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Hello everyone!!

So this is my second entry to the event, and it is another poem. This one is dedicated to UP10TION. I was able to write and edit these poems the easiest, so that's why I'm able to post these ones first.

I do have fanfictions that I have worked on, but I'm not very proud of any of them and I was only able to finish one of them, so I'll probably be posting that one anyway after I post these poems.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this poem as well~
Hmm excuse me,
Could you explain to me
Why that snow over there is on fire?
Or why those shadows are dancing around like they’re something else?
Should I be scared, because they seem so dangerous.

Hmm excuse me,
I thought spring came after winter,
Yet the ice has already begun to turn into smoke?
Those boys who stand so tall are glowing so brightly in the dark
That I thought that fireflies were out and about tonight.

Hmm excuse me,
Should I be scared of the fire those boys are lighting?
Or should I join in on the fun
And burn down the trees and flowers, too?
They’re screaming “Chase me!” and I think I want to.

Hmm excuse me,
There are ten of them, right?
What a powerful number,
Like a stake and wreath put together.
Guess this white night won’t be covered with snow any longer.

Hmm excuse me,
Actually, no.
I’ve made my decision
And spring is coming.
Fire melts ice and there are no questions needed.

Excuse me, can I have your attention, please?
I’m not asking for your approval,
Just trying to be nice.
Remember, don’t ever be afraid of shadows or fire.
You’re not dancing with thorns, but singing with heroes,

And they’re called UP10TION.

*This poem is entirely written by me, so please don't steal any of it and say that it's yours or something. I don't know, give credit to me and stuff? xP*

So bam! There's another poem, and after this poem gets posted then I will be posting a third poem soooooo ya. Not really that exciting but ya cx

I hope you guys are enjoying these, at least somewhat;; So yeah C:

~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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Love it! Keep it up! And I will not steal this one either. 😂
Pffft god Cx Thank you so much Suki~ Your comments really do make me smile :D And thank you for not stealing this one either cX