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Ok so I just watched the movie 'Art of Sefuction' and there was this song son ye Jin was dancing to in her office before her assistant came in with a bunch of flowers for her from my bong It was around the beginning of the movie please please who knows the name,I think its an old song And then this particular song from boys over flowers that gu jun pyo was singing at the karaoke bar and it was also pplayed in princess hours,it was a song the crown princess(yoon eun hye) liked I only know the lyrics in english its something like 'Run Like a horse' And finally this instrumental was played in Boys over flowers several times it was played when Ji Hoo's grandpa made him breakfast and when Ji Hoo was eating the meal,it was also played when Ga Eul left So Yi Jung on the steps after she told him she wouldn't bother him anymore Please Please if you know any of the songs and the title please don't hesistate to comment and I'll love you forever and you'll get to meet your favourite star in the nearest future if you help this poor girl