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Hello everyone!!

This is my third and final poem, which is dedicated to Victon. I'll also be posting another entry, which will be the last one. Except this one will be a fanfic.

I'm sorry if my poems all sound really similar. I wrote them all around the same time frame, so my creativity is like bleeeehhh.... It's been like that recently, so uh ya.

I still really hope you all like my entries and stuff;; And here is my poem for Victon~
Only look at me
Even when you’re surrounded by dozens of lilies.
My wings have only begun to spread,
But I hope you’ll stand beside me
Because all I need is your smile and you.

Only look at me
Because flowers with only seven petals are hard to find,
But we’re even more unique than you think.
It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night,
Just tell me what time it is and we promise we won’t forget you.

Only look at me
And we’ll show you the beauty of the cherry blossoms as they fall,
While we’ll sing like the birds who have only just begun to know the taste of the sun.
Even if we start saying things like,
“This is bad,” we’ll always get back up to join you in the chants.

Only look at me
So that we can have the strength to keep moving.
We’ll soon be soaring through the air like butterflies,
While still understanding the pain of crawling on the dirt like worms.
Just keep your eyez eyez on me and we’ll be together forever.

Only look at me.
Only look at us.
Cheer for each and everyone of us.
Be there for us.
Cause the moon only shines with the brilliance of the sun.

Always look for us
Because seeds will grow into beautiful flowers
And our wings will fully open to show you the different possibilities.
We’re going to change this world for the better,
Cause we’ll always be fine when we’re with you.

We’re Victon and we’re coming for you.

*This poem is entirely written by me, so please don't steal any of it and say that it's yours or something. I don't know, give credit to me and stuff? xP*

Umm sorry, I'm distracted which makes it hard to write anything intelligent here. I'm like watching game play videos right now (Thanks @Lexxcisco for that cX) while also thinking about other things.

Um sorry again, that wasn't really important information for you guys to know.... o.o Uhhh I'll just leave now then;; Bye cX

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(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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Wow, you did great! And I don't know, this one will not be stolen either!
Thank you Suki~ That makes me very happy to hear that!! :D And are you sure you don't want to steal this one?? I might just let you take this one C;
This is amazing!