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Hello Royal Family! It is Suki here filling in for @MelissaGarza to bring you Sunwoo Sunday! Our theme for Boys Republic is summer vacation with our memeber. So here my vaction with Sunwoo or I should say Melissa's vacation. Our vacation would be on the beach. We would play beach ball.

This would be so nice. We would hit ball to eachother. After playing beach ball for awhile we would get some people together to play volleyball.
After all the running around. It is time for us to get some rest. We would sit on the sand and build a sandcastle.

We can talk while building the sandcastle and get to know eachother. This would be a great summer vacation with Sunwoo.
Well, this is all I have. I hope you enjoyed. Until next time stay Royal!

Royal squad
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Thank you Suki!
Your welcome!