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Hi!!! My name is Gabby!! I love kpop, anime, Vocaloid, jpop, books, and quotes , and of course drawing!
There some pics of what
look like not that pretty sorry! I love talking to people soo @Shinigamisan know u wanted to see what look like for the longest soooo there u go!!
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Welcome to Vingle! I'm Yumi and if you need anything, just ask☺
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Gabby Calzada? Is that you? Omg welcome back to Vingle!
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Eh I deleted it but whatever
7 months ago
have fun here from what I see tons of people love to chat
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Welcome young one. have fun.
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7 months ago
welcome to Vingle! glad you made it. tag in me everything! and we are all here to answer any questions you may have. I'm a Kpop Omma and Eunnie to all here.
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