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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

Y/n's POV

You were in the kitchen with shorts on and a white crop top that tied around the back of your neck. The apron you wore was the only coverage you had from the boiling water. You told Kiseok that you'd make homemade ramen and he said he was fine with that but you knew he only said that because he wasn't listening to you. He often said "okay" to you or "that's fine" without knowing what you were saying because he was caught up in work. He had some business trip he was getting ready for and you hated when he went away for long periods of time. You wanted him to take you with him sometimes. The first few weeks of being alone was like when you moved out of your father's place, it was lonely.

Way too quiet.

By the time Kiseok came back, you were craving him and attention. He liked it because you became needy. You acted like a kitten demanding attention...


A puppy that missed her master. You consistently craved him as your dominant and Kiseok could show absolute dominence. He organized your life for you, when you woke up, your bed time, when you ate. He called you at regular times to check up on you all the while you stayed home writing on your laptop or cleaning house...

The first time you met Kiseok, you were walking down the street drinking tea from a straw. You had a hell of a day, two fights with your roommates and one you called the cops on for assaulting you. You didn't really have much except for a small allowance your father deposited into your back account every month so you could pay rent. You got a few free lance jobs to dance a few times, yes dancing also meant stripping but it was what was paying the bills. You were in an over sized shirt that had been slightly ripped and was hanging off one shoulder, showing your bra strap and super short shorts that made it look like the shirt was really the only thin you were wearing. You were a mess, with your eyeliner running a little and a few marks on your arm from the fight with your roommates. He was walking out of the candy store with a lollipop in his mouth when you bumped into him. You spilled your tea on you and you cursed,

"As if I wasn't already having a shit day."

You ended up looking up at Kiseok who was looking down at you intensely while still on the phone.

"I'll call you back." He said.

You rolled your eyes and started to walk, when he caught your arm and the deliciously dark tone he whispered in your ear was incredible.

"I should bend you over my knee and spank you for that." he said.

You looked at him feeling every cell in your body catch fire.

"Contrary to my work clothes I'm no whore, please don't touch what you can't afford." you said.

"Baby girl I could buy you and three islands and still have money to blow."

"Aw good for you, does it fill your ego that you've got money out the ass?"

"Yeah kind of." he smiled.

He had a beautiful smile but you were cranky and didn't want to deal with him.

"Look I've already had my fill of jackass men today I don't need another."

He chuckled and held onto your arm when you tried to walk away.

"Damn I would loved to train you." he said in a husky tone.

You looked up at him and he smiled as he brought his hand up to your cheek.

"Do you know what I could do for you baby girl? Anything your heart desires I could give it to you."

"What an offer and let me guess I'd have to get naked and let you fuck me?" you retorted.

"No, not at first. First you'll let me make you my possession. I'll own your body, your heart and soul. I'll make it so I don't have to buy you. I'll make you beg for me to take you. You'll want to be mine, you'll want to obey, you'll do anything for me just as I would do for you. I will fuck you long before I lay a hand on you baby girl. Then I'd take you and tease you until you're crying and begging and screaming for me to have you. To eat you up and when I'm satisfied with your surrender,"

He came close to your ear,

"I'm going to fuck your body until you know who owns your soul."

You looked up at him, this handsome guy had a way with words. You could clearly see he knew the impact of his words on women. You stared at him, your eyes connected to his deep dark ones and your body was on fire.

"Thanks but I need to go." you whispered.

You wondered how your voice magically became small but then he scrunched his nose and that made you stare. He raised an eyebrow and lifted your chin,

"I thought you needed to go." he smirked.

Your eyebrows furrowed as you stared at him, you didn't liked the affect he had on you. He smiled and looked to the street. There was a black car parked on the curb you didn't see before. He went and walked to it before he turned and said,

"You hungry?"

You smiled to yourself thinking back to that day. He knew exactly what to say and do to get you into his car. He knew exactly how long it took to break you because you resisted him a lot. It was because of your roommate at the time, he was drunk and trying to force himself on you. Your other roommate had pulled him off of you but the other male roommate added to the chaos, saying you deserved it. You eneded up hitting him upside the head with a frying pan but Kiseok was the only one you could go to that night. Showing up at his place was humiliating to you. You were disheveled. Your shirt was ripped and your hair was a mess. You had just reached his floor when you decided you couldn't ask for help but he walked out of his place and saw you. He basically grilled you to find out what happened, despite his harsh tone, you could tell he cared about you and he was furious that your roommate had touched you. He wouldn't allow you to go back home...

You were now turning down the stove so everything could simmer for a moment. Arms wrapped around you and lips met the back of your ear with a low hum. Your butt was pressed against his crotch and once again his deep voice made your body catch fire.

"I'm hungry." he said low.

"Dinner's almost done."

"That's not what I'm hungry for."

He bit your ear and growled low. Jesus, he was an animal in disguise. You tugged at his hands on your side,

"Please Kiseok not here." you whined.

"It's Daddy, baby girl."

His tongue went to your neck, selecting your weak spot. Your head rolled back onto his shoulder and you let out a soft moan.

"Please- the food will burn if I don't pay attention." you whined.

You wanted him but in the kitchen next to a hot stove wasn't ideal and you'd think he'd be a little more cautious since he burned you on accident last time.

"I've been waiting for you baby girl. You've been silent for a while. I've been waiting for you to show me some attention." he said bringing his hand between your thighs.

"You're busy." you whimpered.

His hand made it to your crotch and a finger pushed against your nub. His other hand came up to your neck to lightly squeeze. You moaned.

"I'm never too busy for my baby girl. Next time I walk through the door greet me or I'll have to leave you like this, hot and wanting." he threatened in your ear.

He kissed your cheek and walked away, making you exhale completely baffled. Damn the way he fucked with your body was so taunting and left you sexually frustrated. You wanted to turn around and grab him but you focused on the food. He had gone back to work. You started to make both yours and his bowl to eat and you set it down in front of him. You were required to wait until he gave you permission to eat. You sat before him watching him log in data without acknowledging that you existed. You got up forgetting to get something to drink and you pulled out his favorite beer. You grabbed a soda and placed the beer beside his computer. You waited again...

Two years ago you had sat infront of him when he said,

"I want you to be my possession."

You stared at him like he was an alien.

"Your what?" you said.

Up to that point you and Kiseok weren't actually having sex; it was like he was investing in you because technically you two were dating but he was training you to follow and obey him. He touched you but he touched you so you'd want him. He was gradually finding spots that made you weak. When you obeyed, he rewarded you and the actions were so subtle anytime you obeyed him you wondered why you got such a feeling of satisfaction from it.

"I want you to beling to me Y/n. You'll live with me and obey me. You'll be my baby girl. I want to do any and everything to you no questions asked."

You chuckled like he couldn't be serious.

"Why on Earth would I agree to that?" you asked.

"Because you won't be living with your roommates any more. I give you everything you want. I provide for you. Don't worry about rent or a job only be mine, live for me and I'll give you my all."

"So I give myself to you so you can do whatever you want to me and in return I get you? All to myself?"

"Only yours baby girl."

Agreeing to such a deal sounded insane but in reality, Kiseok was your everything. You looked down at your hands and Kiseok finally realized you were waiting when he heard your stomach growl.

"Y/n eat." he said.

You reached for your food and started eating. He ate slow but you wondered if he'd have time to play with you. You thought about all the times he left you alone at home for business. You would stay on your computer almost all night to write fictional romances, most of which reflected on the fact that you two worked well as a couple but never said you loved each other or talked about moving further. As his possession you were at his beck and call. Was this how far your realtionship went? You ate slow contemplating that fact. Was this all that it was ever going to be? You couldn't leave him even if you wanted to. It wasn't the money that made you want to stay, it wasn't any of the things he did that made you want to stay it was just the fact that Kiseok was your everything. You had nothing without him, not as far as physical material things but on an emotional level you were rooted to Kiseok. There were times back when it started you told yourself you couldn't do this like when you misbehaved. He told you what he'd do to you if you continued. He told you about the room in the penthouse with nothing but a bathroom. He had sealed up the window so you couldn't see outside it was like a cell. There was no chair, bed, tv, cell phone, nothing. From what he said, all those things were privilages for you and he'd take each and everyone of them away from you if you continued. You tested him too many times. He gave you a notebook the morning your disobedience went overboard and locked you in the room. You couldn't get out. He made you write "I will obey Master" one hundred and fifty times while you were in there and if it wasn't done by the time he came back to check up on you he'd give you another assignment. He did come and check up on you and you clung to him and apologized and cried a little. He asked you if you finished doing what he asked you and you hadn't. You had like three more lines to write. So he took you out of the room and sat you at his desk in the room you two shared. He told you to finish the last three and then he'd talk to you. You finished those three lines for him and then he sat you down and explained why you couldn't disobey him.

As your Master, Kiseok was in charge, being disobeident wasn't tolerated and if he allowed you to be disobedient and mouthy then that might lead you to believe that you were in charge.

You weren't.

The day you took his deal, you surrendered everything to him. It wasn't like you didn't have the option to back out of this at any time and in the beginning of the realtionship he often reminded you that you had the choice to leave. There was no guilt, no worst case scenario, no "you'll have nothing without me" he simply told you if you couldn't handle it and you didn't want to be with him anymore that you were free to end it at anytime. You weren't so out of control that you were trapped with him. It wasn't even entrapment. Kiseok treated you right, he spoiled you even when you didn't want to be. He gave you a grocery allowance to pick up food to make dinner seperate from the allowance he gave you every month just to buy what ever you wanted. At first you didn't want it but then somethings became essential, your bras were worn down and you needed to buy new ones. There were a few books that you wanted to read and so you'd go out and buy them, movies, clothes, shoes, a gym membership. You bought things that were just common and that you needed and then you bought things that you wanted but it wasn't often. The teddy bear that you had in your shared bed he had won for you at a fair. He had to throw some balls into a cup or whatever and he had good enough aim that he was able to win you the medium sized bear that you cuddled with everynight. You slept a bit rough so you'd find yourself waking up in the morning looking for the bear only to see it on the floor. Once he hid it from you and you got so distraught you cried. As punishment once, he sent you to bed without the bear and no TV would be on. He wouldn't touch you for the whole night and damn you were begging for it and you couldn't touch yourself because if you did he'd send you to the other room to be locked in. He had a variations of punishments to keep you in check and some you just couldn't handle. Being locked in the room to write out a phrase was, at first, the worst punishment and when he did that he always scheduled a time to come home from work to check on you. If you had done what he asked he let you out but if you hadn't then he'd feed you and give you water, depending on how long you had been in there, then he'd send you right back in the room. You hadn't been punished in a long time. After the first few times you started correcting your attitude because you didn't want to deal with the punishments. The thing was that Kiseok liked everything to work a certain way, if you followed the rules you were fine and you were treated well and adored and touched but if you misbehaved he corrected you quickly. He wouldn't have you disobeying him.

You sat down in front of him eating slowly but you had lost yourself in thought. He was only here for a little longer. He would be on the other side of Seoul next week and that was for work. He offered you the ability to come down and see him while he was still in Korea but then he'd go to his company out in Daegu and then Icheon. He had partners out in America he had to go and see as well. That's where he was spending the next two weeks because there was some new merger and new contract being built up. You didn't really understand what he was saying when he was explaining it to you. You had asked him why he was going but you were completely lost and when he asked you if you understood you just nodded yes. That made him chuckle and he told you not to lie to him. He always knew when you were lying you didn't know how. He said you had a tell but you didn't know what it was. You were done eating and he had only eaten half of what you had given him. He was looking at something on his computer when he saw something he didn't like. His brows furrowed and he picked up his cellphone to make a call. He called someone from work to ask them about some account information that seemed incorrect. You stoop up and took your bowl into the kitchen to wash it. You were starting to feel a bit run down and right now all you wanted to do was go up to your bedroom and start writing, at least then you could handle the silence between you two. You hated when he went on trips, he got busy around the week he was about to leave and so you felt a little neglected.

When Kiseok comes home, you always great him happily, his prescence is the very thing you've been waiting for all day. You want him home to play with and show you attention and you like curling up next to him and hearing him talk to you. You loved the way he kisses your head and pets you; he was your boyfriend, you get excited to see him. That smile normally faded and that excitement and playfullness wore down when he was getting ready to leave for a business trip. He got neglectful and you got reserved as a result of it. You didn't want him to go or you wanted to ask him if you could go with him but you knew his answer was either he had to leave or no he wasn't taking you because he needed to focus. So you were just to stay home alone for a month without him, bored out of your mind, finding tideous ways to pass the weeks by until he called you or came home. You didn't know how much you could talk to Kiseok about how you felt. You didn't know how much he'd really hear or feel or even care about. So when you did feel pretty shitty it was hard for you to come right out and say it, you built it up and pushed it down, ignored it and hid it behind a closet it so that it didn't show but some of it leaked out. This was around the time you acted out a little and started being difficult, he'd punish you and god he knew how much you hated it when he started a fire in you and then he didn't finish it or he wouldn't let you come. He'd edge you a few times, he'd get you right to that point you were one thrust away from exploding and then he'd just stop and that drove you insane. He'd get to cum and he'd send you to bed, wet and frustrated wanting a release and never getting it and that fucked with you so much. That was the worst punishment, it out beat being locked in the room. You took that over not getting an orgasm. Edging was fun when you knew at the end of it you'd get the amazing powerful release that had you screaming his name and crying to God but your entire body felt like it was on a different plane, your soul left you and you were just a ghost high off of ecstacy. When he did edging and never let you come you were frustrated, in need and you felt dead because all you wanted to do was fuck and you couldn't.

You came out of the kitchen after coming out of your daze. You were thinking about a character situation. Where your main character would try to confront her lover about how she felt about where they were going. She loved him, she wanted him but she wasn't sure if he was as invested in the relationship as her and she wanted to know if it was even worth continuing it. It was actually how you felt around the six to nine month mark of you two dating. You never confronted him... You couldn't because you realized if you heard something you didn't like your heart would break and you couldn't handle him. You needed Kiseok and it wasn't for the money it was for so much more.

You were his.

So you stayed.

You were happy with him up until he had to go on business trips. Once he came back you were happy and content and just as infatuated with him.

Right now he was calming down from screaming into his phone at his employee and you were walking back over into the living room but you were headed for bed. It was close to your bedtime anyway. You'd write down what you thought up in the morning after he woke you up. That was one thing he hated when he went away, you didn't always go straight to bed at your bedtime, you'd stay up long nights writing your book and your sleeping pattern would be thrown off so he'd have to deal with two days of you being cranky, which he said was worse than dealing with a week of your crankiness when you were on your period.

As you passed by him he grabbed your arm while he was still on the phone, you looked up at him.

"Where are you going?" he asked you.

Maybe whoever he was on the phone with had stepped away for a moment. You made prayer hands and placed them by your face to sign that you were going to bed. He shook his head slightly and pulled the reciever away from his lips. He came to your ear and whispered,

"Take off your clothes."

You looked up at him and turned more. You heard him clearly and if you said no or tried to argue it you'd make things a bit worse for yourself so you started stripping yourself of your clothes. He watched you with darkening eyes as you untied the top of your crop top and then pulled it over your head releasing your breast. His eyes fell to them as he licked his lips while continuing his conversation on the phone. You then pushed down your shorts leaving your underwear on. You kicked the shorts to the side and looked at him. His eyes lingered at your panty line and then they came up to meet your eyes.

"Panties too." he said right into the receiver.

Your heart pumped wondering if the man on the other end of the phone heard him or if he had stepped away. You hooked your thumbs into your panties and pulled them down now so you were stark naked in the living room. This wasn't a first for you, in fact, on his days home he liked you with as little clothing as possible. Most times he commanded you to take everything off and you would walk around the house naked. He stepped up to you and you felt his finger touch your clit and he started to rub your clit. You let out soft moans and he stepped closer to you to kiss you. His tongue moving like a snake in your mouth making your eyes roll back. He pressed his forehead to yours and looked into your eyes. You looked down trying to control your voice from getting loud while he was on the phone.

"Look at me baby girl." he said.

You looked up into his eyes. He pecked your lips while his fingers moved faster on your clit. He licked his bottom lip enjoying the way he was toying with you. You were losing yourself in his touch and you moaned while he continued to play with you.

"Meet me early tomorrow morning." Kiseok growled into the phone before ending the call and checking it on the couch.

He turned you around and bent you over so you had to hold yourself up by the coffee table. He stood behind you, he started to undo his pants and then he pushed inside of you with no warning at all. You yelped and moaned loud as he roughly fucked you from behind, he took over like an animal. He growled and slapped your ass. His hands came up to your hair and grabbed it in a pony tail. He started to ride in you harder pulling on your hair as he did.

"Daddy's little girl is so fucking tight." he groaned.

"Thank you Daddy." you moaned.

"Do you want Daddy to come inside you?"

"Yes Daddy. Please come inside me." you moaned.

He was fucking you so hard the table was rocking. You were bent so far over and he was reaching you so deep. He was rough and hard and he normally was when you two had sex but this was a different kind of roughness. The kind of roughness he got when he was annoyed. It felt great too; it had your walls closing down trying to hold onto him. When he talked dirty to you, you squeezed him more and his satisfied groan would call your orgasm in. You were screaming Master and Daddy while he fucked you. Your legs were almost like jelly.

"I'm gonna come." you moaned.

"Ask me first baby girl. I'll punish you if you come without permission."

"Please, please can I come? Please let me come. Daddy!" you cried.

You cursed and he told you to watch your mouth. Your head rolled back feeling amazing and he lifted you up and pulled out of you he leaned you against the arm of the couch and his hand met your neck. He pushed into you again and your legs wrapped around his body while he pounded into you hard.

"Come for me little girl." he growled.

You gripped onto his shoulder and his lips devoured yours, taking you like you had no other choice but to breath him in. He wouldn't let you free. His length rode into you stretching you out without stalling while his tongue searched your mouth. His lips sucked onto yours. He ate you up like you were his favorite candy then you screamed as you jerked below him.

"Oooooh fuck, Master." you whined as you shook from the high.

It wasn't the powerful orgasam that made you lose your soul but it was the orgasam that had you quaking and your body just couldn't find a moment to stop its spasms. You looked at him with your mouth a jar and not being able to stay a word and until you caught your breath. You still clung to him and you had to watch him continue riding into you making you release mewls as he tried to find his release. He shook his head, his nose scrunched a little and he looked at you with eyes so blown you couldn't believe it was Kiseok. He kissed you roughly sending you back over the arm of the couch and in a weird position where your ass was elevated onto the arm and your upper back was against the couch. He pumped into you rough and jagged but he was reaching his end. He pulled from your lips with a hiss that turned into a deep groan vibrating in his throat as he filled you up with his seed. He looked you in the eyes as his came down, still riding into you, slow but moving none-the-less. He was panting and trying to catch his breath while he lingered in something that felt like a daze. He pulled out of you and crawled back up. He dipped his head to kiss your stomach and then your thighs. He kissed your clit softly making it twitch with a little want and then he kissed your inner thighs until he decided to stand up straight.

"Clean yourself up, you can take a shower in the morning." he said.

"I have to clean your bowl." you said.

"I'll worry about that just get up baby girl." he said.

You sighed feeling worn out from the hard fuck. You moved slow and he held his hand out to you and pulled you up from the couch. He let you sit on the arm for a second to recover. He came close, wrapping his arms around you and petting your head softly while you rested it on his chest.

"You get distant from me everytime I'm about to go on a trip." he said softly.

You looked up at him, he looked down and smiled a little,

"What, did you think I didn't notice? Two years together bugs I know the patterns. You get disobedient around this time. You act like you want nothing to do with me. I need your attention always on me beautiful." he said.

"Yes Master." you said softly.

He dipped his head down to kiss you softly.

"You are mine baby girl. You know I always come back to you. I will never stop taking care of you." He said brushing your hair back with a finger.

But do you love me?

You knew the questions you wanted to ask but you just wouldn't ask them. The silence was maddening and the need to cling more to him grew. You wanted Kiseok but how long would he still want you?

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