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I'm creating a presentation about the SCIENCE OF ANIME and I need your help onthe topics.


Requirements: 20 slides with lots of pictures, gifs, sounds, and drawings.
Focus questions: What is anime? What draws people to anime? What are some science breaking events in anime? What are the most bizarre science concepts in anime? does anime affect your personality

What I have as topics:

What is anime
Anime Vs CArtoons
MOst popluar and the dangers
Rules of anime
What draws people to anime
SCience breaking anime
anime science
anime and your brain
anime and your personality

HELP! Please!

I need 8-9 more slides and I would like to know what you think is a good idea of a topic and if you have any sugesstions for the slides and the arrangment or anything of that sort please let me know. Thanks


@JtacoGuzman -psychological effects of anime on children/ on teens/ on adults. -how anime changes ones mood in general/ how anime can have various emotional effects depending on each person's personality. -are various anime abilities/powers/skills possible in the real world, and if so how can it scientifically be done? -explain situations where scenes/abilities/conflicts/etc in anime have happened in real life. -explain the social cliques within the anime community: weeaboo/otaku/etc. -explain the differences between the anime community's behavior in America to the one in Japan. -can anime cause someone to love/hate/etc.
History of anime Famous Directors of Animes Anime Influence in Japan Anime Influence in the US
I did something very similar to this in highschool 17 or 18 years ago.
Movies and TV shows based on Anime or concepts of Anime. References to Anime in movies and TV shows. Different genres of Anime.
All the jobs to produce one anime. The different job positions, the hours they work and average salary. Anime for all ages. Anime for all genders. Anime for all sexualities. The greats in Anime history. Great Anime Great creators Great seiyu The longest running anime. Famous people/celebrities who are fans of anime. The difference between a good Anime and a main stream Anime.
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