Taeil is sexy in appearance often... but he's not the type to do a lot of sexy things. I think that's because he's the kind of idol who doesn't like to be really extra about an appearance like that.

However, I did find this video. Poor, or lucky? , Kyung.
I suppose for the rest of this card, I'll show off Taeil's natural sexiness through photos and gifs!
Isn't he just amazing?
Okay, okay! I'll be serious now.
Apart from his tattoos and piercings which make him the "thug" part of "smol thug", I think he looks and IS sexiest when he sings. God bless that voice.
It's only a few examples, but there we go. I hope you've opened your eyes to the many sides of Taeil these past weeks. He's a man who does it all for sure, hmm? ^^

Until next time, muah!
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