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Episode 1

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Today too, I'm still on the bed. It's late morning and I'm too lazy to get off from this precious place. Most of all, the moment I go down, my mum will start her nagging. I'm sick of it being repeated daily for almost two years.

It's been over two years since I left school. I was qualified for a college. Two months into the college life I dropped out to become a singer. I joined a group as a vocalist.

We were doing pretty good and earned well until one of the guitarists, Jong-hyun passed away. No one knew what was the reason for his death. Other members were very close to him, so they didn't want to continue without him.

After that, I sang in a hotel. When my mum found out about that she made a big scene and brought me home. She wanted me to find a proper job and start living. She called it 'Starting to live like a human.' But say what, until now I never got lucky to get employed.

I've already given up looking for jobs because I'm sick of losing. Mum doesn't know that. She thinks I'm not interested. So she nags every day about it.

"Chae-youngah...Chae-youngah....get your lazy ass down right now." speaking of the witch, here she goes.

I climb down the bed and go to have a quick shower. It's Tuesday. I shall put DYI rose oil on my skin today. Woah! I'm going insane for this fragrance. I tone my face with Alive Lab The True Love Story Toner . Step two: April Skin Sugar Coconut Essense. Then, my favourite moisturiser Nature Republic Collagen Dream. Lasty a touch of Nature republic Aleo Vera Soothing Gel Mist.

Today's choice of clothes, pink lace mini skirt and beige printed flannel shirt. What should I do with my hair? Tie it? Keep it loose? Maybe tie it lose.

Mum looks at me head to toe, toe to head just as she sees me. "Oho! look at you all dressed up! I wish you have the same interest to find some success into your life."

"Oh, mum stop nagging. Everything is about time. I will get a job." I turn to go to the kitchen.

"Not that! Come, there's someone here to see us." She takes me to the living room.

A man of his middle age, dressed in a navy blue suit is seated on the couch and sipping a tea. He's well groomed, looks like someone with value.

"Mr Kim, this is my daughter Chae-young." Mum pushes me forward.

He scans me from hair to feet. His eyes raised I don't know if that means anything good or bad. "Wow! Ms Shim got a beautiful daughter."

Ms Shim? He's calling my mum with her family name. He must be someone who knows my mum well.

Mum sits in front of him and me next to her. "Mr Kim is the CEO of Joseon Entertainment." What? Joseon Entertainment? That is a shelter for so many top artists. Is my mum about to get me recruited to that agency? Can't be! "He is here with a job for you."

I almost fall off from my seat. "A job?"

"Yeah" He places the tea cup back on the tray. That teacup is about two hundred millilitres. He took close to half an hour to finish it I guess. Such a gentle man! "It's not anything major. But it will fit a young lady like you well." He crosses his legs. "How about working as my assistant?"

I look at my mum. Mum, this man wants me as his assistant? She frowns at me. I don't seem to have an option but to take it. Wait! It's Joseon Entertainment! Maybe this is the door opening for you. Whatever the heck is that take it! "Yes!" I accept loudly.

"Wow! I love your excitement. You must be so bored at home." Mr Kim laughs.

Yeah, he is right. But, this feeling is not called being bored. This is called being desperate.

"Yes Mr Kim, she's always crying of not having a satisfactory job. She's not willing to get settle for anything simple." What's wrong with my mum. I never did that. And to settle for anything I didn't get anything at all this far.

"Chae-youngah, you can start any day you want. The seat is empty for you."

With those words, Mr. Kim leaves our house. He and my mum seem to have a strange relationship. Is he dating my mum? Oh my God! I saw them flirting. And there can't be any other reason for him to offer me a job like that from nowhere. If what I'm thinking is right, Mr Kim is my mum's seventh boyfriend. And at twenty I have none.

to be continued.........
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