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yeah silly non kpop Americans would not know that. besides did ya hear about preston or whoever this gay guy is asking if bts is openly gay cuz they mame him horny. Then non kpop ppl had the nerve to say ARMY NEED TO NOT GET UPSET CUZ IT WAS A COMPLIMENT! I WAS LIKE WTF?! KPOP FANS ALWAYS HAVE TO DEAL WITH PPL CALLING OUR IDOLS GAY SO IT IS A BIG THING. THE REPORTER COULD HAVE JUST SAID OH YHEY ARE HANDSOME OR THEY LOOK NICE.
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perez hilton is irrelevant and trying to get himself seen....he wishes he could get a man half as fine as our babies
I mean Jin is the visual
Oh Jin. Always so dazzling no matter where you go or what you wear. I wonder if BTS saw those posts... If they did how did the rest of the group feel?
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Well, I hope there reactions were all good natured. And Jin didn't brag too much...
also "the one in the middle" lmaooo
It's fun watching innocent starting to fall into the endless black hole
innocent people**
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