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"The Division I baseball committee's unanimous vote allows conferences to adopt the new ball for regular-season play. The ball, shown by researchers to fly farther, will be used during the NCAA baseball tournament in 2015. The ball will have flat seams and be similar to the kind used in professional baseball. A raised-seam ball is now used in the college game." The new ball was supported by 87% of coaches. Fans and players are excited for the offensive potential it gains, since a change in bats in 2011 has led to a major decrease in hitting. That decrease was seen most in the College World Series. "Last year, there were three home runs hit in 14 games -- the fewest since there were two in 1966. The .234 CWS batting average was the lowest since it was .227 in 1974, the year metal bats replaced wood."
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I guess they got tired of low scoring games... which are the best games....
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