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I'm sure many of you have read about the article where the thumbnail of MBC purely displays TWICE, and then add the "Also, VIXX".
So, all of my fellow STARLIGHTS and ONCES, can I have you opinion on this that I found on Twitter? Because IDK about you, but ARE YOU SERIOUS.
I love them both to death, but to purely DISCREDIT THE CONCEPT KINGS... come on now!
Can I say the salt is real?
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I think you would have to have the intellect of a mung bean to say that VIXX's music is not interesting, that is absolutely infuriating... I mean they have some of the most original sounding music I've ever heard and it is all amazing!!! also I'm not okay with the whole: TWICE (also VIXX) deal, what happened to respecting those who have been in the industry longer for goodness sake >:(