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Looks like Hiro Mashima is gutting his series as best as possible which I find impressive takes a lot to make a fan base drop a series after years of dedication

So with Hiro's latest few chapters he's been dropping antagonist like flies with one shots and ass pulls. While I'm not surprised it's disappointing to say the least, however this isn't my area of expertise what is is that these fights have now been compared to bleach which I disagree with to some extent
The difference between the two is Kubo was being forced out and in a pretty disgusting way to with not even so much as a mention it was the last chapter in jump. No jump cover no mention no nothing just a "thanks for the dough now get it the door" Hiro has nothing but love from a huge supportive fan base and jump itself HE'S doing this to his own vision by his own design. So while there are a few chapters left unless Hiro decides to do the same bull he does for his protagonist when they "die" yeah Fairy Tail will be on its way out with a wimper instead of an explosion... :3
While I was less than enthusiastic about the ending of Bleach the anime I was left somewhat satisfied with the manga sure questions GALORE needed answering but it's best to leave them as the mysteries they are instead of theorizing until the end of time because that's all we as fans really can do :D
Here's hoping Fairy Tail can pick up a final stride and really do something surprising or helpful to this abysmal set of chapters.

Although this is true, fairy tail is still my favorite show.
and I in no way discourage that Bleach itself is plagued with issues and it will ALWAYS remain my #1 favorite anime. More power to you Scarlet warrior :D
I kinda feel you on this but I don't think aconolia is dead yet
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@MalcolmAllen lol while that ending would be bad it'd still be better than this garbage as of late xD props