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Hello hello beautiful ARMY !!! Violet here to fill you lovelies in on what's going on in the BTS Community, BTS News.. ect.! Lets get started ! ♡

So in this weeks news , our boys yet again wrapped up another sucessful tour and their promotions for their Japanese single (Blood Sweat &Tears) ! As you all may know.. BTS are here in the U.S and are ready to attend the BBMAs !! ♡♡♡♡ You can find all the information on how you can watch right here:

As for this weeks theme!! We have something fun planned for you lovelies !! This week's theme is "Ship Me With BTS!"

Make a card that has a small "about you" and your likes and intrests.. etc and make sure to tag the BTS MOD SQUAD ! :D

- You lovelies have 1 week to make your cards (5/22/17 - 5/28/17)
-We will announce who we shipped you with after the week is over

You can include (but dont have to)
-Share who your UB bias is *Doesn't have to be a BTS member*

*You can get as creative with your cards as you'd like!*

I hope you all participate! ♡♡

Thats it for this week's BTS Commumity Weekly!!!! Lets make this a fun week!! And have a beautiful rest of the week !! ♡


☆PolarStarr Taglist☆

Bangtan's Army Mod Taglist:

Official Army Taglist:

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Sounds like fun 😆