I just...as a starlight this greatly hurts my heart ㅠ~ㅠ
VIXX is another of those groups (along with BAP and BTOB) that doesn't get the respect they deserve.
just wow another amazing group of artists get disrespected and for what?? that just incredible smdh.
Vixx should have been pronunced first before twice because they are older and have been making music longer then them. That was rude
Wow!!!! That is not right!!!! My boys are the bomb!!!! They should be headlining or at least co-headlining!!! They should put as much emphasis as they are with Twice with VIXX!!!!
Okay, I don't care about the fact that VIXX has been around longer. What I'm mad about is that they didn't show their understanding that each KPop group deserves the same respect when announcing stuff like that. Despite the age of each group all groups work hard to achieve the same goal, make music for themselves and their fans. If one can't understand that no kpop group is better than another then it shows that you don't respect music at all. Music is to be appreciated, not used to brag about a person's/group's popularity. All Kpop groups deserve the same respect!!!!!! The same goes for the rest of the artist that exist in this world as well!!
wowwwwwwww thats so messed up o.o at least make it as big as theirs geezzzzzzzzzz and decorated like tf vixx i still love u guys <3 <3 <3
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