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I'm fostering this gorgeous puppy named Sprocket and I'd love to know what breed she is!

She was brought to the shelter when she was only about 2 months old and is now 6 months. She's around 18lbs, she has black and grey hair, and is super sweet.

A lot of people have thought she was a Schnauzer but I'm not sure. She's probably a mix of a lot of things!

Any ideas?!

Sorry, I'm not familiar at all with dog breeds so I can't give input on that... I was just wondering if I was the only one here who recognizes that the name is the same as the dog from Fraggle Rock? lol (And that this Sprocket also looks quite like the puppet Sprocket? ) *wanders off feeling old* lol
thats who she was named after!!!! a volunteer at the shelter she is from and named her^^~ glad you got the reference!
I don't know anything much about dog breeds but she does look like a mix between a terrier and a schnauzer. I'll just kindly acknowledge how cute she is and therefore of the cute breed.
she's definitely cute ;)))))))))))
That is totes a schnauzer! My mini schnauzer Max is all black and he is the cutest dog ever!
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Some kind.of terrier mix
she definitely jumps like a terrier hahaha she's so funny!
Maybe Schnauzer and cocker spaniel? I had a spaniel beshaun (spelled wrong) mix and they look similar in the face.
i love cocker spaniels!!!!
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