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Hate rallies mostly targeted at ethnic Koreans living in Japan have spread beyond Tokyo and Osaka to smaller regional cities over the past six months or so. A group of scholars who analyzed Internet postings by organizations behind this disturbing phenomenon found that between March and August there were at least 161 instances of street marches or vehicles mounted with loudspeakers blasting hate-filled slogans. The group, called "Kodo hoshu (active conservatives) archive project," includes Kei Nakazawa, a professor of literature at Tokyo's Hosei University, as well as sociologists in the Kansai region. It found that March had the most instances of protests with 35. July had the least with 14. The average number of participants was 43, although in some protests in Tokyo's Shin-Okubo district, which boasts a sizable Koreatown, as many as 200 protesters took part.
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i was i nkorea and theres so much hate between the big 3 east asian countries
Meh...just another small group of nationalist conservatives that are still feeling sore Japan was sent scrambling home after WWII.
theres crazies in every country, but nationalism is more of a problem in asia than in the west