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Hello everyone!!

So this is my fourth and final entry for the Spring event. I'm sad that I didn't finish my other two fanfics that I was writting for this event, and I'm even sadder that I didn't even start the fanarts that I was going to enter.

Hopefully I'll get my life together once my school finishes for the year and I obtain my hard worked freedom!!!! I'm sorry that this story is a little weird and doesn't really explain too much about what the meaning of it is buuuuuuuut, yeah.

Anyway, I hope you guys like the story at least somewhat and ya~ Enjoy~
My body jerked awake and I opened my eyes to a bright blue sky that had fluffy blue clouds that ran through its arms. I stretched out my arms and felt something soft against my skin. I slowly sat up as I put my elbows down beside me so I could push myself up. I looked down and saw that I was in a bed made of flowers. Different colored petals brushes up against me and were completely drowning the bed in their beauty. You couldn’t possibly tell if the bed was made of wood or if it even had a mattress underneath. All you saw were the delicate flowers.

A sweet scented breeze drifted past me and I noticed that I was surrounded by a field of flowers that almost seemed to camouflage the bed in its identical patterns and colors. I let my bare feet slide off the edge of the bed and let them gently be tickled as they lightly touched the thick carpet of flowers that felt like satin. I pushed the rest of my body off the bed so my legs held me up as I glanced around this mystifying world.

The sound of a pleasant chime made me turn my head to look behind me, and I saw a small, round glass table with matching chairs standing only a couple of feet from where I was. A beautiful man with dark, black hair and pale skin that seemed to glow with the light of the sun radiating off of him. He was wearing a dark purple suit that seemed casual on him as he placed his long, slender hand against a white china cup, that was in the shape of a petunia, and put it up to his pink lips.

As if by command, my legs started to move through the river of flowers and toward the dark haired man, and, before I knew it, I was standing beside the empty seat in front of him. As I slid into the chair, he placed the cup back down on the table and he clasped his hands together in front of him, and his dark colored eyes met mine. A gentle smiled formed his lips as he continued to stare at me.

Then he opened his mouth and started to recite, “There once were two lovers who weren’t fated to be together, yet they found a sort of comfort in each others presence that was almost addictive. The two would run into each other everyday, at the same time, whenever the sun was at high noon, and they would drink a tea that was made from the sweetest flowers and they would never speak to each other as they stared into each other's eyes.”

He picked up his cup again and I noticed that there was a pinkish-brown substance inside of it, and I knew, somehow, that it was a tea made from chamomile. Light purple flowers floated on the tea’s surface and the man put it once more up to his lips and took a sip. I noticed on the man’s cup, the name “Gongchan” was written in gold letters. I glanced down and saw a similar cup with the same tea resting right in front of me. Only no words decorated its surface. I let my hands reach out and hold it in front of me, but I did not drink it.

Out of nowhere, purple smoke started to rise up from the flowers that surrounded us and it playfully started to move around us and brush up against me. The feeling felt comforting, like a mother’s touch.

“But one day, one of the lovers was not there at the time of day when they always would see each other at that small cafe,” continued Gongchan, as he placed the cup back down in front of him. “So the Lover sat alone, but would not drink tea without their lover. Instead, they ordered a coffee as black as the inside of a cave and let it dissolve the lover’s sadness away.”

Gongchan stopped speaking and his eyes looked straight down at my cup, his face went blank and his eyes were emotionless as they stared at the cup in my hand. My heart started racing and my eyes slowly slid down to look at the cup. I screamed as I dropped the cup and jumped out of my seat. The tea in my cup had turned black, and the glass had started to rot and decay until it was a black, gooey puddle.

Gongchan looked up at me and our eyes met once again. His cup had also turned black and disturbing, as he recited, “The next day, the Lover arrived at the cafe and still the other was not there. Every day for a week, the Lover went to the cafe and would drink coffee since their lover would not show,” Once the words left his lips, he stopped and his eyes turned blank once again as they stared at something behind me.

I spun around, not really sure if I wanted to see whatever it was that was behind me. All of a sudden, dozens of tall green trees surrounded us. Their branches stretching out toward the sky, as if welcoming it in an embrace. The smoke bounced and danced around the trees as it continued to swim through the field. I almost forgot about the shriveled cups, but then Gongchan started to speak once again as he smiled back at me, “The Lover had started getting worried, so they stood up from their seat and walked out of the cafe, looking for their lover. The Lover walked toward the first place that the two of them had met, a field of flowers that rested in the middle of the forest that surrounded the town. The Lover stepped inside the flowers circle and knew that something was wrong.”

Gongchan went silent and turned his head to the left, and my gaze followed his, almost unwillingly. Fear froze me in place as I watched the roots of the tall trees start to turn black and continued to rise and rise until it consumed the whole tree. Gongchan lifted his hand out to the closest tree and a black, rotten fruit plopped onto his head. Then more disgusting, shriveled up fruits fell from the trees, along with the leaves, until the tree was empty and bare.

“The Lover saw their lover in the garden,” Gongchan started to speak, placing the rotten fruit up to his lips. “But the Lover’s lover was with another. And the Lover watched as their lover kissed this stranger and the Lover was consumed in hatred.”

The purple smoke turned black and it started coming towards us like wolves hunting their prey. My instincts were screaming at me to run as far away from their as I could, but it was like the dark flowers had wrapped around my ankles, preventing me from moving. Gongchan looked at me, his face sad as he extended his free hand to me. In it, he held a white envelope. I took it from him, opened it, and pulled out the letter that was inside. On it, it read, “The Night is attempting to suffocate Mother Nature. Find the Fairies before the smoke gives you the final kiss.”

I looked up just in time to see Gongchan bite into the fruit and watched as the smoke ran toward him, reaching out to him like a pack of hungry wolves. Once they reached him, his skin began to turn into the black smoke as well. He didn’t smile at me as the smoke consumed him. I reached out to him, but hesitated when I saw glowing eyes shining from the shadows that had stolen Gongchan.


I gasped as my eyes shot opened and I woke up back to reality. I took a deep breath in and then back out as I tried to steady my breathing, as well as my racing heart. I rubbed my eyes and pushed the covers off of me. What kind of dream was that? I could remember it in perfect detail, even the color of Gongchan’s eyes. Gongchan? Where did he come from? God, I guess that’s what I get for eating cake right before bed.

The rest of the morning, I got ready and arrived to work an hour earlier without ever checking the time. I was usually late, so my coworkers were looking at me like I was some sort of alien. I tried not to think about the dream, but it invaded every inch of my conscience and I would constantly find myself caught staring at nothing in particular and thinking about the smoke and flowers that I saw as I slept. The most eerie part of the dream was probably the fact that I could remember the words that were on the letter, perfectly.

Once work was over, I headed toward the mall that was close by the building that I worked at. As I walked, I continued thinking about the dream. I glanced up at the shops I was passing by and looked through the windows of a small cafe, which reminded me of the tea that Gongchan was drinking. I started to look away when my eye caught something and my head swung back around to look at whatever I saw.

Gongchan was sitting in the cafe. That was enough to convince me to run into the cafe. I was greeted with a warm smile from one of the waiters as I stepped inside, and the whole place was nice and cozy with small plants decorating the entire place. I sat down at one of the small tables that was meant for two people, and I jumped as I saw the resemblance of the tables and chairs to the ones that I saw in my dream.

I smiled awkwardly at the waiter who came up to me and I ordered the first tea that I saw on the menu. Small candles had been placed on each of the tables and the light in the cafe was dim, so the candles had a faint glow that made the place even more comfortable. I looked over at Gongchan and saw that he was sitting with four other boys. They were smiling and laughing, but not showing any reaction to me at all.

My eyes lazily drifted to the cups that were in front of them and, curiously enough, I noticed that the four boys sitting with Gongchan were drinking black coffee, while Gongchan was drinking the pinkish like tea from my dream. Well, minus the petals inside of it and the weirdly shaped flower cup that contained it. But other than that, the tea looked similar. And I noticed it was the same tea that my waiter brought and placed in front of me.

I eventually got my tea and I spent a good twenty minutes just staring at Gongchan, waiting to see if he would show any reaction to me, but he didn’t look at me once. None of them did. I sighed and spun the spoon around in my empty cup of tea that I had finished a while ago, but my eyes were immediately drawn back to the boys when I saw them getting up. No, they can’t leave! Not when I still have so many questions!

But I couldn’t do anything to stop them, so I watched as they all stood up, one by one. Gongchan was the last to get up, and as the others stepped through the door, he turned around to look directly at me. He turned back around and walked over to my table.

“I know we’ve just met,” he said, placing his hand in his pocket as he stopped in front of me. “But nature is dying and the only one who can help us is you. Look for us in your dreams and keep your mind opened. Don’t forget what I’ve said and make sure to pay attention to details.”

He pulled his hand out of his pocket and placed a purple petal on the table. He smiled at me before turning around. He took two steps away from me before saying, “Don’t let yourself be deceived, even your mind likes to play tricks on itself.”

I watched as he walked out of the cafe before I picked up the purple petal and let it rest in my palm. I closed my fingers around the petal and stood up from my seat. I started running toward the door, letting the memory of what Gongchan had said guide me to wherever awaited me next.

Uhhhh ya, that's my story for B1A4 :l I'm sorry that it's weird and confusing;; But I hope that it was interesting enough that you guys enjoyed it;;

I know that I also left it on a cliffhanger, so I'm sorry for that. It was suppose to be longer, but then it would've just went on forever and, in the end, it still wouldn't have made any sense at all cX

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it in some way. And that's all from me tonight;;
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